Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors on Your Blog

How to increase Website Traffic? or How to Drive Huge Traffic to your Blog? is one of the most common questions of Bloggers and Webmasters. A good traffic creates signal to Google that your website is of high quality. But boosting traffic is not as easy as you think. 

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Many administrators fall prey to a lot of errors when managing their websites and writing their contents. The result is the opposite of getting high readership. The worst things that might happen are the increases of bounce rate and getting bad rankings.

Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors on Your Blog

There is still a debate on whether bounce rate really hurt the ranking of a website. Some say it is not important in your conversion optimization goals; while other say that it’s very important for sites that get revenues from ad words. Whatever it is, bounce rate tells that something is wrong with your site. The same reason a lot of people do not stay and read your contents. 
There are hundreds of reasons why people get out of a site quickly and there are also hundreds of ways to improve the time they stay on your blog. Here are some blogger tips and tricks that can actually help you:

Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors

(1) Choose relevant and interesting topics
If you visit a site about photography and then see articles about politics, what would you do? 

Of course you will hit the “Back” button to leave the website. It is important that the image you tell to people should be the image they see in your blog. That is why you need to make sure that your contents are what your audience like. Analyse feedbacks and plan the topics that you write for them. 

Give them what they like

People read to know something. So, always try to give them what they like. The articles should be informative and timely to compete with other websites and get better traffic, as well.

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(2) Write scannable copies
No matter how informative and creative a blog is people will not read it if it is long. Online readers have short attention span. You should feed their hunger for information by giving them short but interesting contents

Most blogs contain 500-700 words and it is enough to fruitfully talk about a topic, without boring your readers. You should also avoid long paragraphs. They are heavy to look at and they are suffocating. 

Even by looking at it, readers already feel burdened to read it. Use bullet points or numbers to avoid long paragraphs, improve the layout, and to break monotony.

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(3) Use attractive and unique images
Pictures are like baits in hooks. A fish gets curious and after a while, they are already hooked. Pictures in articles should reflect what the post is telling to help readers imagine scenarios while reading. This helps in making them entertained in visiting your website. 

As mentioned earlier, images help break the monotony of a page. So if you are working on old topics, you still have the chance to avoid bounce rate thanks to the images you publish.

Every image you post should help attract readers. Even the logos and sidebar images should help encourage readers.

(4) Add in-bound links
Let them believe that you have every interesting article that they want to read, by suggesting other related posts. Add “see related articles” or “more posts at” to encourage them to read more. To make this effective, you have to work on your headlines.

Headlines should be written to spark curiosity. However Andy Malsen, author of 'Write to Sell, warns that using questions as headline is not always effective. Some people cannot relate to it so they won't bother reading it.

(5) Improve page design
Simple, Segmented, Light and Functional; these are the things that you need to work at when designing your website.
  • Simple: Simplicity is beauty they say. It is true for designing. Do not make people suffer when looking at your pages by avoiding heavy texts, ads, and blinking images. They are distracting as well as irritating. Stick to a standard color and font because it is better than experimenting with new styles.
  • Segmented: To keep everything look simple, and organized you need to segment parts of your website. Blogs often have a box on the headline, two columns for the blog posts and the side bars. They are usually separated by lines or small white space.
  • Light: Learn when to use white space. White space is an important element of design that keeps a layout easy to look at. Using medium sized pictures are helpful in making a light design.
  • Functional: What will you do if you visit a page and you can't even read their contents? Of course you'll be out of it. As a matter of rule serif for headlines and sans-serif for texts. Online readers just skim. Sans-serif helps to make it easy-to-read to see the texts. Use Serif for headlines to create emphasis and differentiate it with the body. But using bigger fonts on sans-serif style is fine.

(6) Decrease advertisements
There is nothing wrong with advertisements. It is one of the best income generating strategies for a website. But never be greedy. Excessive pop-up and side bar ads are irritating because it creates a cluttered design and slow pages.

(7) Create interactive pages
Be sociable and interact with your readers. Share buttons for social media sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter are good to create interactive pages and get more traffic. 

Comment box is also important. Never close it despite the amount of spammers bombarding you with unrelated feedback. Try to instigate comments by asking questions or suggesting debates. This makes readers get back and follow the conversations.

Final verdict
It is really hard to get a good traffic especially that Google create updates every now and then. But the important thing that you must remember is to always think the way your readers think. 

By knowing what they want and understanding their interests, you get an idea of what they want to see on your blogs. Interesting contents paired with good web design helps in improving your bounce rate.

Do you think you can share more ways to keep readers stay longer on your website? Share your ideas with us through comments.

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