October 23, 2014

How to identify a Fake or Real Xiaomi Android Smartphone

Undoubtedly, Xiaomi android smartphones are one of the most popular smartphone in indian market these days and people are crazy to get it. But most of the android phone users who recently bought Xiaomi android phones (Xiaomi Mi3 , Mi4 and Redmi 1s etc) from the third party reseller wish to know that their smartphone is real or fake, because some people has already received the copied version of Xiaomi products.

If you are also one of them who is worried and want to check whether your Xiaomi android smartphones is real or fake then this article is dedicated to you. The process of identifying a fake or real Xiaomi Android phone is quite simple and you haven't to do any complex settings.

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Only, you have to install an android application called Mi Identification app on your smartphone and you will be able identify that you are using the genuine version of Xiaomi or the copied version. All credit goes to the MIUI member helloansuman who translated this app into English. Here's how to identify:

Identify a fake or real Xiaomi Android Smartphone

Step (1): At first, download Mi Identification app from here on your Xiaomi android smartphone and install it.

Step (2): Once the app is successfully installed on your Xiaomi phone, you will be able to see “Mi Identification” app on your app drawer.

Step (3): Now, run the application on your smartphone to identify.

Step (4): At the start screen, click on the option of “Manually Set the operation mode” and then select the performance mode.

how to identify a fake xiaomi phone

Step (5): Just after the selection, identification process will begin and within few seconds the results will appear. 

If you see the green page result as shown below, it means the device you are using a genuine product.
mi identification app

If you see the red or orange page result as shown below, it means the device you are using a fake product.

identify a fake or real xiaomi phone

Step (6): If you are curious to know more the device then tap on “Detailed configuration” button. From here, you will be able to check out the all the hardware details of your Xiaomi Android phone.

According to the Android users review, Mi Identification app is one of the best way to identify a fake or real Xiaomi Android Smartphone. Let us know your view - Is it the easiest way to identify a fake or real Xiaomi product for you or not?

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