Photomath: Solve Math Problems within Seconds

Solve Math Problems within Seconds using Photomath app, how to Solve Math Problems instantly !!

Have you ever used any web application or software that helps you to Solve Math Problems (common mathematics problems) ?

May be your answer is "Yes".

But if it's asked - Have you ever used any web application or software that helps you to Solve Math Problems such as Linear Equations, Fractions etc.?

I guess, your answers will be "No"

It's very rare to find any online tool or app that can solve your math problem step by step and within seconds. But now, an amazing app is available in market which has ability to read printed mathematical equations and solve them instantly. The app is named PhotoMath.

Photomath: Solve Math Problems within Seconds

PhotoMath app is launched by Microblink (MicroBlink is a well-known real time text recognition technology company that has been developing a very powerful engine for mobile phone cameras for the past two years) this week at TechCrunch Disrupt in Europe.

Let's know in details about PhotoMath app, PhotoMath app's features, and how to solve math problems step by step using PhotoMath.

What is PhotoMath?

PhotoMath is an application (currently available for only iOS and Windows Mobile) that reads and solves the mathematical expressions by using your smartphone's camera in real time. With this app you can get step by step solution of any mathematics question and solve math problems within Seconds.

How Photomath app works?

Photomath app can only scan printed Mathematics problems, so if you try it for hand written text then it won't work. Firstly, you have to Download PhotoMath app and install it on your smartphone. After the installation, open the app and point it to the Mathematics equation you wish to solve.

You are free to adjust the focus area according to your need. When dots appear over the focused math equation as the app reads it and the answer appears on the screen as an overlay. Now tap on Steps button to see how the equation was solved step by step.

Solve Math Problems, how to Solve Math Problems

In case, the app is having difficulty in reading the equation then use the button located at the bottom to turn the flash on. It will help to read the equation clearly. To see recently solved problems tap the menu button located at the bottom of the camera view. You can also view the previously solved equation by tapping the arrow button.

Photomath can orderly solve the Mathematics problems such Arithmetic expressions, Fractions and decimals, Powers and roots, Simple linear equations etc.

In present time, PhotoMath is only available for iOS and Windows phone users. If you are Android smartphone user then no need to be worried because PhotoMath android app is ready to release on 2015.

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