6 Best Windows 8 Apps to Entertain Your Kids

If you are using Windows 8 on your computer or the system you provided to your kids is running on Windows 8 then it can be a great source of learning by playing with education apps. There are several Windows 8 apps available on Windows 8 app store which will help you to improve your kid’s skills.
I know that you do care about your children a lot and you want to fulfil their all wishes according to requirement. But always saying them to "study very well" or "read as much as you can" is not enough. You need to understand them - What they want to do? What they want to learn?

6 Best Windows 8 Apps to Entertain Your Kids
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Simply, you should try to give them full refreshment when they have finished their homework or completed the project task. In these days, most of the kids like to spend their free time on the computer. So, you can provide them few apps by downloading from Windows store which will not only entertain them but will teach a lot of things too.

In this article, i am going to share information about 6 most popular and best Windows 8 apps to entertain your kids. Let's grab it:

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Top 6 Windows 8 Apps to Entertain Your Kids

Number Magic is a very popular Windows 8 App for Kids which is available on Windows 8 Apps Store. It's a educational game application developed by Metro Gems, where kids can easily learn and self-practice all the needed basic mathematical first level skills such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Best Windows 8 Apps

The app is specially built for kids and is very simple to start.  In this app, there are 3 levels of difficulty available - easy, medium and hard. To make it simpler a scratchboard is provided to practice their problems smoothly. The size of Number Magic app is only 1.0 MB, so you can install it on your Windows 8 system within a few seconds.

Paint 4 Kids is a Windows 8 painting app for kids. The app is highly popular among the kids because they love to use this simple app. It is a very useful app which helps your child to learn painting without any instructions of teachers. The app contains various built-in drawing images. All images are very funny and your kids will love to colour them according to their imagination.

Best Windows 8 Apps for kids

Kids can also select different modes for drawings as colour inside shapes or free hand drawing. They can freely create different-different drawings by the help of built-in drawing tools and save them on the system too. Even, they can print their created artwork to show to their relatives and friends.

My Baby Piano is a very interesting musical app for kids and it is a well-known music app of Windows 8 Apps Store. This app is peculiarly designed for all those kids who are interested to learn music. My Baby Piano application is a perfect option for learning basic music oneself.

Best Windows 8 Apps for kids

Several types of children’s songs, music and authentic drumming has stored in this app. Kids can add drum sounds according to their wish to make any song more special. My Baby Piano app is receivable in both versions: free and paid. With the free version you will get only the basic features but with the paid version you will get more advanced features and awesome additions.

Bubble Star is a fun loving game that children like to play. It is a classic bubble shooting game designed for Windows 8 users. The app is very easy to play, only you need to match three same colour bubbles to pop them.

Best Windows 8 Apps for kids

Once a player wins the game then all the bubbles from the board will be removed. Bubble Star is an addictive game and kids like to spend their free time with it. The music and graphics of this app are amazing.

I hope we all are familiar with this Puzzle game very well and perhaps, some of you have already played before this game on paperboard. Cats Puzzle is a very interesting and addictive game on Windows 8 Apps Store.

Best Windows 8 Apps for kids

With this app you have to select a Cat picture and then start matching. Cats Puzzle app is very easy to play but it's also a brainstorming game. Two different game modes and several difficulty levels are available which makes this game more interesting. You will love its sounds and background music.

Bubble Shooter is another popular kid’s game. This app is just similar to Bubble Star app. It is a bubble shooting game, in which player has to shoot more and more Bubbles. Bubble Shooter is completely based on cool graphics and offers guaranteed entertainment. Your kids are going to enjoy this interesting game and its exciting jungle sounds. They can also track their high scores in the scoreboard.

Best Windows 8 Apps for kids
I hope you liked the list of 6 best Windows 8 apps to entertain your kids. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us and let me know - which Windows app is working well for your kids?

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  1. And perhaps,

    Windows 8 is truly a great operating system, by Microsoft. On basis of several factor, it's truly marvelous. Also, I'd really love to say you a big thanks for this detailed article, about the best 6 Windows 8 apps, for children.

    Let them too have fun, let them enjoy, and perhaps it'll.
    - Bishal Biswas

    1. Hey Bishal,

      Nice to see you here Bro. Microsoft not care for only professional, they also work for the complete requirement users. And this is the reason the Microsoft always introduces various apps, tools.
      I noticed that in Windows app store there are lots of amazing Windows 8 apps are available in comparison of others. Each and every apps has some new features and people love it.

      I am really glad to know that you enjoyed this article. Keep coming and sharing your view with us Bro.

  2. These Windows 8 apps are fascinating. They can help kids to learn and work on their intuitions faster. Luckily, these can be downloaded online and run on computers and tablets.
    For educational, entertainment, and instructional details, the use of these apps becomes very essential.
    Meanwhile, I like the features of the Number Magic and the Cats Puzzle ;)

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    Sunday - kingged.com contributor


    1. Yeahh,

      Well said Sunday, entertainment is the part of study and we need to care about it for our kids. In this digital generation these Windows 8 apps will be a great source of entertainment for them. Many parents give their kids Internet connection to read and entertain, this is also a good thing but we have to keep some restriction and that's why i recommended a article in this post named - How to keep your child safe on Internet. I hope they will find it useful for them.

      I am happy to know that you liked the features of the Number Magic and the Cats Puzzle most. Thank you so much Bro :)

  3. I am using Windows 8 and I don't have these games, and funny I don't have kids. LOL! Nevertheless, I can say yes, these games are good for children, the math and painting app are two applications I love among all.

    I just have one question about Windows 8, sometimes, it prompts on my screen that I can download 8.1 version. Is it necessary? What's with 8.1?

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

    1. Hii Metz,

      I liked your first line statement "I am using Windows 8 and I don't have these games, and funny I don't have kids." Thank you so much for sharing your view about these Windows 8 apps here on my Blog.

      As you said that sometimes, a pop-up appears on your Windows 8 screen that you can download 8.1 version. This is a common notification from Microsoft. Windows 8.1 is the upgraded version with some new features of Windows 8. So they are notifying you. If you don't wish to upgrade then ignore that notification. There is no need to be worry.

      Keep coming and sharing your view Dear Metz Miranda……!!

  4. Wow !

    hey bro :)

    That was a nice list of applications. This will restrict kids in interrupting their parents while they are in any work. But these days all the gadgets are making kids to stick at home without any physical games. parents should also let their kids to go out and try some physical games

    1. Yeah,

      I 100% agree with your statement that parents should let their kids to go out and allow/motivate to play some physical games. But for all those kids who by any reason spend their time on computer they can try out these useful Windows 8 apps.

      Thanks Bro for dropping this lovely comment. keep coming :)