July 1, 2014

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

Every day we receive thousands of emails in Gmail account but all emails are not useful (most important) for us. Or we can say that more than 50% emails are unwanted, spam, or non-valuable. we always try to keep unwanted mail out of our inbox but the numbers of unwanted email increases day by day effectively.

In this situation cleaning up your email inbox each day (every time) may not be a suitable option and it takes too much time. I was facing this situation badly and i hope you are also feeling difficulty from these unwanted emails.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

Sometime we see that we are getting unwanted emails from the same email address or same company each day but due to no any permanently deleting option we feel unable to delete them for forever. But now no need to worry a very useful solution is available for us which will help us to stop unwanted emails in Gmail impressively called Block Sender.

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What is Block Sender?
Block Sender is a very helpful chrome extension which has ability to block any sender you specify in your inbox. Each time, it replies to the sender with a bogus message just like a failure notice. As a result, due to always failure notice the sender will stop sending you future messages and will remove your email address from his mailing list.

How to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail using Block Sender
At first, install the Block Sender chrome extension on your Google chrome browser.

After installation, a new tab will automatically direct you to your Gmail if you are already logged in.

In your inbox message, click on a message which you want to block and after that click on the Block button which is located on the top of the email message as shown in below screenshot.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account
As soon as you will click on the Block button, an Undo button will put in appear just for 3 seconds, which provides you the time to cancel the blocking action. If you think that you have made a wrong email to block then you can cancel by clicking on Undo option. You can also change this time frame in the extensions from Options page.

Addition to this, a pop up window will appear to confirm the blocking action by previewing you the sender’s email address. Even, it will also ask you - Do you want to send a fake bounced message? If you want to send a fake message of a sent failure to the sender then click on Yes button.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

After blocking, whenever sender will send you the email then he/she will receive a message as example screenshot shown below.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

You can also select more blocking options by clicking on the arrow sign located just beside the Block button. From here, you can also block the all emails from the particular sender, or emails from same domains, or email messages with the same subject, or even the email messages with the same keyword or phrase.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

The interesting thing is, the Options page of this extension can also be accessed from the same drop-down menu just by clicking on Options.
From the Options page, you can freely change blocking defaults. You can also choose a default action that after blocking a message or the blocked messages will go to the trash or will be permanently deleted.

How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

By any reason if you wish to unblock a sender, then click on the arrow sign drop-down menu beside the Block button and just select “Unblock Sender.”

Thus you can imagine about the usefulness of Block Sender. Block Sender is undoubtedly a great solution of managing your inbox, but with a free account you can only block only few unwanted emails (few month back Block Sender was allowing only 4 emails but now it’s allowing 9 emails).

If you wish to block unlimited senders, you will have to subscribe to their Pro plans. To know more about the plans and pricing of Block Sender Click here.

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According to me if you value your privacy and want an inbox which is completely free of clutter then you must subscribe to their Pro plans. It will not only help you keep away from spam and unwanted emails but will save your lots of time. Now all up to you.

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