A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

We all know that security is our first priority while working online or using any type of online account, and this is the reason we always like to visit on all those popular webpages where we feel secure

After listening the news about the millions of Yahoo Email accounts has been hacked, now people do not believe on any web services (even not on Gmail). We can easily say that nothing is secure on the internet nowadays and it is true also.

A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

If you are thinking that only skilled hackers can hack and access your private data from your Gmail account then you are unknown from the truth. You should know that even general people who wish to take retaliation from you can thieve your account login details and easily gain access into your Gmail account using the methods such as social engineering or keyloggers and Spyware.

Since, generally these things happen silently (in background) without your knowledge so you will not be able to get any information about it. But Google has offered a great way to find out whether your Gmail account was compromised or not. Let’s know how to find out if your Gmail account was hacked:

How to find out if your Gmail account was hacked
Step (1): Firstly, go to: https://www.google.com/settings/security

Step (2): Make a Click on View all events link in the section of Recent activities.

A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

Step (3): On next page you will be able to see all the recent activities in your Gmail account. From this you can see when and where your Gmail account was accessed from.

A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

Interesting thing is, it also shows you the complete details if your account was accessed from a computer, smartphone, tablet or another devices along with which apps or web browsers has used.

Step (4): By clicking on particular event you can check the location details provided in right side map.

Step (5): Click on Details option which is situated just below the map to see IP address, Browser and platform details. 

A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

Important instructions: 
Since, it shows the approximate calculation location data, so you no need to be much panic if you see a location that’s only few kilometres away from you location. 

You have to check out all the events very carefully and if you see any doubtful IP address or location then change your password instantly. I have said before and again saying that you should always use a highly strong password.

I hope you liked above mentioned security tips and tricks to find out if your Gmail account was hacked. Feel free to share your view with us through comments.

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  1. This is a very useful guide on how anyone can find it their gmail account was hacked. Of course most people want to find that out, but haven't even realized it's possible, except now, :)

    I see you share really awesome guides to doing the many technical things that people had no idea could be done. Thanks for sharing these with our community over at Kingged.com :)

    1. Hey Kingsley,
      thanks for your appreciation. yehh this is really a useful information for the people to know if their Gmail account hacked.

      Interesting thing is Google provided very simple way to know that their account has been hacked or not. so i decided to share this guide with my lovely readers. thanks again for your kind word :)

  2. Hi Amit,
    Your guide is VERY helpful. Security issues should not be taken lightly. Neglecting it could mar our online success. Its amazing to know that we often neglect easy safety tips.

    I guess this post has opened our eyes to what we should do and take the security of our Gmail accounts into our own hands.
    The steps are simple and the need is invaluable!

    I have also shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers - kingged.com, where this article was found.

    Sunday - contributor for kingged.com


    1. Hiii Sunday,
      I pleased to see your lovely comment here. Yehh....We can't imagine about the success if we not feel safe. so, before doing any type of work on internet we need to think first about the Security.

      Thank you so much for sharing your view with all of us. :)

  3. Nice tutorial indeed, keeping a track of your login location is a great way of knowing who had access to your Gmail account. But i must add that if you use different networks to login to your account, you are bound to get different locations on the location for your recent activities and this may not make it easy to know who has gained access to your account so the best way to stay safe is to enable the 2 factor authentication for your account.

    I have also enabled the 2 factor authentication for my accounts to prevent anyone from gaining access to my account.

    I found this post on Kingged.com and left a comment there.


    1. Hey Nwosu,
      Great to see you here, thanks for your lovely suggestion.

      yehh....enabling 2 factor authentication is one of the most protective thing. During writing article i thought to add a line about 2 factor authentication but I have written many article in which i included 2 factor authentication suggestion. so, here i focused only on How to know if your gmail account was hacked. thank you so much for your kind word Bro...!!

  4. very nice tips. Few years ago when I logged in my gmail through a nokia symbian phone then next day Gmail showed me login activity as It took phone login as suspicious..

    This recent activity is same thing I guess but with a little difference in design. This is really good way to know if your google accoung is hacked?

    1. Yehh...Atish, that time Gmail was self showing that your account has been accessed by a new or suspicious device (IP) But now Google added this feature for people they can self see about their account privacy.

      I am very glad to know that you liked this article. thanks for your lovely comments Bro. :)