A Simple Way to Resize Multiple Images at Once on Windows

In these days photo sharing on popular social sites has become a habit for the people. People like to capture all the enjoyable and memorable moment through photograph, and this is the reason whenever you go on a vacation or tour with your family or friends then you capture hundreds of photographs on different places.

But you can notice one thing that whenever you start to share these photos online with your friends or other family members then you feel very difficult because of images big size and in this situation you want a simple image resizing tool or software. 

A Simple Way to Resize Multiple Images at Once on Windows

there are lots of image resizing applications are available on the web but if you are looking for an easiest app or tool then  Image Resizer for windows is perfect solution for you.

What is Image Resizer for windows?
Image Resizer for Windows is a useful tool that allows you to resize one or Multiple Images files outright from Windows Explorer just by right-clicking. Using this tool you will be able to resize multiple images very quickly at once.

How to Quickly Resize Multiple Images with Image Resizer for Windows
Firstly, Download Image Resizer for Windows tool and install it on your windows PC. When installation will completed the tool will be automatically integrated with windows explorer.

Now when you want to resize lots of images at once, simply select all the images which you want to resize and make a right click on it and select the option of Resize pictures. For example a screenshot is shown below. 

A Simple Way to Resize Multiple Images at Once on Windows

A dialog box will appear, from here you can select (by marking) the existing options provided or select custom option to enter a custom resolution value according to your wish. When your selections are completed then click on the Resize button to resize all the selected images.

A Simple Way to Resize Multiple Images at Once on Windows

Just within second your images will be resized desirably. That’s it! 

Now you can share your images wherever you wish to share freely and quickly. Only one thing you may feel bad with this tool is lack of the option for selecting a destination folder for the resized images.

All the resized images will be renamed with a label and will be stored in the same folder. if you want to replace all original images with resized images then just mark Replace the originals option during image resize selection.

A Simple Way to Resize Multiple Images at Once on Windows

Thus we can imagine the usefulness of Image Resizer for windows for resizing multiple images at once. Image Resizer for windows is a free tool and works smoothly on all the windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8).

Feel free to share comments about this handy tool. To get more useful tips and tricks, latest updates, tutorials related to Windows check out our Windows Tips section

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