February 10, 2014

A Simple Way to Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

Facebook Look Back Video is a trending topic in these days and i hope you are well familiar with it. On its 10th anniversary, Facebook added an exclusive option of Look Back video. This option allows users to create a look back video of their Facebook profile (whatever users shared or updated before on their profile). 

From past few days, almost all the Facebook users are creating and sharing their look back video. People enjoying this feature very much because to create a video they have to only visit link of the look back video and your video will be created automatically according to the stuff of your Facebook profile. If you haven't tried till now then visit this link.

A simple way to edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

The only deficiency of this feature is that it automatically selects photos of user's profile to show in the video. Many people were unhappy about it because they want to show only impressive photos in video and want to hide all the embarrassing (ugly) photos, and this is the reason Just after one day Facebook ensured that it would allow users to edit their Look Back video. 

Now Facebook users can freely edit their Look Back Video according to their wish. Let’s know the instructions:

How to Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video
Step (1): Firstly, go to the Facebook Lookback page.

Step (2): Click on the Edit button.

A simple way to edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

Step (3): Select your photos/posts (which you want to display on the video) from the pre-populated selections.

A simple way to edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

Step (4): When selection is completed then finally click on “Update” button which is located at the top of the page

A simple way to edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

Step (5): Now wait for a few minutes and Facebook will generate your new video.

That's it!

Now enjoy and share your customized Look Back video with your friends and family members. Feel free to share your view with us about this feature through comments. 

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