February 13, 2014

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

We all know very well that Email accounts receive several spam messages each day, many of which are either from fake email addresses or from disposable email addresses. Everyone wants to keep their account safe from spam messages and this is the major reason we always wish to verify suspicious email addresses.

Most of the people know only one solution of it and that is, send the email to that email address which you want to check. If the email sent by you does not bounce then it means email address is valid, otherwise it is fake

But have you ever thought - What you will do if you want to check without sending an email?

In this condition, you can use online email verification tools to verify email addresses. Lots of email address validator tools are available on web which are able to easily verify whether an email address is really exist or not. Technically, these tools constitute a connection with mail server and check if an email address is valid of fake.

For your comfort, in this article i am listing top 3 websites to verify if an email address is real or fake. All these tools are very simple to use. You will have to only enter the email address (which you want to verify) and it will instantly check whether it is valid or invalid.

(1) Free Email Verifier
Free Email Verifier is a very useful and operable email verifier tool which has the ability to check instantly if an email address is real or fake. To check, Go to the tool and enter the email address which you wish to check in the text field. 

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

Now click on red Verify button to get the outcome. The tool will immediately verify the email address and will show the result.

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

Most of the people prefer to use Free Email Verifier due to its simplicity and swiftness.

(2) MailTester.com
MailTester.com is also a very helpful website to check e-mail address is valid or not. It shows the complete technical information concerning a mail account and its mail (SMTP) server which will help you to know why a mail bounces.

To verify an email address, firstly go to the website and enter the email address in provided box. Now make a click on Check Address button. Just within a second it will show you why the email address is valid or invalid.

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

Valid email result will appear in Green colour and the invalid email result will appear in red colour.

(3) Smart-IP.net
Smart-IP.net is an advantageous service to check if an email exists or not. It also works similar to MailTester and Free Email Verifier tools.

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

To verify, visit the tool and enter email address then finally click on the Check button to get the results. Now see the result and decide what you have to do. That's it!

I hope you found this article helpful for you. Feel free to share your comments with us about these online email verification tools. Looking for more email related tips and tricks, tutorial, latest updates then check out our Email section.

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