What to do if you have lost your SBI ATM Card? And How to get a new ATM card?

Losing ATM card is one of the most common problems for the people.  There are several reasons of losing ATM card, because people always carry their ATM card in packet or purse. Most of the people use State Bank of India (SBI) ATM Card, so maximum cases of losing ATM card occurs with SBI ATM card users. Today in this post I am going to describe a complete guide for all SBI users.

By any reasons if you have lost your SBI ATM Card then your first step should be block it. You have do few simple things to block it – First, you have to Call on SBI ATM Helpline number to register a Complaint and second, you have to write an application to the branch manager. To know in detail read this post carefully and completely.

What to do if you have lost your SBI ATM Card
I have experienced, many people lose their patience after losing their SBI ATM cum Debit Card. So I would like to suggest all of you that please keep patience and follow the needful instructions carefully.

One thing must keep in your mind that no one can use your SBI ATM Card without knowing your secrete PIN number and after registering your complain the Bank bears total transaction of money made by thief. Let’s know what you should do, if your SBI ATM Card has been lost or stolen.

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What to do if you have lost your SBI ATM Card
(1). Firstly, write down the complete information of your lost SBI ATM Card details such as ATM Card number, PIN number, Account Number, Branch Code, Branch Name in your diary.     

(2). Now, Call to SBI ATM Helpline Number to register a complaint about your SBI ATM Card.  

SBI ATM helpline number:
  • 1800-112211
  • 1800-425-3800
  • +91 80-26599990
As the call will start, you will have to inform about your problem to the Helpline support staff. Staff will ask few details such as your name, father’s name, your address, date of birth, etc just for the confirmation purpose.
Here you will have to reply accurately for each question asked by the Helpline support staff. When SBI Staff will get complete information from you, then your ATM Card number will be Hotlisted by the SBI and a ticket will be created for this complaint. SBI ATM Helpline staff will say the ticket number to you. You must note that ticket number for the future use.

After registering SBI ATM Card lost complaint, now the responsibility goes to the bank if transaction is made by anyone.

(3). One more thing you need to do, you have to Inform the SBI Branch about from where your ATM Card was issued. This is not a difficult task. You have to only write an application to the Branch manager explaining the incidence of SBI ATM Card lost. Don’t forget to mention the ticket number in this application given by ATM Card Helpline staff.

That’s it! If you have followed these above mentioned steps carefully then you are not going to lose anything.
How to Get New SBI cum Debit Card

When the Bank will receive your Application along with the ticket number then your New ATM Card will be issued. To get New SBI cum Debit Card you will have to pay only RS. 200/-.

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