Easiest way to find out if your email provider leaking your IP address

Many people are still completely unknown that sending an email to any person can disclose more information about them than they may wish to disclose. I hope you are being surprise to know this and want to ask a question here –


Let me answer this question, Answer is - Whenever you send an email message to someone, few unwanted information goes along with your message which is called header information. Header information can commonly disclose unwished information to recipients such as your IP address, which can be easily used by the recipients to find out your normal location and various private things about you.

According to Ghacks.net, if you use Gmail then you may notice one thing that your IP address is not included in header information if you simply use the web services, but your IP address is included if you use a third party app or programme.”

Since, most of the people use various third party apps and services so it’s very important to know that your email provider is leaking your IP address or not.

How to find out If Your Outgoing Email Messages Leak Your IP Address

An online service is available to find out your email provider is leaking your IP address or not to recipients, which is called Email Leak Test. This service is completely free and very easy to use. Here’s how;

1. Firstly, go to Email Leak Test tool.

2. Click on “Start” Button on the homepage.

3. An Email Address you will be able to see as shown below. You have to send a blank email to the listed email address. No need to add subject and body.

4. Now, wait for few minutes. As Email Leak Test will receive your message, the page will be automatically updated with your results. For the example screenshot of both results are shown below.

  • When your email provider is leaking your IP address you will see result like:

  • When your email provider is not leaking your IP address you will see result  like:

Thus you can easily know that your email provider is leaking your IP address or not. If leaking then you may change your email providers to protect your header information. 

Note: The Email Leak Test’s privacy policy says that it does not keep any type of user information and the information is renounced instantly after any results pages are built. so, we can use this Email Leak Test tool without any confusion.

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