What You Should Do Before Selling iphone or ipad?

Technology is the only thing which is increasing continuously along with the population of world. And due to the quick change in technology all people has been addicted to use latest and upgraded versions of smartphone, computer, laptop and many other gadgets.

Some People make plan very quickly to buy upcoming gadget just after reading or watching the Advertisements of that product on TV, Internet or Newspaper. Even some of them sell their old iPhones or iPads to buy the new one, because they don't want to miss the interesting and upgraded features of new gadgets.

 Before Selling iphone or ipad

This type of maximum cases has been seen with iphone or ipad users. I am also a crazy user of new gadgets, so I think that we should always try something new.

“If you don’t create change, change will create you”

But before selling your iPhone or iPad to anyone, you must check that - Have you cleaned your data perfectly or not? Some people are still unknown about what we should do before selling iphone or ipad. So, let's know the important tips and tricks that should be done before selling iphone or ipad.

(1) Backup all your Personal Data via iTunes or iCloud
You know very well about the value of your data, so first of all you have to backup all your Personal Data. Here both ways are mentioned below to backup Data.

To backup via iTunes:
  • Firstly, connect your iPhone device to your computer with the program of iTunes.
  • Now open iTunes and just select your iPhone from the device list.
  • After that make a right-click and simply select the option of “Back Up”.
  • That’s it!

To backup via iCloud:
  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your iphone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Now select iCloud à Storage & Backup.
  • And then finally tap on the “Back up now” button.
Back up now

(2) Sign Out of iCloud or iTunes
 Sign Out of iCloud or iTunes is also a very easy way to remove Data. It may be you have noticed that when you sign out of the iCloud or iTunes account then several data disappears automatically from your iPad/iPhone. It means there is no need to remove iCloud or iTunes related data manually. To Sign out;
  • Firstly, you will have to go on the option of iCloud and just tap on your account ID.
  • Now tap on the option of “Sign out” to logout of the iCloud account.

If you are using iTunes then you have t0 also repeat the same process;
  • Go to Settings à iTunes & App Store
  • And then go ahead to logout.

(3) Reset All Settings and Erase All Data
This is a quite clear thing that when you have decided to sell your iPhone to anyone, it means you have to remove all your settings and erase all your data from iphone such as created files, folders, contacts, apps, and many other information too. To do so;
  • Firstly, Go to Settings à General à Reset
  • Now tap on the option of Reset All Settings
  • After resetting, your iPad/iPhone will be restart once.
  • Here need to head back again on the Reset option.
  • And just tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” button.

Reset All Settings and Erase All Data 

  • You have done!

(4) Clear Out All Photos, Videos and Media etc. Individually
After resetting and erasing all the data from the setting menu you can’t be sure that all data has been removed completely from iphone. So you should try to remove some data like Photos, Videos and Media individually just to be sure. To remove manually;
  • You have to go for Photos app and erase all your photos and videos from all the folders. (No need to be worry because you have backups already in above step)
  • If you have any other app also then just repeat the same process to reset.

(5) Sign Out Of All Other Accounts
During the use of devices, generally most of the user leaves the user session logged in because they don’t want to login again and again. So, you must logout of all accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and YouTube etc. Please keep in mind this is one of the most important steps to do for your online accounts security

Although, you know very well that when you remove an app like Facebook, it means you are signing out too. But what is the need to take risk, so it is safer to log out and sign out of all accounts from your iphone.

Now you are ready to sell your iphone or ipad
If you have done these above mentioned steps accurately then it means now you are completely ready to sell your iphone or ipad. You have both options – you can sell your iPhone or do a trade-in, you can sell online or offline too. But in both situations please be honest with your iphone’s condition to deal with customer.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to share your view with us through comments. To get some more iphone or ipad tips, tips and tricks, latest updates check out our iphone and ipad section.

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