Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube

We all know very well that YouTube is the biggest, most renowned video-sharing website in the world and this is the reason everyone want to share their favourite videos, songs and other user-created videos on YouTube.

Maybe you have also tried to upload MP3 on YouTube and became unable to upload.

Do you know why?

It's because YouTube does not allow people to upload Mp3 files by default. YouTube has already exculpated that YouTube is not contemplated to host MP3 Files. If you don't know about it then you can read in detail from here.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube

It means, you will have to convert your audio files into those formats which YouTube accommodatingly supports. Or if you feel complexity to convert your MP3 files in supported formats then you can simply use TunestoTube for uploading MP3 on YouTube.

What is TunestoTube?
TunestoTube is an advantageous web app that allows you to upload MP3 on your YouTube channel in HD. With this application you haven't to do any conversion for getting other supported file format. You have to just connect your YouTube channel with it and that's all.

How to use TunestoTube for uploading MP3 files on YouTube
To get started with it, firstly go to TunesToTube.com and click on Connect YouTube Account blue button to connect your YouTube account (YouTube channel) with TunestoTube.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube

Just after clicking, you will be taken to a new web page to authorizing the app for accessing your YouTube account. So, make a click on “Accept” button to proceed ahead.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube

Now on the next page you are ready to upload your MP3 file on YouTube.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube
Select your desired MP3 file (up to 25MB) and an Image (JPEG, GIF or PNG) to appear on the video play screen on YouTube. Add a suitable Title, Description, tags and when all thing is completed then finally click on Create Video button.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube

You have done! 

Now within few seconds (depends on your file size) It will convert your MP3 file into YouTube supported format and your MP3 file will be successfully uploaded on your YouTube account. 

Now go to your YouTube account any enjoy your mp3 file. Interesting thing with this app is, it converts your uploaded MP3 file and image into 720p HD YouTube video. If you have any confusion related to this app then you can get all the answers from here

Thus we can say that TunestoTube is really an awesome mp3 uploader application. I will personally suggest you to use this app and save your time from converting MP3 into video. To get more useful tips and tricks, latest updates and tutorials related to YouTube check out our YouTube section

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