How to Easily Disable Hangout History through Google+

Google always try to provide the best and very easy service for the users. If you will start to observe then you will get that countless features and services regularly updated by the Google. Hangouts is one of the best and current example.

How to Easily Disable Hangout History through Google+

At first Google released Hangouts only for Google+, but when people liked its features too much then Google expanded it to many other products.  Even Google talk has been replaced by the hangouts. Now Google users can use hangouts on Google+, Gmail, and mobile devices also.

If you are a regular user of Google Hangouts , then it may be sometimes you want to disable Hangout History due to privacy reasons. But if you don’t know the proper disabling process then it will be a very difficult task for you. Few days ago, I have already faced this situation. So, I decided to share this helpful tips and tricks with you.

Disabling Hangout history is very simple setting task and it can be done easily through Google+. After knowing this trick you will feel free to chat and disable Hangout history privately. Here’s how;
  • Firstly, go to your Google+ account and open the Hangouts chat sidebar. Or you can do this just by clicking on “Hangouts” option which is located on the top right side of the page.
How to Disable Hangout History through Google+

  • After that, make a click on the chat thread that you want to disable hangout history for, and just click on the gear icon as shown in below screenshot.
 gear icon
(If you are already using chat then you have to only click on gear icon)  
  • After clicking on gear icon a window will appear as shown below. Now, you have to uncheck the Hangout history box to disable hangout history and finally make a click on “Save” button.
uncheck Hangout history
  • That’s it!
Now, Hangout history will be disabled completely for that particular chat only. Because you disabled for an individual chat thread. If you wish to disable Hangout history for more than one thread then you will have to repeat the same process as you did in above steps.

If you wish to disable Hangouts history then follow above mentioned steps and share your view with us. To know more useful tips and tricks, Google tips, latest updates check out our Google+ section. Connect with us on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter.

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