5 Dos for Attaining a Refined Web Design in WordPress

WordPress proffers a perfect platform for creating notable websites that rank high on all the major search engine results pages. If you too are looking ahead to designing a gorgeous WordPress website, this is the post you must make sure to read. Here, I’ll be offering you five handy tips and tricks that will aid you in designing a WordPress website that has a design, worth receiving numerous appreciations. 

5 Dos for Attaining a Refined Web Design in WordPress

What makes WordPress an effective and user-friendly CMS?
Since a couple of years, there’s been a considerable increase in the count of customers who want to have complete control over their website. After having examined a number of content management systems for their website, these individuals have chosen to go with WordPress CMS. Well, the sole reason behind this choice has been the affordability and scalability that’s being offered by this web development platform. 

WordPress has indeed become the first choice of people who’re looking for a clean and easy-to-manage website. Whether it’s changing the colors for your website’s theme or adding social media icons to your site, WordPress CMS lets you do all this and more. 

Now, the 5 tips that make website designing as easy as 1, 2, 3 for WordPress web designers

Tip#1: Choose the most appropriate layout
While choosing a layout for your WordPress site, think like a visitor rather than the site owner. Analyze your expected audience and the things your visitors would like to see when they reach your site. Prepare an estimate about the number of sidebars you’re planning to have on your website and whether they’ll have a horizontal or a vertical site navigation. If you’re inclined towards placing some advertisements on your site, determine their location prior to designing the site’s theme. 

Tip#2: Choose the right font for your site
Content is the most important aspect of every website. The same applies to WordPress powered sites as well. While designing your WordPress site, make it a point to choose a font that is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand for everyone who accesses your website. You can either opt for ready-to-use fonts or custom fonts that can make your WordPress website stand out from the array of websites available over the web. Considering the ever-growing demand for WordPress websites, a large group of companies has come up with fonts that are custom-made for websites dedicated to meet different business goals. 

Tip#3: Pay attention to the usage of colors
Color scheme plays a crucial role in deciding a website’s visitor count. In other words, if you’re successful in choosing the right color combination for your web pages, there are greater chances for gathering visitors’ attention and making them return to you again and again. Functioning on a subliminal level, your site’s color talks to your visitors and makes them interested in your products and services. Two effective ways of ensuring best color for your web pages include:
  • Opt for a limited color palette - Make sure to use two main colors for all your web pages, maintaining a consistency through the site. 
  • Opt for an accent color - At times; you might want to draw your visitors’ attention to specific offers. For this, it is recommended to go with an accent color that will stand out from the limited color palette chosen for all the pages within the website. 
Tip#4: Plan the Sidebar design
Sidebar is undoubtedly an essential feature of every WordPress website. You can opt for installing amazing WordPress widgets that are custom-made for improving your website’s sidebar. Some popular WordPress widgets for sidebars include Quotes Collection, Quick Chat, Testimonials widget, HungryFeed etc. My advice to you would be to analyze the good that a particular widget will do to your website. If you feel installing a specific type of widget will hamper your site’s performance, simply avoid it. 

Tip#5: Consider your form layout and post layout
You need to be very careful in choosing the post layout and form layout for your WordPress website. Ensure your index, single and archive pages contain posts laid out in a similar fashion. Additionally, make sure the meta information about a particular post doesn’t overpower your web content. Keep the meta title of one post a bit larger as compared to the other posts. Likewise, you need to pay special attention to choosing the form layout for your website as this will help you increase your site’s conversion rate. Opt for a layout that renders a user-friendly appeal. 

Choosing an appropriate design for your WordPress website remains a challenging task unless you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. With a wide variety of custom colors, web layout, sidebar options etc. available for WordPress websites, following these tips will truly work as the correct web design approach. 

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