Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

In India people are completely dependent on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) for all the information related to Indian Railways such as online reservation, checking PNR status, finding trains between Stations, viewing train schedule, checking train berth availability, etc.

This is really a good thing that Indian Railway Government site (indianrail.gov.in) tried or still trying to provide all the needed train enquiry at a place. But a big drawback of this site is, many times it goes down or work very slow that is the most annoying situation for the people. You can notice that for knowing a simple information, you will have to make so many clicks on IRCTC site and wait for a long time. 

If you are also feeling irritated by using the IRCTC site and looking for an easiest way to get complete train Info then Distance By Train is an appropriate website for you. Let's know more about Distance By Train.
Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

What is Distance By Train?
Distance By Train is a train inquiry website that helps you to know train info very quickly and very easily. The interesting thing with this website is, it provides you the complete info without entering station codes or train numbers.

Or In other words we can say that Distance By Train is a useful website that provides us the route and train information in one click such as: trains between one station to another station, train name, train number, name of stations, time of the trains, average speed of the train, Time of Journey, and distance between two stations, etc.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

The purpose of Distance By Train is to provide the information to passengers in very fast and easy way. The developer team of Distance By Train mainly focused on providing information very fast (which is the need of people) while designing this site. 

UI and design of this website are quite simple but enough to attract you. Only one or two ads are present on the website that will not bother you in any condition and most auspicious thing is it runs very fast. During writing the station name several drop-down suggestions will appear which will help you to select your station name.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

To get information about any train route, only you have to write the name of stations between which you wish to travel and you will be able to see all the required information as shown in above (second) screenshot.  If you want to get full time distance Chart of the train along with station name then click on train name. After clicking on train name you will be able to see the detailed full time distance Chart as shown below.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

A special feature of the website that will attract you so much is, suggesting the train route through break journey. Yeah, i am saying right. If train between two stations does not run then in this condition Distance by Train will suggest you the other train route which could possible your travel through break journey. It also shows you that where you have to Change the train in break journey.

For example: There is no any direct train available for travelling from Hazaribagh to Amritsar, in this condition it's suggesting the availability of trains by Break Journey.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

If you are thinking that Distance By Train shows only the train route through popular stations then you are wrong, it covers all the popular and small stations (including rural areas) in India.

People are happy with this helpful website and they are taking advantage of it in order to get the information about shortest train route. So, we can say that the purpose of this site is being fulfilled and Distance By Train is the best way to find the shortest train route in India.

Visit to see: Distance By Train

Try this awesome train inquiry website and share your view with us through comments. Feel free to ask anything related to Distance By Train, we will appreciate your comments. 

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Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

We all are very well familiar with PDF (Portable Document Format) and always like to read any file in PDF format because it has the ability to make documents portable. Even, everybody knows that PDF files need a PDF reader for reading the files. But have you ever thought ~

What you will do if any type of PDF reader software is not available in your system?

Usually most of the people prefer to download and install PDF reader software like: Foxit Reader, Nitro PDF Reader, PDF-XChange Viewer, and Adobe Reader. But only few of them know that they can use Google Chrome as a PDF reader for all PDF files.

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

So, if you don't have any PDF reader software then there is no need to be worry. In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader. After reading this complete post you will feel that there is no need to install distinct PDF reader software just for reading PDF files. Let's grab it:

How to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

To set Google Chrome as your default PDF Reader, firstly you have to find a PDF document in your system and then make a right click on it. Select the option of "Open With" from the menu. From there you can choose alternative programs, but if Google Chrome isn’t listed then you have to select the option of "Choose Default Program" to open the window of Open With.

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

Now from the Open With window, select Google Chrome

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

If you are not able to see Chrome in this list, then make double click on the option of "Other Programs" to select Google Chrome. After that, if you are still not able to see Chrome in this list then make a right click on the desktop shortcut icon and click on "Properties".  Now copy the location from the Target text box and then Paste into the New file box. Finally select Open.

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

Just after selecting Google Chrome, Click on OK button. That's it! Now all PDF files available in your system will open in Google Chrome whenever you will open.

If Google Chrome is incapable to open PDF files, then it means you will have to enable the PDF viewer plugin. To enable the PDF viewer plugin, type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar and hit enter. Now a list of Plug-ins will appear, in this list you have to find "Chrome PDF viewer".   If the option of Chrome PDF viewer is not enabled then enable it.

Tips and Tricks to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader

Now, Google Chrome has been set as your Default PDF Reader. Start enjoying and share your view with us through comments.

Bonus Information: You can get five different types of PDF Converter from here.

If you are looking for more useful shortcut ways, tutorials, Google Chrome tips and tricks, and tech support then check out our Google Chrome section.
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gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

File manager plays a vital role in Android devices and this is one of the most needed things for you, if you want a complete control over your device files. If you haven't a suitable file manager or tool then managing files on your Android device can be a great difficulty.

There are lots of file management apps for Android device are available on Google Play But if you are looking for a simpler Android file manager then gFile is one of the most appropriate options for you.

gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

What is gFile?
gFile is a file manager Android app which is designed to make file management excessively simple for Android users. this app is specially designed for the all those Android users who just need to quickly and simply get to their files or folders without dealing with any puzzled settings on the way.

The user interface of gFile is perfectly inspired from the official Gmail app UI for Android. Each and every folder is inconceivably colour coded and designated with the first letter of the folder name.

gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

With the free version of gFile, you will be able to access the user-accessible storage. If you want to get root access then you will have to purchase the in-app pro upgraded version.

The app also displays permissions belonging to each item to the right. If you want to modify these permissions then just tap and hold down on the desired item, click on menu, and then simply tap Permissions option.

gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

When you will select a file, gFile will give you all the basic and usable options at the top such as copy, paste, selection, rename and cut. By the help of ‘+’ button which is located at the top-right you can create new folders. If you want to change the background themes then you can freely change (light or dark) from the option of the Settings screen.

gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

Overall we can easily say that gFile is really an amazing Android File Manager. It will not only save the time of Android users but it will also give them a quick access over their device.

Feel free to share with us through comments - What is your view about this Gmail-Inspired UI Android File Manager?

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8 Best Apps for Your Home Theater

There are a few useful apps available on the market that you can use with your home theatre. These apps will help you to either enjoy your home theatre experience a little more, or to set up your home theatre Systems. The list has no particular order as the items on the list all do different things. Here are eight of the best apps for your home theatre.

8 Best Apps for Your Home Theater

Try these useful apps and make your Home Theater Systems extraordinary or enjoyable:

(1) RunPee
This is a free app for the android, iOS and Windows operating systems. It tells you when the less interesting or less important bits are coming up so you can nip to the toilet. If you have ever watched the movie Legion, which is 20 minutes of action spread across the entire film that is mixed in with pointless talking, then there are plenty of opportunities to go to the toilet.

Get from here: Download RunPee App (Android)
                      Download RunPee App (iPhone/iPad)
                           Download RunPee App (Windows)

(2) Audiocalc
This is an app you can use with the iOS, and it will cost you three dollars. It allows you to use your phone to control the visual and audio elements of your home theatre. It is handy for helping you decide where you should put your screen for the best picture and where you should put your sound system so that you get the best value.

Get from here: Download Audiocalc App

(3) DB 
This is an iOS app that will cost you one dollar and it is a decibel meter. It is used by people wanting to calibrate their speaker levels manually. It gives guides for manual calibration and speaker setup guides. It also allows you to measure the decibels of other things, which may be handy if you have a problem with your car exhaust and want to know if you are breaking local laws by driving your car.

Get from here: Download DB App

(4) HTCables 
This app is for the iOS and is just 99 cents. It shows you how to wire up your home theatre and gives you tips and advice about cables. It is especially handy if you are trying to buy cables for a certain device or purpose. It sells itself on the idea that picking the wrong type of cable may still make your home theatre work but will diminish your viewing experience and therefore your viewing pleasure. 

Get from here: Download HTCables App

(5) Dijit Universal Remote Control
This is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to control your home theatre with your phone. You link it to your home theater equipment and then use your Smartphone as a remote control for it. There are a few apps that have similar functions around the home, with the most popular being one that can control your heating system via your phone.

(6) Speaker Pop
This is an iOS app that costs five dollars and is a palm-sized polarity tester. It uses the microphone on your phone to hear if you have wired your speakers correctly. It does a DSP analysis and helps you get the most out of the home theatre you have bought. Sadly, it is only a one trick pony, but you can get your money’s worth by going round to your friends’ house and checking their equipment too.

Get from here: Download Speaker Pop App

(7) i.TV  or IMDB
This is a free app for the iOS and it offers you a TV guide for your home theatre. It does have other functions, but it probably redundant these days since most TV services come with a TV guide you can access with your actual TV. Still, it is handy if you are not near your TV at the time. 

Get from here: Download i. TV App

This is a free app you can use with the iOS, Android, and Windows 7. It allows you to see things you would normally see via the IMDB website. It can be used to have a look at reviews, but it is far more handy for learning about production data or the actors within a movie, such as the other movies the actor has appeared in.

Get from here: Download IMDb App

(8) Home Theater Glossary 
This is an Android app that costs your 99 cents, and you can use it to search through your movies with keywords. It helps you to learn a bunch of new words via the keywords you type in, so for example, if you hear the phrase "Breaking the fourth wall" you can see how it was a phrase first used in the theatre where people would break and talk to the audience or make it known that they knew they were being watched.

I hope you liked these Home Theater apps. Looking for more interesting Android apps, iPhone/iPad apps then check out our Android section or iPhone/iPad section.

Author’s bio:

The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from cool-essays.com. She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.
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A Simple Guide to Unlock SIM on Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Have you ever thought - how much bad you will feel after purchasing expensive Smartphones when you will see that you are unable to make connection in a few countries or network providers?

I hope you are thinking now that i am joking, but i am not joking it's true. In few countries most of the Android phone comes with an inbuilt SIM lock feature which prohibits the use of a Smartphone in few particular countries and particular network providers. This is the reason some of the android users are feeling very disappointed and looking for a simple way to unlock SIM on their Android device.

A Simple Guide to Unlock SIM on Galaxy S3 and Note 2
Image credit: Droidviews.com
If you are also one of them who want to Unlock SIM on your android phone then this step by step tutorial will help you a lot. Here i am going to explain how to unlock SIM on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 without rooting.  

After unlocking SIM you will be able to operate your SIM in all countries or operators freely. The unlocking process is very simple and it will take only a few minutes to unlock your phone.

The tips and tricks mentioned below works on all the T-Mobile, Canadian Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Even, it has been tested swimmingly on the following devices and works smoothly on all:
  • Rogers Note 2
  • Bell Galaxy Note 2
  • Wind Mobile S3
  • Bell Galaxy Rugby LTE
  • Wind Mobile Note 2
  • Mobilicity Note 2 
  • Bell Galaxy S3 
  • Rogers Galaxy S3
  • Koodo Galaxy S3 
  • Telus Galaxy Note 2 
  • Telus Galaxy S3 
  • Mobilicity S3 YMMV 
Important Note: We have tested this method on Android 4.1.1 and Android 4.1.2 version. So, if you have the android of higher version then firstly downgrade your device with the lower version and after that try this guide.

How to Unlock SIM on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Step (1): At first, open the dial-pad on your android phone and dial the code *#197328640# once.

Step (2): Now you will be able to see the Service menu on your android phone screen. From the service menu, you have to select the UMTS option.

Step (3): After that, you have to tap on Debug Screen and select Phone Control option on the next screen.

Step (4): Next, tap on Network Lock option and select Perso SHA256 OFF.

Step (5): After this action, you have to wait for about 30 seconds and then go one step back by tapping the Menu button or by selecting the Back option on the device screen.

Step (6): Now, select NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ and Wait for about 60 seconds.

Step (7): You are done! Reboot your Android phone and enjoy.

Now your SIM is unlocked successfully and you are free to use you Android device in all countries or with the other operators. Give a try and share your view with us via comments. 

Looking for more useful step by step how to guides, tutorials, related to Android and Android apps then check out our Android tips section.
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How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

If you are a Windows user then you can notice that sometimes we put our system (computer/laptop) into sleep mode when we need the system immediately just after a few minutes. Generally, we put our PC in Sleep Mode when we want to use our system promptly but we don't want to waste our time in booting it.

For example: whenever I go to fast food restaurant (which is quite near to my apartment) to buy ice-cream or cold-drinks then that time i usually put my windows 7 system in Sleep Mode.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

But you may feel annoying when sometimes your Windows system will not sleep. I am saying this because i have faced this situation. I have read several comments of Windows users within a few days and many of them are asking about how to fix the problem of Sleep Mode not working in Windows 8.1. I think, generally it happens most with those people who just upgraded Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.

So if you are using windows 8.1 operating system on your PC and it refuses to sleep or won’t go into sleep mode even after trying several times, then this tutorial will help you to fix if sleep mode is not working in Windows 8.1. Here are the simple tips and tricks to fix this problem:

Instructions to fix: Windows 8.1 Sleep Mode Not Working
Step (1): At first, Press Windows Key + W and type troubleshooting when the search box appears. After that from the search result, click on the Troubleshooting.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Step (2): In the troubleshooting window, click on View all option which is situated at the left hand side along with other listed options.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Step (3): In the next window, you will see the list of troubleshoot computer problems. From there you have to select Power that will launch the Power Troubleshooter.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Step (4): Just after selecting Power from the list, the Power Troubleshooter window will appear and here you have to click on Next button.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Step (5): Now the automatic detection and fixing of issues will start. You have to wait till the troubleshooting not completed.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Step (6): When the troubleshooting will be completed, you will be able to see the detection as "Issues found" and what is already fixed. Now you can click on the Close button.

How to Fix if Sleep Mode is Not Working in Windows 8.1

Now you can reboot your Windows system. After restart, you'll get that the sleep mode issue is fixed and you are being able to put your Windows 8.1 system in Sleep Mode very smoothly.

I hope, you found this step by step guide useful for you. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. Your valuable comments will be always appreciated here. Looking for more interesting tutorials related to Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 then check our Windows tips section.
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Convert Your Scanned or Native PDF for Free Online

If you are ever in a bind at work and you need to extra data from a locked PDF so that you can use it further, there are many online tools that can help you to do that. PDFs are great for sending and archiving data, because they are compact and appear the same no matter what platform you or your coworkers and clients are running. 

However, the contents of a PDF cannot be edited. It is a locked file format. But, online file converts can extra the data locked in a PDF and convert the data into an editable file format for you.

One such online service is PDFConverter.com. It lets you convert a PDF into an MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel file for free. You can also use it to turn any type of document into a PDF. What makes this tool more exciting than most similar online converters is that it offers features that are only available when using professional file conversion software.

Convert Your Scanned or Native PDF for Free Online

Here are the two main advantages that PDFConverter.com offers compared to other free online file converters.

(1) Scanned PDF Conversion: If you need to convert a PDF that was created by scanning a paper document, you usually need to use professional desktop software. The PDFConverter.com online service offers OCR (optical character recognition) technology, which allows you to convert scanned PDFs into editable Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint files. 

Convert Your Scanned or Native PDF for Free Online

(2) No Size Limits: Most free services offer size limits on free conversions. With PDFConverter.com, you can convert a PDF of any size into an editable document. Convert an entire PDF book for free if you want.

Convert Your Scanned or Native PDF for Free Online

The conversion process at PDFConverter.com is also incredibly simple. All it takes is three steps. 
  • Click “Choose File” to select the file you want to convert. 
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click “Start.” Once the conversion is completed, a download link for obtaining your new file will be sent to the email address that you have given.
Try right now: PDFConverter.com

According to this site’s privacy policy, your email address will never be given to any third party and both your original and converted file will be deleted from the server 24 hours after the conversion is complete. Just make sure to download your new file within this 24-hour window.

So if you are looking for an online service (PDF Converter) that allows you to convert a scanned or native PDF of any size into a high-quality editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint document for free, PDFConverter.com is a useful site that you should definitely try out.

To get more PDF Converters click here.

Feel free to share your view about this useful PDF Converter through comments. Want to see more useful Free Online tools, tips and tricks, apps, tech support, tutorials then check out our Internet section.
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