How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

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You can notice that most of the Android device comes with the locked bootloader. It helps user to prevent from messing up their devices. But if you wish to install the custom recovery or custom ROM on your device then you can't do without unlocking the bootloader. 

So, if you want to install lots of custom ROMs and root your Android device accommodatingly then this tutorial is perfect for you. Today in this article, i will explain you how to unlock the bootloader of nexus devices (smartphone or tablet).

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
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To unlock the Bootloader of devices, only you will have to run few Adb commands on your PC and that's all. I assure you, this step by step guide will work on almost all nexus devices. Let’s know how:

Important Warning: Unlocking the bootloader of your device may void its warranty. You can relock bootloader if you'd like to run into the warranty claims. Below mentioned guide will only work on Windows based PCs. This unlocking process will wipe off all the data stored on your device, so don't forget to take the full backup of your android device before starting this procedure.

Instructions to Unlock Bootloader of Nexus Devices

Step (1): At first, enable the USB debugging mode on your device. You can do this by going to the Settings --> About phone --> Build number and Tap 4 to 5 times on Build number option. Now the Developer option will enable on your Android device. You need to hit back once and then select Developer options, after that check the box for USB debugging as shown in below screenshot.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (2): Now download the Fastboot folder on your Windows computer and extract the downloaded zip file on your desktop. 

Step (3): After that connect your nexus device to the PC through Original USB cable and open the fastboot folder on the PC.

Step (4): Now hold down the “Shift” button on your keyboard and make a right-click on the empty area of your screen. From the options, select “Open command window here”.
How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
Step (5): Here, a command prompt window will appear on your desktop. In command prompt type the following command and hit Enter:

adb reboot bootloader

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (6): You have to wait till a big Android logo (big Android with START) appears on your device’s screen. When it does, type the following command to unlock the bootloader of your Nexus device.

fastboot oem unlock

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (7): Just after entering this command a bootloader unlock confirmation page will appear on your Nexus Device's screen. Here you have to tap on “Yes”.

It will erase all the data stored on your Nexus Device and bootloader will be unlocked. That's it! Now you can freely install custom ROM and recoveries on your device according to your wish.

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How to do CESC Online Bill Payment at Kolkata

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As a resident of Kolkata, I understand better the problem of Electricity Bill Payment at Kolkata. CESC online bill payment is one of best and convenient solution for people but very few people know how to Pay CESC bill Online at Kolkata.

If you live in Calcutta then you must know that how people pay their Electricity Bill, usually they pay their Electricity Bill in two ways. Either they pay their Electricity Bill by going CESC office counters and waiting till hours in line or they pay their bill to local agent and the agents submits their Electricity bill to CESC office and get commission from people 5 to 10 rupees on each bill.

But from few years technology has changed the tradition and Internet has made the task of Electricity Bill Payment very easy. Now you can easily pay your CESC bill Online via the CESC official website using internet banking, debit card or credit card.

If you are still unknown from the news of CESC Online Bill Payment then you need to know that Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) has already provided the online bill payment privilege for their customers. 

Note: CESC Bill Payment Online is also known as e-Payment of CESC Bill, so please don't confuse while searching on web.

The process of paying CESC Electricity bill online is very simple and you can do it within 2 minutes. To CESC Online Bill Payment you will have to follow below given instructions very carefully:

Simple Guide to Pay CESC Bill Online at Kolkata
Step (1): At first, go to the Official Website of CESC by following this link Pay CESC Bill Online at Kolkata.

Step (2): Now a page will appear as shown below. Here you have to click on Pay Bill Online option.

How to do CESC Online Bill Payment at Kolkata

Step (3): After clicking, the online payment page will be opened as shown below. From here you have to click on which type of bill (Monthly Bills, New Connection or Extension of Load Charge, Online Name Transfer, Online AC Application) you want to pay and through which you want to pay (Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking).

How to do CESC Online Bill Payment at Kolkata

For example: if you want to pay for your Monthly Bills through internet banking then click on Net Banking option below monthly Bills. or If you want to pay with your Credit or Debit Card then click on any of these two according to your need.

Step (4): When you will click on Net Banking option under the Monthly Bills section then a new window will opened titled as Payment of Electricity Consumption Bills for LT Consumers Only.

How to do CESC Online Bill Payment at Kolkata

You have to tick mark the Terms and Conditions to confirm. Now, fill up your 11 digit consumer number and select the month for which you want to pay. After that enter the Validation Code correctly and then click on Proceed button.

Step (5): After clicking on Proceed button you will be redirected to the payment gateway page. Here you have to fill your Bank account detail as required and follow the instructions to proceed for transaction.

Step (6): When transaction is completed, the transaction acknowledgement screen will be display. You need to print this page for the confirmation of Online Bill Payment. Also keep a record and reference number provided on this page for your future use. 

And if you are paying with credit card or debit card then fill up card details carefully then proceed as instructions described above.

Step (7): You can download a copy of your electricity bill using this link: - Generate a Copy of CESC Bill.

How to do CESC Online Bill Payment at Kolkata

To Generate, you need to enter your 11 digit consumer number then select the month of bill payment. After entering the verification code shown in image then finally click on generate copy bill button. 

Thus, you can easily pay your CESC Bill online!

Feel free to ask me, if you face any problem in order to CESC Online Bill Payment. I will feel so much happy to help you.


How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phone

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I have experienced, “How to block websites on Android phone?” is one of the most common questions asked by the people in these days, because everyone want to protect their kids from accessing inappropriate websites like related to drugs, violence or pornography etc.

Many articles related to how to Block Websites has been published few days back on Howtouncle, by any reason if you have missed them to read then you can read it right now:
As we all know, using OpenDNS is the best option to block websites on multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, android phones, tablets, computer etc. in our house. But do you know - how to block some specific category of websites on android phones?

How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phones

If you are still unknown from it then this article is just dedicated to you. To block websites on particular devices like android phones or tablets, a very useful android app is available known as Kaspersky Parental Control app.

I have already used this helpful Android app on my Galaxy S4 and Moto X, it works very fine and smoothly. Lets’ know – how to use Kaspersky Parental Control android app to block website on android phones.

Instructions to block websites on android phone
Step (1): At first, download and install Kaspersky Parental Control android app on your android phone.

Step (2): After the installation, open the Kaspersky Parental Control app to configure it.

Step (3): After opening the app, you will be able to see the list of website categories. Select the categories you want to block.

How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phones

The app shows you lots of inappropriate website categories by default. You can also add or remove categories according to your wish.

Step (4): When website categories selection is completed, Click on Next button.

Step (5): Even, you can also block apps very easily. You have to just select the apps you wish to allow access on your android device and deselect which you wish to block.

How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phones

Since, standard android apps are allowed by default. So, you can add all the allowed apps to the list of allow access.

Step (6): When the apps selection is completed, click on Next button.

Step (6): Now, you have set default browser for surfing the internet. It will select only the web browser is allowed. 

You no need to worry about other browsers, because all other browsers are strictly blocked by default to ignore accessing all the blocked websites.

Step (7): Next, you have to allow the device administrator permission of this app (Kaspersky Parental Control) so that your kids will be not able to uninstall it.

How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phones

That’s it. Now, your Android phone is completely protected for the use of your kids.

After this set up, whenever your kids will open any unusual (bad) website they will see the blank screen with an error message like "Page could not be open" as shown below.

How to Block Certain Websites on Android Phones

According to the feedback of Kaspersky Parental Control android app users, It works accommodatingly on most of the android phones, tablets, including Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 4, Moto X, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z etc.

As a parent, this is your responsibility to provide proper direction to your kids. And if you don't care about it then you may go in huge loss. So, please...please....block all the unsuited websites before providing android device to your kids.

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Galaxy S6 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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In these days people are crazy (much excited) to know the Galaxy S6 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features. So, on their demand here's the complete information related to Samsung Galaxy S6.

Smartphones can almost do anything today, smarter than the people using them. With mobile technology being ever vibrant, there is something innovative and fresh forthcoming. Every once in a while new innovative smart phone gets released, purely driven by market demand and competition. Consumers always look for something better and trendier. With such demands, Mobile phone manufacturers know customer is king hence they hardly disappoint. 

Galaxy S6 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

Talk of the latest cutting-edge mobile technology and Samsung is just that. Ranking only second to Apple (forget the patent wars), Samsung is a boss when it comes to Smart phones keeping consumers speculating about its next device.

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Samsung Galaxy S series made it for Samsung in terms of being a big player in the smartphone industry. A close second to Apple’s iPhone series, the Samsung Galaxy S series always causes ripples when it announces a release. The Galaxy S4 started off a smartphone war that never was, giving Apple’s iPhone 4 almost a complete blackout. But the Apple –Samsung war is just starting. 

The iPhone 5S launched recently topped the markets boasting its 64-bit chipset and its performance which is next to none. Samsung can defend its Galaxy note three to quash this but still the S series lags behind.  Samsung plans to beat this competition by launching the Galaxy S5 or even deadlier (Fingers crossed) the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Release dates
There is a high possibility Samsung will release the Galaxy S6 in August 2014 since the Galaxy S5 is set to release April 2014. Earlier speculations suggested the Galaxy S6 launch would be much later in 2015. But with Samsung willing to stay afloat in the industry market demands and expected competition force this early release.  With two Galaxy S series expected in 2014, smartphone wars will reach a new high.

Galaxy S6 price
Samsung Galaxy S6 will definitely (or so we hear) come packed with the latest apps and hardware that could ever be, but at a price. With the Galaxy Note 3 being the most expensive device Samsung manufactured so far with a price tag starting at $770 at its launch,  Galaxy S5 is expected to come at a close $750 same as the Galaxy S6. However, its not quite known what cost the curved display will attract, but most probable it will vary between USD $750 to $800 on the high side. 

Galaxy S6 Specs and Features
The Galaxy S6 will have some outstanding features, making it the best phone of it time out there. But with many manufacturers set to release before its launch and expected to release their devices with different specs, Samsung might decide to include them on the S6 making it the best of all. Samsung Galaxy S6’s performance will definitely be driven by the internal hardware.
  • Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 64-bit
  • 128GB internal memory
  • 4GB RAM
  • Full HD flexible display
  • 5.2 inches Ultra High Definition 4k display  
  • 3300 to 3500 mAh battery
  • 21MP Ultra Pixel Sensor camera recording at 8K resolution 
  • Android 5.0
  • modem 4G LTE supporting Advanced Cat 6
It’s expected that the Galaxy S6 will be accompanied by a much superior design giving it customers the much needed look and portability. In addition making it slimmer and lighter is everybody’s expectations. Bottom line is that Samsung will definitely make it worth every penny of it.

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Windows 8 will be Upgraded into Windows 8.1 Automatically

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Hii lovely readers, are you familiar with the latest Update to Windows 8.1 released by Microsoft?

If not then you must know about it.

Recently, Microsoft has published an update according to which all the Windows 8 computers will be upgraded into Windows 8.1 automatically, and Windows RT will be upgraded into Windows RT 8.1.

Simply, it can be said it's an update to enable an automatic update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 will be Upgraded into Windows 8.1 Automatically

Isn't this a great benefit for Windows 8 users? Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 automatically seems like a expensive gift from the Microsoft for us.

After seeing the automatically upgrading update released by Microsoft, people are so much happy and ready to grab it. But here you need to care one thing that "windows update software" is available in your Windows 8 system or not.

Important note: To check windows update is available in your Windows 8 system or not, Please...follow these steps:
Click the Start button ---> All Programs ---> Windows Update

Read below mentioned tips and tricks very carefully to enjoy the services of upgraded Windows 8.1 operating system.

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How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 automatically
To enjoy automatic update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, the Update KB2973544 must have already been installed on your Windows 8 computers. If windows update is not installed, you can easily get it by following the Start menu (as directed in above important note) or from the Microsoft Download Center.

Before installing Update KB2973544, you need to install Update KB2871389 (which has been introduced by Microsoft recently). The installation of this update will ready up Windows 8 and Windows RT- based computers for the new update to Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT as well.

Microsoft expects that with the release of update KB2973544, upgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 will be much convenient for us. 

So by any reasons, if you have not yet upgraded your computers from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, then hope that new Update will upgrade your operating system automatically.

One thing you must need to know, this update is not applicable on volume-licensed computers. So, if you are using volume-licensed computer then you will be unable to do following actions:
  • Update to Windows 8.1 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or
  • Volume licensed installations of Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store.
I hope you liked the information of update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 automatically. Feel free to discuss - what's your view about the New Update to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 automatically?

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How to update windows 8 apps manually

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which Phone Is Best?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the brilliant Smartphones that Samsung launched last year in the month of March. But the major factor that gave a setback for Galaxy S3 users to go for an upgrade was that it was just a very minute upgrade of Samsung Galaxy S3. On the other hand we have started hearing various rumours regarding the new Samsung device i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to launch later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which Phone Is Best?

There is no doubt that the difference between various Smartphones as well as Phablets present in the market is getting narrower day by day with each and every new release. So we are here for those readers who are confused whether to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 or wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, here we present you the specifications as well as various other comparisons to provide you a clear image of both the devices and which one of them you should go for.

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After seeing comparison, you can to decide - either buy Samsung Galaxy S4 or wait for Galaxy Note 4. Here's the comparison:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Display and Design
Samsung provided a 5 inch Super AMOLED display in its S4 device along with a screen resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. While on the other hand we can expect Note 4 with much bigger screen size of 5.7 inch as well as better resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.

Galaxy S4 had a polycarbonate plastic outer body. However, there are many rumours out there stating that Galaxy Note 4 may have a full metal outer body along with a rubber like metal panel at its back. Also there is a possibility of three sided YOUM display which will proved a curvy display to this amazing Phablet.

Hardware and Software
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was powered by a quad core A15 cortex processor which was clocked t 1.6 GHz. Also it possesses 2 GB of internal RAM that avoided any kind of lad in the phone. Also S4 was available in 3 versions of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and supported micro SD card for further extension of memory till 64 GB. But Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be powered by a beasty octa core 64 bit processor accompanied by amazing 4 GB of internal RAM. Also Samsung can include memory storage of 128 GB in the device.

When we talk about the softwares, S4 was launched with Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with the new TouchWiz but Note 4 may run on the latest Android version 4.5 Lollipop.

Galaxy S4 offered an amazing 13 MP camera to its users along with 2 MP front camera for good video calling, however beating Galaxy S4 here too; Note 4 could sport a 20.7 MP camera. If we listen to rumours, it is also possible that Note $’s camera will support 4K recording too.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which Phone Is Best?

After comparing both the devices, there is no doubt that you should go for Galaxy Note 4 as it possesses an upper hand in almost all the features that Samsung Galaxy S4 featured last year. No doubt, Note 4 will be costlier than S4 but if you got that much money in your pocket, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be it.

I am waiting for your comments. Feel free to share what do you think - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which phone should you get?

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