UR Launcher - Get Free 3D Live Themes and Wallpapers

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Who don't wish to get the smartphone with attractive Looks?

But purchasing a smartphone with very high price is not always a good solution. You can provide your existing Android phone look even better than all other latest Android phones with a very useful Android app called UR Launcher.

The app will not only provide you an amazing entire look but also it will win your heart with its FREE interactive 3D Live themes and wallpapers. The fast and user-friendly interface   of UR Launcher is enough to attract you in first sight. Let's know more about this ultimate Android app:

It’s UR mood, UR choice, UR phone, UR Launcher!

UR Launcher is a launcher that offers 3D themes and wallpapers to your Android smart phone. With this launcher, you can give a new look to your device by changing the menus, icons, wallpapers, and more.

The highlight of this launcher is the number of 3D wallpapers you can choose from to customize your phone. There is also a handy sidebar, which means even while you are watching a video or running any program, you can access this side bar with just a swipe of the finger. 

Check out introduction video of UR Launcher:

Another bonus is the launcher is lightweight because it does not come preloaded with all the themes. You download the basic launcher, and then download the 3D themes and backgrounds as you see fit. 

The newest 3D Theme available is called UR 3D Solar System, which is our first wallpaper that offers a gyroscope effect—tilt the screen to see the planets and asteroids move around with you! This theme is full of surprises hidden amongst the planets and asteroids, so check out to discover more! 
UR Launcher is also currently working on a big update called UR Moods, which are “moods” your phone sets depending on if you are at work, in the car, during the weekend, etc., and it suggests apps you would most likely use during those times. In addition a smaller update includes compatibility with all the existing Google Play Store icon packs.

Overall, UR Launcher is a new, upcoming launcher with a great potential to grow with the incoming updates during the next few weeks.

Get from here: UR Launcher Android App

I have tried out UR Launcher android app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s working very effectively. I am really so much happy and excited to use this new android app. Give a try and share your view with us via comments.

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8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

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Do you wish to drive massive traffic to your blog? 

Yes of course, massive and jaw dropping traffic is the dream of all bloggers, I hope you'll care to know how you can boost and increase your blog traffic in no time? This are tested way's to drive traffic to your blog, and trust me they complied positively.

If you've been searching for ways to boost your blog traffic then I sure bet you you've just arrived at the right place. I'll be showing you nine ways you can drive reasonable traffic to your blog in no time.

8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Effectively

(1) Content: 
Your blog content really matters and affects your traffic, even Google says so. As we all know content is king. Basically, content is the prime identity of your blog and it keeps impression on visitor’s mind.

Tip: When writing an article for your blog, try writing a unique, quality proven and well detailed article. This will go a long way to help you.

(2) Blog commenting: 
Blog commenting is another sure way to drive huge traffic to your new blog. Commentluv has just made it easier by allowing commenters link back to their latest post, hopefully if you comment on a commentluv enabled blogs you get link back to your blog I bet you blog commenting is quite a handy way to pull traffic to your blog.

Tip: Try being the first to comment on their latest articles and also leave valuable contribution as comments, it will definitely work for you.

(3) Social media: 
After writing any of your blog post it's advisable you share them on the social networks, social media is for sure a powerful platform to advertise and promote products and services online. I get tons of traffic from the social media in general.

Tip: Whenever you write an article on your blog try promoting your article link on various social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn etc. social media plays a major role in the growth of any blog. 

(4) Regularly update your blog: 
Keeping your blog up to date will make your readers see your blog as a serious blog. They are thereby left with no choice other than frequenting your blog. Keep posting regularly and be a resource to others. It engages your readers and keeps them coming back. It is most necessary for a new blog.

Tip: Try writing 2-4 posts on daily bases, or at least 1 post depending on your niche.

(5) Guest blogging: 
This is one of the most powerful sources to drive traffic to your blog. In this method you write posts for other top blogs in your niche, blogs with higher page rank and good Alexa rank. In return you get a do-follow backlink which will help build your search engine ranking, Oooo... you also get referral traffic from this blogs after writing for them.

Tip: Look for a top blog in your niche considering the page rank and Alexa rank then write for them.

(6) Search engine optimization: 
SEO is one of the best ways if not the best way to drive traffic to your blog. There are lots of things to do in order to optimize your blog for search engines. Search engine seems to be the cheapest source of traffic so it's essential you optimize your blog for search engine.

Tip: Optimize your articles for search engines and also build quality backlinks through guest posting or whatever means you know. 

(7) Blogging contest:
Hosting contests and offer giveaways to the winners. Giveaways have been proven to work efficiently in generating traffic. It will not only provide you tons of traffic but also some trusted readers.

Tip: Host a contest on your blog and offer a price to the winner.

(8) Forum marketing: 
Don't underestimate the power of forums this are places you can drive cleans traffic from without spamming, I get quite a reasonable traffic from forums, forums are places for you to gain popularity.

Tip: Register on forums which are related to your Niche in order to get a targeted audience. Try to give answers to questions without spamming. Create topics that would be of benefit to the forum members. By so doing I'll gain trust and popularity. 

After you've won their trust you can answer questions with links back to your blog articles, the admins, moderators and Forum members would really appreciate your help in growing the forum, also add your link and keywords to your forum signature. This will also boost your traffic.

Putting this to practice will surely boost your traffic, what are you waiting for? Start increasing your blog traffic today! I am waiting for your response to know which ways helping you to drive massive traffic to your blog. Feel free to discuss with us via comments.

Authors Bio:

increase blog trafficLarry Frank is a Nigerian blogger, who loves sharing his findings and experience, you can hook up with him at FlowingTechBlog, where I share lots of idea's.


How to Install Windows 8 Apps without Windows Store

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I felt so uneasy when people ask me - how to install windows 8 apps without windows store?

Because that time i was using Windows 7 on my computer but after using Windows 8 operating system, i realised - why they were asking me about how to install windows 8 apps without windows store.

As we all know, Windows 8 allows us to install apps only from the Windows Store. But if you wish to download any third party apps (the apps which is not available on windows store but you want to use on your Windows 8 system) that haven’t processed with the Microsoft security checks, you will have to enable an entry in the Local Group Policy for your computer in order to get it.

How to Install Windows 8 Apps without Windows Store

Once you have enabled the entry in the Local Group Policy, you’ll be freely able to install windows 8 apps without the windows store.

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Few important things you need to know
Before following below mentioned steps to install apps without windows store in Windows 8, it’s very important for you to know why Microsoft has made this so difficult to do and why not allows us to install apps without windows store.

Whenever you download a third party app, you are not 100% sure that what you’re getting and the app you are downloading will fit from the OS and security of Windows.

While installing any Windows 8 app from the Windows Store, you know very well that Microsoft has evaluated the app and ensured that it’s as trustworthy as it should be. It will easily and completely fit from the OS and security of Windows also.

Same thing applies with all other online app distribution services such as Chrome Web Store, the Apple Store etc. So the lovely readers please proceed with caution whenever you go for it. 

Note: Below given steps will work for only Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Install Windows 8 Apps without Windows Store
Step (1): At first, search for 'Run' on the Windows Start screen and click on it.

Step (2): In the Run command prompt, just type in 'gpedit.msc' and then click on 'OK.'

How to Install Windows 8 Apps without Windows Store

Step (3): Now from the main screen of the Local Group Policy Editor, go for the following entry:

Computer Configuration ---> Administrative Templates ---> Windows Component ---> App Package Deployment

Step (4): After that, make a Right-click on “Allow all trusted apps to install” option.

Step (5): On the next page, select Enabled option to enable the entry for all other apps (third party apps/non-Windows Store apps) to install in your Windows 8 system. Now click on “Apply” button and then “OK".

How to Install Windows 8 Apps without Windows Store

To install any third party apps, still two criteria must be following:
  • The app must be cryptographically sign by the developer
  • Your PC must be able to accept the certificate
Step (6): If the app are matching with these two criteria, then now you can use Windows PowerShell to run the following command:

add-appxpackage C:\app1.appx –DependencyPath C:\winjs.appx

Here, 'app1.appx' is the app you wish to install. You can change this if required.

'winjs.appx' is the dependency for the app. You can also change this if needed, the dependency will be always included with the app.

Congratulations! Now you can freely install windows 8 apps without windows store.

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Please....Please.....Please.....always keep a Windows 8 system recovery image or backup, it will help you if you found any issue. And always remember; install apps only from trusted sources.

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How to Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

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As a Windows 8 user, I know very well how much people love to install Windows 8 apps from Windows Store. Windows Apps has played a vital role to make Windows 8 operating system more attractive and lovable and this is the main reason Microsoft brought in Windows Store in Windows 8.

With the help of Windows Store, people can very easily search and install Windows apps according to their need/wish. People feel more relaxed because they no need to find Windows apps here and there on web. 

But many Windows users are still unknown with the accurate process of installing Windows 8 apps from Windows store. So, this simple tutorial is dedicated to them who wish to know how to install windows 8 applications from the windows store.

Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store
Step (1): At first, click on the 'Storetile which is usually placed on the Windows 8 Start screen.

How to Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

Or you can also go to the Windows Store by searching for Store in the Start Screen. 

How to Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

Step (2): Just after clicking on the Store tile, Windows Store will appear along with lots of apps categories. (Please, wait for a while and allow Windows Store to get loaded properly.)

Here is the list of categories available on Windows store:
  • Games
  • Social
  • Entertainment
  • Photos
  • Music & Videos
  • Books & Reference
  • News & Weather
  • Food & Dining
  • Travel
  • Productivity
  • Tools
  • Education and much more
Step (3): No need to be worried after looking a large number of categories. You can easily browse different categories of apps through search charm.

How to Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

Step (4): Now select the Windows 8 app you wish to install and clicked on it. (For example here i am installing Wikipedia windows 8 app)

Step (5): On the app page you will see Install button, click on that 'Install’ button.

Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

Step (6): Immediately, you will be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account to install the selected Windows 8 app. Here you need to login with your Windows Live account.

How to Install Windows 8 Apps from Windows Store

If you do not have one, then you need to sign up for a Microsoft Account first by clicking here.

Step (8): And if you have already a Microsoft Account then enter your ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’. Now, click on “Install” button and go back to the Windows 8 Start screen and wait for some time until the installation is completed.

Once installation process is completed, start using and enjoying your favourite Windows 8 app on your device. By following same method you can freely install all other windows 8 apps from windows store according to your wish. 

Feel free to share your comments if you face any problem in order to installing Windows 8 apps from Windows store.


New Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts for Quick Use

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We all are well familiar with the importance of keyboard shortcuts especially in Windows operating system. Time to time when Microsoft launches new version of the Windows operating system or an Upgrade then for the convenience of users some new keyboard shortcuts is also launched.

If you are a regular reader of this Blog then you have must read our previous post on Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts. If by any reason you have missed to read then get it right now: Are You Using These Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts?

New Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts for Quick Use

Today in this article, i am going to share some new Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts that introduced recently and some of which were introduced by Windows 8.1 Update. Even, numerous new hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts were also launched with Windows 8.1 Upgrade which you need to know for better (quick) use. 

Let's see these 10 new and most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.1. 

Important Note: If you are using Windows 8 operating system then you must know about the latest Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. Read and get from here: Windows 8 will be Upgraded into Windows 8.1 Automatically

10 Ultimate Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

Win+D : To Show or Hide Desktop

Win+T : To Open taskbar, while using Windows 8.1 Start Screen. On the desktop, it will select the first app on the taskbar.

Alt+F4 : To shut down a Windows Store app completely and bring to the desktop. And if you are on the Desktop then this shortcut will bring the old Shutdown dialog box for you.

Win+Tab : To Switch between apps and the desktop

New Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts for Quick Use

Alt+Tab : To Switches between all the apps, including desktop apps

Home key : On the Start Screen or Desktop, if you press Home key then it will take you to the first and top left most Tile or Icon.

End key : On the Start Screen or Desktop, if you press End key then it will take you to the last and left-most Tile or Icon of the bottom-most row.

Escape key : On the Start Screen, if you press Esc key then it will take you to the Desktop.( It will not work the other way around).

Win+.+Right Arrow or Win+.+Left Arrow : To place up to four apps side by side.

Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts

Win+Down arrow : To close Windows Store app and make it run in the background silently.

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According to my current information, i have listed most useful Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts. Let me know by sharing your view through comments if I missed out any new Keyboard Shortcuts! If you want to see the complete list of Windows shortcuts then click here.

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How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

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You can notice that most of the Android device comes with the locked bootloader. It helps user to prevent from messing up their devices. But if you wish to install the custom recovery or custom ROM on your device then you can't do without unlocking the bootloader. 

So, if you want to install lots of custom ROMs and root your Android device accommodatingly then this tutorial is perfect for you. Today in this article, i will explain you how to unlock the bootloader of nexus devices (smartphone or tablet).

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
Image credit: Drippler.com
To unlock the Bootloader of devices, only you will have to run few Adb commands on your PC and that's all. I assure you, this step by step guide will work on almost all nexus devices. Let’s know how:

Important Warning: Unlocking the bootloader of your device may void its warranty. You can relock bootloader if you'd like to run into the warranty claims. Below mentioned guide will only work on Windows based PCs. This unlocking process will wipe off all the data stored on your device, so don't forget to take the full backup of your android device before starting this procedure.

Instructions to Unlock Bootloader of Nexus Devices

Step (1): At first, enable the USB debugging mode on your device. You can do this by going to the Settings --> About phone --> Build number and Tap 4 to 5 times on Build number option. Now the Developer option will enable on your Android device. You need to hit back once and then select Developer options, after that check the box for USB debugging as shown in below screenshot.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (2): Now download the Fastboot folder on your Windows computer and extract the downloaded zip file on your desktop. 

Step (3): After that connect your nexus device to the PC through Original USB cable and open the fastboot folder on the PC.

Step (4): Now hold down the “Shift” button on your keyboard and make a right-click on the empty area of your screen. From the options, select “Open command window here”.
How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices
Step (5): Here, a command prompt window will appear on your desktop. In command prompt type the following command and hit Enter:

adb reboot bootloader

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (6): You have to wait till a big Android logo (big Android with START) appears on your device’s screen. When it does, type the following command to unlock the bootloader of your Nexus device.

fastboot oem unlock

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

Step (7): Just after entering this command a bootloader unlock confirmation page will appear on your Nexus Device's screen. Here you have to tap on “Yes”.

It will erase all the data stored on your Nexus Device and bootloader will be unlocked. That's it! Now you can freely install custom ROM and recoveries on your device according to your wish.

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