AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review: Best Way to Shop Online

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AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, AskmeBazaar Wholesale: the Best way to Shop Online!!

In these days an advertisement is very popular and being shown everywhere on TV, Youtube, Newspaper and many other online places named "AskmeBazaar".

After knowing about AskmeBazaar and its amazing features you will certainly say that it is the best combination of technology and online shopping. If you want to know in detail about AskmeBazaar and its services then Click here.

AskmeBazaar trying to provide all the profitable and comfortable service to their users and that's why they are modifying/expanding their market. To make the buying and selling service even simpler, AskMebazaar has come up with a new online shopping platform known as AskMebazaar Wholesale. Let's grab the useful information about AskMebazaar Wholesale:

What is AskMebazaar Wholesale?

AskMebazaar Wholesale is an online shopping platform introduced by AskMeBazaar which helps all those small business that are not being able to provide or sell their products on large scales.

AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, online shopping, Shop Online

With the help of this awesome online shopping concept products owner uploads their products easily on this wholesale website and buyer purchases the products according to their wish on very affordable price.

If you think buying and selling products through this online shopping website is confusing then you are wrong. You can easily make a profitable deal from here within few minutes. Step by step processes are mentioned below to understand it nicely.

How AskmeBazaar Wholesale works?

Step (1): At first, register on AskMeBazaar Wholesale by paying amount Rs 1000 (Fixed Registration Fees). Once the registration is done, you are ready to make deal. 

Step (2): If you are a buyer then search for the products which you want to buy and when the selection is completed then ask for the price quotation.

To get the best deal, you can freely refine your search and compare all the products by its specification, location and price too.

Step (3): If you are a seller then just after the Sign Up process you can upload your products to sell on AskmeBazaar Wholesale website and when any buyer ask you for Price quotation then you have to offer a fair price for your product.

Step (4): Once the both parties (buyer and seller) agree at a fix price then buyer can buy the product and pay the money to seller.

Step (5): In case you face any problem related to the deal, both parties can take help of their Support system which is always ready to help.

AskmeBazaar,  AskmeBazaar Wholesale, AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, online shopping, Shop Online, profitable deal, Best way to Shop Online, how to uncle

Thus you can imagine, online shopping through AskMeBazaar Wholesale is how much easy and profitable. If you still not tried this platform then just visit AskMeBazaar Wholesale website right now and sell or buy products in profitable Wholesale rate.

Visit right now: AskMeBazaar Wholesale

Feel free to share your view though comments - AskmeBazaar Wholesale is the best way to Shop online or not?


How to Lock Anything on Your Android Smartphone

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Lock anything on your Android smartphone. Droid Protector App helps you to lock anything on Android phone according to your wish!!

You have used several Android apps to lock or hide apps, games, personal Photos & Videos which is available on your android smartphone but have you ever used an app that allows you to lock anything on your Android phone.

Yes, you heard correct "anything".

By browsing on web i got a new helpful application called Droid Protector which have ability to do such task. Let's know in detail about Droid Protector:

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What is Droid Protector?

Droid Protector is an Android app that helps you to lock anything available on your Android smartphone such as: SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Line, Evernote, etc. Even, it can also lock all the special apps like install/uninstall apps, Lock incoming calls, etc.

How to lock, android apps, Droid Protector Android app

With this app you can easily prevent your kids from purchasing unwanted apps/games or changing Wifi connections and phone settings. Simply, it can be said that Droid Protector android app is a multipurpose app lock which can manage all locking work for your android smartphone.

Droid Protector Android app is free to download and works very fine with all the android devices running on 2.3 or above. The app is easily receivable from Google play store, so there is no need to search here and there to get it. Let’s grab the information about how Droid Protector works on the Android phone.

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How to Protect Sensitive Data with Droid Protector

At first, go to Google play store and install Droid Protector Android app on your android smartphone.

On the starting screen of the app you will be asked to enter the password or draw pattern lock for the protection. Even, it will ask you to add the security question and answer also which will help you later.

After that you have to select the application which you wish to lock on your android phone. Selected app will be locked just after clicking on them. As shown in below screenshot:

Droid Protector Android app, Droid Protector, Android smartphone, tips and tricks

You have to apply the same method in order to hide your images or the albums just by selecting Hide Pictures tab. Addition to all these things the app also lets you decide which of the images or videos available on your android phone are readily accessible.

Once the selected apps and pictures are locked and hidden, no one can unlock them without knowing the password or pattern which you have set. So, if you want to protect your sensitive data with Droid Protector android app then please don't share your password with anyone.

How to lock, android apps, Droid Protector Android app, Droid Protector, Android smartphone, tips and tricks, Best android apps

Most interesting thing, from the settings section of this app you can make few nice entertaining changes like Showing fake cover, Customizing wallpaper and many other things too.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial about how to lock anything on Android smartphone. Please don't forget to write your view in the comment section. Your comments will motivate us to come up with more innovative tutorials and latest tech affairs.

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Google Software Removal Tool: Fix Google Chrome Problems

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Google's Software removal tool - fix Google chrome problems. Fix all the problems available in your Google chrome browser within seconds !!

Google chrome is the best and most popular web browser which is equally valuable for desktop and smartphones. People like to use Google chrome browser because all the features available with it is quite impressive and according to user’s requirements.

Personally, I am huge fan of Google chrome because its extensions solve my all problems without facing any difficulty. To get some interesting Google chrome extensions or tutorials click here.

If you are using Google chrome and not familiar with its adware and malicious extensions which goes installed automatically on your browser then you may in huge loss. Most of these notorious adware are very perilous because they work in the background of your browser very silently. It can't remove very easily if you haven't the geeky skill.

Software removal tool, Google software removal tool

But thanks to the developer team of Google who took this problem very gravely and launched a "Software removal tool" for Windows computers. Software removal tool is small size program which scans your PC browser within few seconds and removes all the malicious extensions that creates problem in your Google Chrome browser.

How to use Software Removal Tool

Step (1): At first, Download the Software Removal Tool from the official download page of Google chrome.

Step (2): Once download is completed, Run the program on your Computer.

Step (3): Just after running the program,it will scan the browser being used on your Computer and will show you the result.

Step (4): If it doesn't find any suspicious programs on your system then it will show you the result as shown below screenshot.

software removal tool, fix Google chrome problems

Thus, you will get confirmation that everything is fine.

Step (5): But if it finds any suspicious programs on your system then it will show you the result as shown below screenshot.

fix Google chrome problems, Google chrome extensions

Step (6): Now, click on the button of "Remove suspicious programs".

Step (7): Just after clicking, it will remove the detected suspicious programs from your system.

Software removal tool, Google software removal tool, fix Google chrome problems, Google chrome extensions, Google chrome, Google chrome Browser, how to uncle

Now, Once Restart your Windows PC and you are done.

Congratulation! You have successfully removed the suspicious programs from your Google chrome browser. Now, you will not be disturbed by these malicious extensions.

Important Note: Please keep in mind - Software Removal Tool is not a malware removal tool. So, if you are looking for antivirus then do not download this program. This tool is specially designed to scans and removes the software program which may interrupt Google Chrome or install malicious extensions in Google Chrome Browser.

Many people think that resetting Google chrome to fix the general problems is the best option but reality is - if you reset Google Chrome browser then bookmarks and other useful browser data will be removed.

But with Google software removal tool you have not to do any extra set-up in order to fix the Google chrome problems. What's your view about Software Removal Tool? Share with us through writing in comment section. 

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5 Advanced Gmail Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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Advanced Gmail tips and tricks you must know. 5 helpful and advanced Gmail tutorials for Gmail account users !!

Recently, you must have heard about 5 million Gmail Passwords leaked by the Russian hackers. That was really a very upset moment for all those users whose account password leaked because we all know very well the importance of our online accounts.

But Google claims that it’s not a very serious breach and all the data has been leaked are too old. They also confirmed that it was not the breach into Google system and only 2% of the Gmail username and password combination have worked.

But i would like to suggest you that it can be very harmful for you if you haven't changed your Google account password from a very long time or if your email/password is in the list of licked Passwords. If you want to know that your Gmail passwords is leaked or not leaked then try out IsLeaked.com.

Advanced Tips, Gmail account, Gmail Tips, Gmail Tips and Tricks, How to uncle

Almost all people use Gmail account for make communication in a professional way with their readers, customer, clients etc. but only few of them knows the profitable Gmail tips and tricks which makes work simpler. So, in this tutorial i am going to share 5 Advanced Gmail tips and tricks you must know:

Gmail Tips and Tricks You Must Know

(1) How to Access your Gmail account Offline
Gmail is the best way to communicate and transfer important files secretly. But have you ever thought - what you will do if you have to do an important work instantly by taking little information from your Gmail account but your system internet connection is down.

You can be in huge loss if work is not done on the time but if you know the tips and tricks to access your Gmail account Offline then you can complete your work without any tension or pressure. Here's: How to Access your Gmail account Offline

(2) How to Easily Undo a Sent Email in Gmail
Sometimes, we click on Send button without checking that the information added in email is correct or not. But after sending we realize - "Ohh i made an embarrassing grammar or spelling mistake, but now what i can do?"

But reality is, "Yes" you can easily correct your mistakes and can save yourself from being scolded by your boss for sending a wrong email. If you know the tips and tricks to undo Sent Emails in your Gmail account. For me, it is the best feature of Gmail which helped me so much. Here's: How to Easily Undo a Sent Email in Gmail

(3) How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account
Wasting time in checking unwanted, spam, or non-valuable emails is really very irritating and difficult work for all of us. But if you are noticing that several unwanted emails are coming from same email address or same company address then you can easily block them for permanently. 

You have to do few simple settings on your Gmail account and you are done. Here's: How to Stop Unwanted Emails in Your Gmail Account

(4) How to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked
You can loss all your important data and important details which is available in your Gmail account if you are not aware with the simple way to find out if your Gmail Account was hacked.

There are lots of Keyloggers and Spyware method available that can leak your account information silently. But with this awesome tricks you can easily track all the information of account hacking. Here's: How to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked

(5) How to Secure, Control and Track Your Sent Gmail Attachments
It's always difficult to know about the Sent Gmail Attachments. All people are well familiar with the safety of Email Attachments, it's not as much safe as we think. But if you want to complete control over your sent Gmail Attachments then this guide is well appropriate for you. 

With this Gmail tips and tricks you can remotely track access or remotely destroy Gmail attachments. All power is in your hand to provide permission for viewing, printing and copying each and every PDF attachments. Here's: How to Secure, Control and Track Your Sent Gmail Attachments

I hope you found this Gmail tutorial useful for you. Feel free to share you view through comments and share this article on social media. Join us on social Network to stay updated: Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus


Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S

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How to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S, or A simple way to  install Google Play Store on your Xiaomi smartphone!!

All Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, and Redmi 1S users want to know a quick and very simple way to install Google Play Store on their Xiaomi Android smartphone because installing Google Play Store through the Chinese version of Mi store app is very confusing.

And we all know without Google Play Store on android smartphone it's very difficult task to find several useful android application such as Gmail, YouTube, and other Google apps. So, for enjoying these favourite android apps on smartphone first we need to install Google Play Store.
In this tutorial i am going to show - how you can install Google Play Store on your Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S android phone in a single click and without using Mi store app.

Install Google Play Store, Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi3

The installing process is quite simple. Only you have to download and install an apk file on your android device and your will get Google play store on your smartphone.

Once Google play store is installed on your smartphone, login with your Google account and start installing your favourite android apps from the play store according to wish. Let's see the instructions to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S:

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Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phone

Step (1): At first, Open Settings on your Xiaomi smartphone and select Security. Under the and Security section slide the Unknown sources switch to the right.

how to install google play store, Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S

Step (2): A warning dialog box will appear, click on OK button.

Step (3): Now open your Xiaomi phone browser and visit this thread of XDA forum to download the latest apk file of Google Play Store .

how to install google play store, Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S, Android smartphone

Step (4): When the download completed, open the notification panel and simply click on the Download complete notification. Just after clicking the installation process will be start on your xiaomi android phone.

Install Google Play Store, Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi3, how to install google play store, Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S, Android smartphone

Step (5): Once Google Play store is installed on your xiaomi device. Open the play store app and login with your Google account then start installing Google apps according to your wish.
If you found this Xiaomi tutorial useful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media with your friends. 

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Install Xiaomi Mi Phone Manager in English

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How to install Xiaomi Mi Phone Manager in English, Step by step tutorial on installing Mi Phone Manager in English language!!

If you are a Xiaomi Mi3 or Xiaomi Redmi 1S Android smartphone user then you have must listen about Xiaomi MI phone manager or tried to manage your smartphone through it. 

In case you don't know about Xiaomi MI Phone Manager then I would like to inform you that - MI Phone manager is a useful application for Windows PC which helps you to manage your Android smartphone very candidly.

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Using this amazing free app you can do multiple tasks within seconds on your Xiaomi MI3 or Redmi 1S android phone via the Windows PC such as: taking the backup of Android phone on PC, restoring, installing and uninstalling apps, moving file form PC to Mobile or vice versa, sharing the 3G internet connection and many other tasks too. 

mi phone manager, xiaomi mi phone manager, install xiaomi mi phone manager

Simply, we can say this is the excellent and fastest way to manage your Xiaomi android phone files on your Windows PC. But the problem is that MI Phone Manager application is available in Chinese version and this is the main reason that all the smartphone users who don't know the Chinese language are not being able to download and use this application.

But there is no need to be worried, in this tutorial i will show - how you can install Xiaomi MI phone manager in English. 

Since, there is no direct option to install the application on English language. So, you will have to install the Chinese version of MI Phone manager and when the app is installed you will have to make few simple changes on your Windows PC in order to change the language. Here's how:

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How to Install Xiaomi Mi Phone Manager

Step (1): At first, download MiPhoneManagerEnglish.zip file and extract the downloaded folder on your desktop.

Step (2): When you will open the folder, you will be able to see two files “MiInstaller.exe” and “English Patch”. From here you have to click on the “MiInstaller.exe” file.

Step (3): Just after clicking on “MiInstaller.exe”, from the installer screen hit on the “Download” button as shown in below screenshot.

install xiaomi mi phone manager in english, android smartphone, how to uncle

Step (4): Now the installation process will begin and when it is completed. You will be able to see the MI Phone manager on your screen in Chinese language.

mi phone manager, xiaomi mi phone manager, xiaomi mi3, Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Step (5): To change the language from Chinese to English, at first Close the MI Phone manager which is opened in Chinese version and on your Windows system go to “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\MiPhoneManager\main

On my PC it is: “C:\Users\Amit\AppData\Local\MiPhoneManager\main”

Note: Usually, in Windows system "AppData" folder exists hidden, so please first Unhide it.

Step (6): Now go to “English Patch” Folder (the folder which you extracted on Step 2) and Copy all the files from English patch folder and paste it in the "main" folder. If you will be asked for replacing then replace them.

Step (7): You are done! From now, MI phone manager application will open in English language. For example, a screenshot is shown below:

mi phone manager, xiaomi mi phone manager, install xiaomi mi phone manager, install xiaomi mi phone manager in english, android smartphone, how to uncle

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Infolinks Review: The Best Google Adsense Alternative

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Infolinks Review - the Best Google Adsense Alternative, How Infolinks is the best alternative of AdSense!!

As we all know, when it comes to making money from a blog or website, Google Adsense is one of the best and fruitful blog monetization program. Most of the bloggers and webmasters give the first priority to Google Adsense for making money online. Even, if you have started your own blog then somehow you are also interested to make some decent money from Adsense.

But what you will do - If your Google Adsense Account isn't being Approval even after applying several times?  Or

By any reason your existing Adsense Account gets disabled?

I know in these situations you will try Google AdSense alternatives to make money from your blog. I have experienced most of the bloggers get confused while selecting online advertising programs. If you are also one of them then I would assuredly suggest you to use Infolinks.

About Infolinks

Infolinks is an online advertising platform which provides appropriate advertising products for the publishers, advertisers and brands. It is the best Google Adsense alternative because it offers several attractive ad styles such as InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText, which is not available with any other Website Advertising platform.

infolinks review, website advertising, online advertising program

There are lots of Google Adsense alternatives available on web to monetize websites with different - different ad units but Infolinks made the top position among all of them by providing amazing facilities and easy to use features. Here are some of the best features of Infolinks ad network:

Amazing Features of Infolinks

Numerous speciality and comfortability are available to this ad Network, but here i am describing only the important features of Infolinks:
  • Very simple sign up procedure: Sign up process for Infolinks is quite simple from all other online advertising programs. With this ad network, you have to only enter few required details such as Name, Website link and password to Sign Up. Click This Link to Sign Up for InfoLinks.
  • Easy Approval process: Getting approval from the Infolinks ad network is very easier task. Infolinks will easily approve your request even if you are a new blogger.
  • Impressively compatible with Google Adsense: This is one of the best advantages of using Infolinks, you can freely use it with Google Adsense at the same time without any issue. So, no need to be worried if you use both ads on your website.
  • Decent Earnings: You will really get good amount of money for each click on the Infolinks ads and you will be paid for impressions on ads too. Undoubtedly, Infolinks pays much higher than all other alternatives of AdSense.
  • Easily Customizable: It offers you the facilities to customize Infolinks ads according to your wish. So, it depends on you which type of ads you want to display on your blog. Adding colour combination on ads is also much simpler.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Many ad networks affect your blog SEO, but with Infolinks the condition is quite different. Infolinks ad does not hamper your blog SEO in any condition.
  • Page load times: Any bloggers can't compromise with their page load time, all want to load their website fast. But with Infolinks ad network you can blindly trust, even its ad loads just after your website gets fully loaded.
I hope these above mentioned features are quite enough to know about the usefulness of Infolinks. I am using Infolinks ads on this blog fom several months and trust me i have made a good amount of money with this ad network. If you want to see glimpses of infolinks earning of a new blog (only 5 months and 14 days old) then here's the screenshot:

infolinks review, website advertising, online advertising program, make money online, google adsense alternative, best google adsense alternative, how to uncle

Additional Details of Infolinks:

With this online advertising program you haven't to wait for a long time to get paid, the Minimum Payment Threshold of Infolinks is $50. So as you reach at the level of your minimum payment threshold, you can request to get paid.

While with other Adsense alternatives you will have to wait for a long time. Even, the minimum payment threshold of Google Adsense is $100, so you can think how much useful is the use of Infolinks.

Thus, after seeing these amazing features and easiness of Infolinks we can confirmly say that Infolinks is the best Google Adsense alternative. So why you are waiting, click on the below given link to Sign Up right now.

Go from here: Sign Up for InfoLinks

Don’t forget to share your thought via the comments - Do you think Infolinks is the Best Google Adsense alternative?