How to Adjust Subtitle Delay in VLC Media Player

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Adjust subtitle delay in VLC media player, Two methods to Synchronize Subtitles with movie in VLC media player!!

I am a Movie Addict person and so, I spend my spare time by watching Hollywood Movies, or Bollywood Movies.

People say that watching movies with subtitle may very helpful for improving communication. To improve my english communication, in these days i am watching hollywood movies along with the movie subtitles and trust me this trick is working very fine and i have started to enjoy movie in english language very much.

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But one thing i noticed that sometimes when i add movie subtitles in VLC media player then movie's audio or subtitle doesn't work simultaneously. Sometimes subtitle goes very delay or fast from the audio and sometimes audio goes very delay or fast from the subtitle.

This situation is very irritating. But after few days of facing this kind of problem, i have searched out the way to fix it and in this tutorial i am going to show - how you can easily synchronize Subtitles with movie in VLC media player. Here are the instructions:

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Synchronize Subtitles with Movie in VLC

There are two methods to adjust subtitle delay in VLC media player: first, adjust subtitle delay using Hotkeys and second, adjust subtitle delay through settings. Both the methods has explained below, now it's your choice which one you want to use.

Adjust Subtitle Delay using Hotkeys
This trick will work during playback. So make sure, you have played the movie and added the subtitle correctly. To make changes in the subtitle display timing:

If the movie subtitles are appearing very early then press H to increase the subtitle delay time until it start appearing at the correct time.

If the movie subtitles are appearing very late then press G to decrease the subtitle delay time until it start appearing at the correct time.

To make changes in the Audio timing:
If the movie audio are appearing very early then press K to increase the Audio delay time until it start appearing at the correct time.

If the movie audio are appearing very late then press J to decrease the movie audio time until it start appearing at the correct time.

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Adjust Subtitle Delay through Settings
Once you played the movie and noticed how much delay or early the movie subtitle is being displayed. From the VLC menu bar, go to Tools ---> Track Synchronization

How to sync subtitles, Subtitle Delay, Adjust Subtitle Delay, How to synchronize Subtitles

Now, a popup window will appear where you can set the subtitle delay according to your wish.

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I have used these both methods to adjust subtitle delay in VLC media player and all worked fine. So now it’s your turn to use and let me know through comments - is it useful information for you?

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You can freely share your ideas in comment section, I would love to know if you have another way to Synchronize Subtitles with movie in VLC media player. 


Top 3 Websites to Learn How to Pronounce Names Correctly

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Learn How to Pronounce Names Correctly, Best 3 Websites to Learn How to Pronounce Names Correctly!!

Many people say that exact pronunciation doesn't matter in communication only you need to understand what the other person is saying.

But it's not right.

Correct pronunciation really matters so much. The way of talking and pronounce is you very first impression when you meet someone and talk with them.

I have experienced, many people get angry if someone not pronounce their name correctly. Even last month, a lady client from Australia got angry on me and she cut my call when i pronounced her name wrong three times continuously. From that day i knew about the importance of name pronunciation and now always try to learn how to pronounce Names Correctly.

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If you have also faced this kind of awkward situations and want to get rid from it then some very useful websites and online tools are available to help you. In this tutorial, i am going to list top 3 websites which you can use to learn pronouncing Names Correctly. Here's the list:

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Learn How to Pronounce Names Correctly

Her Names is one of the most popular websites for name pronunciation. It has a huge collection of names (in millions). It allows you to hear the correct pronunciations of all difficult names in simple clicks.

Firstly, visit to Her Names website and enter the name (which pronunciation you want to listen) in the search box and press Enter to see the searched results. You will be able to see several related names under various categories. You have to just Click on Play button to listen the name pronounce.

In case, if you are not being able to find the name you were searching for, then you can freely request a name pronunciation just by clicking on the option of "Request a name" which is located at the top of menu.

Pronounce Names is also a well-known online tool which helps user in learning how to pronounce a word/name correctly. The website UI is very simple but very brilliantly shows how to pronounce a name accurately. It shows you by breaking the words in several parts and along with a voice pronunciation to understand nicely.

For the requested words, if the audio pronunciation is not available there and you want to submit the accurate pronounce then you can do just by clicking on "yes" option located next to 'Would you like to submit the pronunciation of your requested word? You are also free to fix if they have wrong pronunciation of any name which you know very well.

Inogolo is also a pronunciation guide online tool to learn how to pronounce a name properly. At first go to the website and search for a name which correct pronounce you want to know. 

It will show you the Phonetic Pronunciation along with the Audio Pronunciation of searched name. Its audio pronunciation is quite clear, so you will listen how to correctly speak a word. Few pronunciation guides are also available on Inogolo which you can check out to better understand.

I hope you got some very helpful information from this article which will help you to avoid the awkward situations. 
Feel free to share your view with us and write in comment section if you are using any another website or online tool to learn how to pronounce Names Correctly.

How to Edit and Proofread Your Writing

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Proofreading requires a lot of knowledge about the English language and how it fits together. If you want to show the use of higher level English within your academic essays then you need to learn all about the written English language. 

If you have a fair amount of knowledge about the written word, then this article may be able to help you fine-tune your proofreading skills by helping you approach it in a different way.

How to Edit and Proofread Your Writing

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Get Your Subject and Verb Agreement Correct 
This is one of the trickier parts of the English written word. Do you use “is” or “are” is often the biggest sticking point. If you struggle with verb and subject agreement as a rule, then check each sentence in which these words appear: has, have, is, and are. 

Yes, there are plenty more verbs out there for you to mess up, but the most common errors happen with those four verbs. 

Check each sentence that has them to be sure you have got it right. If you are unsure, then Google the answer and often you will find an example that helps you directly. Just try to remember that a singular subject requires a singular verb, and a plural subject should have a plural verb. 

Forget the second part of that rule because you only need the first part--singular requires singular. If it is not singular it is plural by default, and that goes without saying. The only exception is if the compound subject is referring to the same thing or same person.

Contradictions can creep into your work 
It is easy to contradict your own arguments in your work if your essay happens to be a long one. You may make a very valid point in one section and make an equally valid and equally true counterargument that contradicts your first argument. 

If you intended to do this then you would have referenced the first argument before contradicting it, but if you did not mean to do this then you for weakened your essay. 

You can check for contradictions by making small notes on your work as you read it through. Pretend you are making a mini review of your essay and make a note of each argument/point. Once you are finished you can look over the notes to see if any points/arguments are contradicted by others.

Check the balance and weight of your essay 
You need to do a full read through whilst just looking for weight and balance issues. These are things such as when you have two arguments and you dedicate a lot of attention to one whilst offering a flimsy amount for the second. You can check the balance by looking at how you have weighted the word count. 

This is especially important if your essay question is in several parts because you do not want to dedicate too much word count to one part whilst almost neglecting the others. Looking through your work specifically for weight issues alone will help you pick them out.

Proofread one sentence at a time 
Many people suggest this tip because it forces you to look at each sentence independently. You can see sentence fragments doing this because on its own it will make no sense. 

You can also see thing such as when you have split a sentence or if the structure is confusing. Plus, it helps to stop you skim reading and missing errors. 

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Use your spellchecker carefully 
This means you should not take every suggestion it throws out at you. It also means you should go over the paragraphs that contain some errors. For example, if it shows you a spelling error, then you can take the suggestion of the spellchecker and move on.

But, if it claims something such as you being too wordy, then turn off the spellchecker and proofread the entire paragraph that contains the wordy sentence. You may find that the wordy sentence is needed in order to get the point of the paragraph across in the least confusing manner.

You make mistakes consistently so keep a look out for them 
We all learn in different ways and we often learn the same mistakes that we continually commit. For example, you may have gotten into the habit of typing the word “Internet” without the capital “I”. Identify the errors you make consistently though not purposefully. 

Even with a mistake such as the Internet example, you could just use the find and replace function on your word processor, enter the word “Internet” and replace all occurrences of that word in one go with the capitalized version.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us. Looking for more awesome tips and tricks, guides, tutorials related to Blogging then Click here.


How to Download and Install iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

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How to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad, Complete guide to download and install iOS 8 on iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, iPad 2 and over !!

In present time, most of the iPhone and iPad users are busy in downloading and installing iOS 8 on their devices because Apple has rolled out the update for iOS users and all people are excited to experience this latest iOS.

Almost all the iOS users have been waiting for this awesome update since months and finally it is now available for us then why we don't grab it as soon as possible. User Interface of this latest iOS version is just amazing and provides the relevant experience of Modern UI of Windows 8. iOS 8 has come with several advanced and seductive features that will amaze you in first sight.

Download iOS 8, install iOS 8, How to Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

Since, i am a huge fan of iphone so i have already downloaded and installed iOS 8 on my iPhone and today in this tutorial I am going to show you - How you can easily download and install iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad. Let’s see the instructions:

iOS 8 downloading and installing process is quite simple but before starting iOS 8 installation process you have to make sure of following things:
  • The battery level of your iPhone or iPad is more than 60%
  • Your device has at least 5.8 GB of free Memory space
  • You have an uninterrupted internet connection
  • You have taken backup of your device's data in hard drive or iCloud
If you have done all above mentioned required things correctly then you can proceed to the installation process of iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad.

Download and install iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

Step (1): From the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and click the "General" option.

Step (2): And from the General tab select the option of "Software Update"

Step (3): On the Software Update page Click the "Download and Install" option to start the downloading process of iOS 8.

Download and install iOS 8, install iOS 8 on iPhone, install iOS 8 on iPad

Step (4): Just after clicking the confirmation dialogue box of 'Terms and Conditions' will prompt, you need to Tap on Agree link which is located at the upper right corner.

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Step (5): Now the iOS 8 downloading process will begin. Downloading time depends on your internet connection speed. So you need to wait until download goes completed.

Step (6): When download is completed, your device will prepare the update to install. NoW, click "Install Now" option.

Step (7): Just after clicking, your device will restart automatically and within few minutes you will be able to experience the latest iOS 8 on your device.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad. Now it's time to start enjoying the impressive features of this latest version of iOS.

If you enjoyed the step by step guide on how to install iOS 8 on iphone and how to install iOS 8 on ipad then please share this tutorial on social media or write your view about iOS 8 in comment section.

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Use of Mobile Apps in Early Education for Children

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Use of Mobile Apps in Early Education for Children, Importance of Learning through the mobile Apps!!

Digital world has real accelerated our growth and development in a short time. Often we see parents wondering over the decision to let their children use these helpful gadgets.”Generation Gap” has let your do the things you did in your teen age. A real advancement isn’t it?
You really see the existing difference when a 5 year old works on your tablet efficiently. Clearly Speaking the advancement is huge and worth noticing. With so many noticeable gadgets in hand, Why not find out an easy and joyful learning process for our kids? Cherish your parenthood with these modes of technology and help out your child in a better way.

Use of Mobile Apps, Education for Children, learning methods, Importance of Learning through Apps, Best Mobile Apps, how to uncle

Importance of Learning through Apps

(1) Fun Learning: Conventional way of teaching has turned obsolete and fresh new methods are being adopted. For a change, Children are taught through fun games and creative applications so that their interest remains constant. Recall your childhood and remember how you felt repeating the same table again and again. 

How boring it felt when the teacher asked you to read out a lesson aloud to your already sleeping class? A real pain isn’t it! This process has been over ruled by the joyful process of learning through software applications. After All it’s all about what your child learns throughout the process and not the method itself.

(2) Practical Approach: Various applications are updated daily with new facts and news from corners of the world. Books syllabus may be the same from past 10 years but your mobile app may help increase your Childs general knowledge in a constant manner. 

Why not let him play online quizzes and various challenges Form the syllabus he has learnt today! Trigger your child’s knowledge box to get maximum output.

(3) Exploring Hobbies: Do you really feel proud watching mesmerizing sketches made by your child? An easiest way to watch where your Childs interest lies is to notice the application he/she loves to use. 

Always offer your child the best option of studying and exploring their interests. Guide them to have an optimized use of these gadgets and attain benefits.

(4) Easy and Free Software: Various applications are available for free in your online play store. Amazing news websites and efficient learning guides’ apps are available online. Downloading them for free won’t be a mess for you but it will surely help out the child in thousand ways. 

Let your child watch videos related to his subject with a strict eye on his activities. Doing so will not only help you in guiding him but will make him an expert too.

(5) Strict Watch: Letting your child use your phone to play an application gives you a security that he/she is bound to use the downloaded applications only. Though proper guidance and a strict eye are needed in this case but the method is a sound one. 

Install the Required software and allow your child to use them. These apps can prove a real asset in the overall development of your child.

So many advantages of mobile applications have led people to think over the issue and adopt new learning methods. When your child is already attending the smart classes in school why not turn your home into one? 

Be a smart intellectual in form of a loving and caring parent. Let your child adore your efforts and help him in the best way possible. After all it’s in him you see yourself and your future.

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Shorte.St Review: The Best Link Shortener to Make Money Online

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Shorte.St Review - the best link shortener to make money online, How to earn money online by Shorte.St URL shortening service!!

URL Shortener or Link shortener allows us to shorten URLs to make them easier. People use link shortener to shorten their website's URL because they want to provide their audience a very short and easy to remember URL.

Several essential URL Shorteners like Goo.gl, Bit.ly, Ow.ly, DyingLinks, TinyURL, SnipURL, Yi.tl etc are available on the web but most of the people love to use a special link shortener called Shorte.St.

Do you know why Shorte.St is so special and popular among the people?

Because it not only allows you to shorten URLs but also provides a great opportunity to make money online.

Yes, you heard right!  You can easily earn money using Shorte.St. Let's know in details about it:

About Shorte.St

Shorte.St is an European based link shortener site which is specially designed to provide a best way to earn money online. The team of Shorte.St are very determined and internet enthusiasts. They created an amazing link shortener which is connected with advertising network.

In simple words it can be said that if you shorten a link and shared on social media or anywhere else and when someone click on it then you will get paid. Isn't it an amazing way to earn money online?

Shorte.St Review

Most interesting thing, Shorte.St has an unique style of showing ads where viewer will be redirected to the original link just within 5 sec. It means, your website audience won't be affected anymore because it's showing ads before going on your site. If you want to know how it works then click here

If you are working online from a long time and still not making decent money as much you want then making money through Shorte.St can be the besy way to generate some extra revenues apart from our main work.

The best thing with this link shortener, you haven't to work daily for many hours. Just spend only one or two hours and you can earn $$$ easily. According to my experience, anybody can easily make $100 a month with Shorte.St link shortener if he/she works with enthusiasm and continuity. So, without taking your much time let me explain how to join Shorte.St and earn money through it.

How to Join Shorte.St and Make Money Online

Step (1): At first, Signed Up here to start a new account with Shorte.St link shortener. You can use either your Email ID or your Facebook account to Sign Up.

Sign up for Shorte.St

Step (2): After filling the form you have to activate your account just by clicking back to your Inbox.

Step (3): Once your account is activated, you are ready to shorten URLs.

Step (4): Now, visit to the website or post page (which URL you want to shorten and share on social media) and Copy the URL.

Step (5): Paste the copied URL on shorte.st URL box and clik on Shorten button.

Shorte.St link shortener

 Step (6): Just after clicking, you will get the shorten URL. Now copy the shorten URL and share it wherever you want. 

Shorte.St link shortener to make money online

Step (7): Now when someone click on this URL then you will get paid.

Sign Up From Here
That's it! Don't you think? This is the simplest and best way to earn money online?

I have noticed that most of the people who are making some decent money by shortening links through the Shorte.St link shortening service use Facebook groups (which have large numbers of followers) to share their shorten links. Currently, i am using Facebook, twitter and Google plus in order to share my shorten links.

Most important thing it also offers you the facility of affiliates marketing means you can earn money by the affiliate links. The fixed commission on your each referral is 20 %.

To get your affiliate link, from your dashboard click on Statistics option --> Referrals tab. Now from the Referrals page copy referral link and after that spread it among the interested users/audience (who want to make money online) and earn 20% commissions on referrals. For example here's the screenshot of my Referrals link.

Shorte.St the Best link shortener to make money online

Shorte.St Payout Rates, Payout Mode and Payment Proof

Payout Rates: The Payouts rates are updated daily according to the Advertiser demands around all over the Globe. But they always offer nice rates which is very profitable for you. Since, the rate varies from country to country so you need to share your links with those audiences from where you can get nice views and rates. You can see updated everyday rates from here.

Payout Mode: In current time, they Send Payment with Either Paypal or Payoneer. Your earnings will be automatically paid on 10th day of each month but the condition is if your earnings have reached a total of $5 or more. 

I would like to suggest you to use Paypal account for get paid because the minimum withdrawal of Payoneer is $20 while the minimum withdrawal of Paypal is $5. To receive the payment from Shorte.St, please fill up all the required fields correctly in the settings section.

Payment Proof: I know you are excited to see the payment proof because it inspires you to do the work with more passion and interest. So here's the Payment Proof screenshot:

Shorte.St Review: The Best link shortener to make money online

Thus you can see how much useful is to use Shorte.St link shortener. 

Author's Suggestion:
I am using Shorte.St from previous one year and six months and my experience says: Shorte.St is the Best link shortener to make money online because it has very low payout rate, good eCPM and click value, very easy interface and easy to access. So, what are you waiting for?

Start Making Money Online with Shorte.St Link Shortener:

Sign Up Right Now


AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review: Best Way to Shop Online

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AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, AskmeBazaar Wholesale: the Best way to Shop Online!!

In these days an advertisement is very popular and being shown everywhere on TV, Youtube, Newspaper and many other online places named "AskmeBazaar".

After knowing about AskmeBazaar and its amazing features you will certainly say that it is the best combination of technology and online shopping. If you want to know in detail about AskmeBazaar and its services then Click here.

AskmeBazaar trying to provide all the profitable and comfortable service to their users and that's why they are modifying/expanding their market. To make the buying and selling service even simpler, AskMebazaar has come up with a new online shopping platform known as AskMebazaar Wholesale. Let's grab the useful information about AskMebazaar Wholesale:

What is AskMebazaar Wholesale?

AskMebazaar Wholesale is an online shopping platform introduced by AskMeBazaar which helps all those small business that are not being able to provide or sell their products on large scales.

AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, online shopping, Shop Online

With the help of this awesome online shopping concept products owner uploads their products easily on this wholesale website and buyer purchases the products according to their wish on very affordable price.

If you think buying and selling products through this online shopping website is confusing then you are wrong. You can easily make a profitable deal from here within few minutes. Step by step processes are mentioned below to understand it nicely.

How AskmeBazaar Wholesale works?

Step (1): At first, register on AskMeBazaar Wholesale by paying amount Rs 1000 (Fixed Registration Fees). Once the registration is done, you are ready to make deal. 

Step (2): If you are a buyer then search for the products which you want to buy and when the selection is completed then ask for the price quotation.

To get the best deal, you can freely refine your search and compare all the products by its specification, location and price too.

Step (3): If you are a seller then just after the Sign Up process you can upload your products to sell on AskmeBazaar Wholesale website and when any buyer ask you for Price quotation then you have to offer a fair price for your product.

Step (4): Once the both parties (buyer and seller) agree at a fix price then buyer can buy the product and pay the money to seller.

Step (5): In case you face any problem related to the deal, both parties can take help of their Support system which is always ready to help.

AskmeBazaar,  AskmeBazaar Wholesale, AskmeBazaar Wholesale Review, online shopping, Shop Online, profitable deal, Best way to Shop Online, how to uncle

Thus you can imagine, online shopping through AskMeBazaar Wholesale is how much easy and profitable. If you still not tried this platform then just visit AskMeBazaar Wholesale website right now and sell or buy products in profitable Wholesale rate.

Visit right now: AskMeBazaar Wholesale

Feel free to share your view though comments - AskmeBazaar Wholesale is the best way to Shop online or not?