Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors on Your Blog

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How to increase Website Traffic? or How to Drive Huge Traffic to your Blog? is one of the most common questions of Bloggers and Webmasters. A good traffic creates signal to Google that your website is of high quality. But boosting traffic is not as easy as you think. 

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Many administrators fall prey to a lot of errors when managing their websites and writing their contents. The result is the opposite of getting high readership. The worst things that might happen are the increases of bounce rate and getting bad rankings.

Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors on Your Blog

There is still a debate on whether bounce rate really hurt the ranking of a website. Some say it is not important in your conversion optimization goals; while other say that it’s very important for sites that get revenues from ad words. Whatever it is, bounce rate tells that something is wrong with your site. The same reason a lot of people do not stay and read your contents. 
There are hundreds of reasons why people get out of a site quickly and there are also hundreds of ways to improve the time they stay on your blog. Here are some blogger tips and tricks that can actually help you:

Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors

(1) Choose relevant and interesting topics
If you visit a site about photography and then see articles about politics, what would you do? 

Of course you will hit the “Back” button to leave the website. It is important that the image you tell to people should be the image they see in your blog. That is why you need to make sure that your contents are what your audience like. Analyse feedbacks and plan the topics that you write for them. 

Give them what they like

People read to know something. So, always try to give them what they like. The articles should be informative and timely to compete with other websites and get better traffic, as well.

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(2) Write scannable copies
No matter how informative and creative a blog is people will not read it if it is long. Online readers have short attention span. You should feed their hunger for information by giving them short but interesting contents

Most blogs contain 500-700 words and it is enough to fruitfully talk about a topic, without boring your readers. You should also avoid long paragraphs. They are heavy to look at and they are suffocating. 

Even by looking at it, readers already feel burdened to read it. Use bullet points or numbers to avoid long paragraphs, improve the layout, and to break monotony.

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(3) Use attractive and unique images
Pictures are like baits in hooks. A fish gets curious and after a while, they are already hooked. Pictures in articles should reflect what the post is telling to help readers imagine scenarios while reading. This helps in making them entertained in visiting your website. 

As mentioned earlier, images help break the monotony of a page. So if you are working on old topics, you still have the chance to avoid bounce rate thanks to the images you publish.

Every image you post should help attract readers. Even the logos and sidebar images should help encourage readers.

(4) Add in-bound links
Let them believe that you have every interesting article that they want to read, by suggesting other related posts. Add “see related articles” or “more posts at” to encourage them to read more. To make this effective, you have to work on your headlines.

Headlines should be written to spark curiosity. However Andy Malsen, author of 'Write to Sell, warns that using questions as headline is not always effective. Some people cannot relate to it so they won't bother reading it.

(5) Improve page design
Simple, Segmented, Light and Functional; these are the things that you need to work at when designing your website.
  • Simple: Simplicity is beauty they say. It is true for designing. Do not make people suffer when looking at your pages by avoiding heavy texts, ads, and blinking images. They are distracting as well as irritating. Stick to a standard color and font because it is better than experimenting with new styles.
  • Segmented: To keep everything look simple, and organized you need to segment parts of your website. Blogs often have a box on the headline, two columns for the blog posts and the side bars. They are usually separated by lines or small white space.
  • Light: Learn when to use white space. White space is an important element of design that keeps a layout easy to look at. Using medium sized pictures are helpful in making a light design.
  • Functional: What will you do if you visit a page and you can't even read their contents? Of course you'll be out of it. As a matter of rule serif for headlines and sans-serif for texts. Online readers just skim. Sans-serif helps to make it easy-to-read to see the texts. Use Serif for headlines to create emphasis and differentiate it with the body. But using bigger fonts on sans-serif style is fine.

(6) Decrease advertisements
There is nothing wrong with advertisements. It is one of the best income generating strategies for a website. But never be greedy. Excessive pop-up and side bar ads are irritating because it creates a cluttered design and slow pages.

(7) Create interactive pages
Be sociable and interact with your readers. Share buttons for social media sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter are good to create interactive pages and get more traffic. 

Comment box is also important. Never close it despite the amount of spammers bombarding you with unrelated feedback. Try to instigate comments by asking questions or suggesting debates. This makes readers get back and follow the conversations.

Final verdict
It is really hard to get a good traffic especially that Google create updates every now and then. But the important thing that you must remember is to always think the way your readers think. 

By knowing what they want and understanding their interests, you get an idea of what they want to see on your blogs. Interesting contents paired with good web design helps in improving your bounce rate.

Do you think you can share more ways to keep readers stay longer on your website? Share your ideas with us through comments.

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Top 7 Secrets to Get Returning Visitors on Your BlogDiana Walls is presently writing for au.essayontime.com. She is also studying to get her M.A in Communication. On her free times, she enjoys reading books, writing, and creating digital arts.


SysTools Excel to vCard Converter Review

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SysTools Excel to vCard Converter review: A powerful software solution to convert Excel contacts to vCard file.

It is not easy to convert one file format to another one due to the nature and properties of distinct email clients. When the need to shift contacts from Excel to vCard comes around, then not any manual method is there to help out. 

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter is a powerful creation to transfer Excel contacts into vCard file format. The mapping facility for distinct fields and attributes of the contacts in software renders added benefits. Extracting official and commercial contacts from spreadsheets to business cards in vCard formats provides facility to  spread business all around the world.

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter Review

The review is flourished here to let the Excel users know about the peculiarities packed within the application. Even, contact information for contact having a blank email address field is also possible using this product.

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter tool

Altogether, this software application has a great power to let the users make commercial connection more stronger. What I have seen in product while converting Excel to vCard is given underneath in the form of features, benefits, and specifications. Let's know in details about SysTools Excel to vCard Converter tool and its extraordinary features:

(1) The software not only supports XLS file, but also allows the conversion of XLSX to vCard format.
(2) A preferred version of vCard file can be chosen before proceeding to the conversion of contacts.
(3) Conversion of multiple contacts in both; a combined vCard as well as a vCard file for each contact is supported.

(1) Only one Excel file can be processed at a time for conversion, which might prove to be a bit time consuming.
(2) The software only offers manual mapping, and lacks in offering an automatic field mapping option.
(3) There is no provision for a detailed report of the entire processing done by the software, at the end of conversion.

Product Specifications:
  • Software Name:  SysTools Excel to vCard Converter
  • Latest Version: 3.4
  • Application Size:  1.2 MB
  • Available : Free and Featured both editions
Essentials User Will Have To Set For Excel To vCard Converter
  • The demo version and license key for the product is availble
  • Added techniques to offer support for all versions of Windows operating system 
  • The desired bootable space for proper installation and usage of software at the computer system will be 5 MB
  • 2.4 GHz system processor is recommended specification of processor for fluent execution.
  • The needed Random Access Memory for software execution in the proper manner is 1 GB 
Freeware Excel to vCard Converter Makes You Confident About Its Features 
Like we all try the things before buy, in the same manner one should go for trial of this software application. Keeping this fact in mind, organization availed the free mode of tool that renders conversion of 5 contacts from Excel files to vCard. For sure free download version of the contacts Excel Converter has limited benefits, but the big advantage one can achieve with the application is understanding entire process. 

The need of being familiar with each step involved in software should accomplish before purchase. This will assist the user to prevent to get a hindrance during Excel to vCard conversion. I had taken this move and found the utility amazing, so why not you are going to try it up. 

The Feature Tray For Better Understanding 

My personal experience of mine for Excel to vCard conversion program is explored underneath in the form of features. Bulletd interpretation for features is shown beneath:
  • (1) Shifting bulk contacts from selected Excel files to vCard format is not quite typical with this application. Quick execution of conversion without destruction in contacts’ fields is the main target of product to keep the attributes unaltered. 
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter features
  • (2) Offering a preview of scanned and loaded XLS files for all the contacts added in each spreadsheet is another aspect that made me confident about the dedicated performance of the application. Preview prevents from wastage of time and losing confidential contacts.
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter software
  • (3) Excel files when get loaded into software, the next action performed by solution is mapping the fields of Excel spreadsheet in a particular order to the vCard attributes. No matter how many contacts are there, the tool keeps the dignity of the performance.
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter
  • (4) Tool allows exporting excel contacts into 3 difrent vCard versions (vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0). The other advantageous is exporting contact that does not contain email address into vCard format. 
excel to vcard converter

Fortunately, all the expectations of Excel users for converting contacts into vCard file format will be fulfilled using this technically designed Excel contacts conversion application. So, what is the big deal when Excel to vCard contact transfer becomes the need of individual. At the other end, there is not any need to get the Outlook installation done while using this XLS contacts converter.

Final Verdict:
As my final words for the product and its attributes, I would like to appreciate the developers for adding up worthy technical aspects in SysTools Excel to vCard Converter. Not any loss of attributes and basic fields after the XLS contacts transfer is the benefit one may not get with other software. 

To avail all amenities with the software, desired license key will be getting selected by the individual from all the available versions. Altogether, there is not any complication with it. By calculating all the benefits, I am giving it 8.5/10


8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

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Do you wish to drive massive traffic to your blog? 

Yes of course, massive and jaw dropping traffic is the dream of all bloggers, I hope you'll care to know how you can boost and increase your blog traffic in no time? This are tested way's to drive traffic to your blog, and trust me they complied positively.

If you've been searching for ways to boost your blog traffic then I sure bet you you've just arrived at the right place. I'll be showing you nine ways you can drive reasonable traffic to your blog in no time.

8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Effectively

(1) Content: 
Your blog content really matters and affects your traffic, even Google says so. As we all know content is king. Basically, content is the prime identity of your blog and it keeps impression on visitor’s mind.

Tip: When writing an article for your blog, try writing a unique, quality proven and well detailed article. This will go a long way to help you.

(2) Blog commenting: 
Blog commenting is another sure way to drive huge traffic to your new blog. Commentluv has just made it easier by allowing commenters link back to their latest post, hopefully if you comment on a commentluv enabled blogs you get link back to your blog I bet you blog commenting is quite a handy way to pull traffic to your blog.

Tip: Try being the first to comment on their latest articles and also leave valuable contribution as comments, it will definitely work for you.

(3) Social media: 
After writing any of your blog post it's advisable you share them on the social networks, social media is for sure a powerful platform to advertise and promote products and services online. I get tons of traffic from the social media in general.

Tip: Whenever you write an article on your blog try promoting your article link on various social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn etc. social media plays a major role in the growth of any blog. 

(4) Regularly update your blog: 
Keeping your blog up to date will make your readers see your blog as a serious blog. They are thereby left with no choice other than frequenting your blog. Keep posting regularly and be a resource to others. It engages your readers and keeps them coming back. It is most necessary for a new blog.

Tip: Try writing 2-4 posts on daily bases, or at least 1 post depending on your niche.

(5) Guest blogging: 
This is one of the most powerful sources to drive traffic to your blog. In this method you write posts for other top blogs in your niche, blogs with higher page rank and good Alexa rank. In return you get a do-follow backlink which will help build your search engine ranking, Oooo... you also get referral traffic from this blogs after writing for them.

Tip: Look for a top blog in your niche considering the page rank and Alexa rank then write for them.

(6) Search engine optimization: 
SEO is one of the best ways if not the best way to drive traffic to your blog. There are lots of things to do in order to optimize your blog for search engines. Search engine seems to be the cheapest source of traffic so it's essential you optimize your blog for search engine.

Tip: Optimize your articles for search engines and also build quality backlinks through guest posting or whatever means you know. 

(7) Blogging contest:
Hosting contests and offer giveaways to the winners. Giveaways have been proven to work efficiently in generating traffic. It will not only provide you tons of traffic but also some trusted readers.

Tip: Host a contest on your blog and offer a price to the winner.

(8) Forum marketing: 
Don't underestimate the power of forums this are places you can drive cleans traffic from without spamming, I get quite a reasonable traffic from forums, forums are places for you to gain popularity.

Tip: Register on forums which are related to your Niche in order to get a targeted audience. Try to give answers to questions without spamming. Create topics that would be of benefit to the forum members. By so doing I'll gain trust and popularity. 

After you've won their trust you can answer questions with links back to your blog articles, the admins, moderators and Forum members would really appreciate your help in growing the forum, also add your link and keywords to your forum signature. This will also boost your traffic.

Putting this to practice will surely boost your traffic, what are you waiting for? Start increasing your blog traffic today! I am waiting for your response to know which ways helping you to drive massive traffic to your blog. Feel free to discuss with us via comments.

Authors Bio:

increase blog trafficLarry Frank is a Nigerian blogger, who loves sharing his findings and experience, you can hook up with him at FlowingTechBlog, where I share lots of idea's.


Install CyanogenMod 11 on Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

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How to install CyanogenMod 11 on Xiaomi Mi3, Step by step guide to install CyanogenMod 11 on Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone !!

If you are a regular reader of this Blog then you would know very well about our all previous Xiaomi Mi3 tips and tricks or Xiaomi Mi3 tutorials. Today again i am here with a very helpful tutorial in which i will explain you - how to install CyanogenMod 11 on Xiaomi Mi3 phone.

We all know that CyanogenMod 11 (also called CM 11) is one of the best and most useful custom ROM that comes with several significant features. That's why almost all the android users like to use it on their android smartphone.

Many Xiaomi Mi3 users has already installed in on their smartphone and enjoying its helpful services. Recently, if you have also purchased Xiaomi Mi3 and wish to install CyanogenMod 11 on your android phone then this tutorial has just created for you.

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CyanogenMod 11, Android smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 3, How to Install CyanogenMod 11, Xiaomi Mi3 Android, Xiaomi Mi3 Tips and tricks, Xiaomi Mi3 Tips

CyanogenMod 11 installation on Xiaomi Mi3 guide is very simple, only you have to flash the zip file on your android phone and then Google app package to install the Google apps. Since, Google applications are not associated in this ROM automatically so you will have to install them individually.

Important note: This installation procedure will completely wipe your entire internal device storage, including your personal data like photos,videos and other files. So, please take backup of all your important data carefully. You may follow this guide to Backup Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone.

How to Install CyanogenMod 11 on Xiaomi Mi3

Step (1): At first, download CWM recovery for Mi3 on your android phone and go to Setting ---> Updater (You may also open Updater App from homescreen). 

On the Updater page, press menu button and choose “Select update package” option. Now, select the recovery zip and install it. When installation completed, reboot the device.

Step (3): Now move both downloaded files on your Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone using USB cable.

Step (4): After that, reboot your android phone into CWM recovery (you can do that by following these steps go to Tools ---> Updater ---> press Menu key and select the option of ‘Reboot to Recovery mode’)

Step (5): And then take nandroid backup. you can do so, by visit to ‘backup’ and select the backup option.

Step (6): Again go back to recovery main menu and select ‘Wipe data/ factory reset’ option and confirm to wipe. After that Select ‘Wipe cache partition’ option and confirm.

Step (7): Now go back and select "Install zip" option. Click on the option of "choose zip from sdcard" and then select the CyanogenMod 11 ROM file (which you downloaded in 2nd step) and Flash it.

Step (8): When the flashing process is completed again select "Install zip" option. click on the option of "choose zip from sdcard" and then select the Google apps package zip file and flash it.

Step (9): Now go back and perform a Wipe data/ factory reset and Wipe cache again. Go to Advanced option and select ‘wipe dalvik cache’ too.

Step (10): Finally, reboot your Xiaomi Mi3 phone by selecting "reboot system now". 

Congratulation! You are done. Now your Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone is running on the CyanogenMod 11 ROM. Start enjoying all the profitable features with is amazing ROM.

Feel free to share your view with us through comments. If you want to see some more exclusive guide, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials related Xiaomi Mi3 then check out our Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone tutorials.


What is Google Hacking? And Google Search Operators?

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What is Google hacking?

Maybe this question is little bit geeky but i hope you also want to know about it and that's why you are reading this Google hacking tutorial.

Many people who are not familiar with the meaning of "Google hacking" they think that it's something related to hacking of Google but it's not like that. Few days back, i was also thinking same. But after knowing thoroughly about Google hacking, i felt - "Ohh.... god i was so wrong".

 Google Search, Google hacking, Google Search Operators, google search tricks, advanced search, Search Operators, Google applications

So, i decided to share the basic information about Google hacking through this tutorial and hope you will find it useful for you. In this tutorial, i am going to explain two things - "what is Google hacking?" and “what are Google Search Operators?". Let's grab the detailed explanations:

What is Google Hacking?

Google hacking is a hacking technique that uses advanced Google Search and Google search operators to find specific security holes in the configuration and computer code that websites use.

In simple words, Google hacking is hack with the help of Google.

Google is the most renowned and most powerful search engine. Since, it crawls and indexes all the websites very effectively that are available on the internet. So, Google Search is the best place to get more sensitive data, security holes and several other things which you wish to get for hacking.

Google Hacking involves the perfect use of advanced Google search operators to search out specific or sensitive information. Johnny Long (a renowned computer security expert, author of "Hacking con Google/ Hacking with Google") was the first person who noted - how Google search operators can leak sensitive data of a website. He also created a great list of several useful Google search operators and its usage in hacking.

Let's now understand - What are Google Search Operators and what are the uses of Google search operators for hacking?

What are Google Search Operators?

Google search operators are terms used in search queries to get better search results. It allows you to see only the specific set of results which you wish to see in search results.

The use of Google search operators in Google Hacking is known as Google Dorks. Here's the list of some basic Google search operators which is used widely in Google Hacking.
Advance search operator syntax is like: operator:search_term

(1) site:
Site search operator is one of the most helpful operators used to search within a website. If you wish to search something within a website, site search operator will help you to search directly on Google search.

For example: if you want to search for "Android" on howtouncle.com then use site operator as -  Android site:howtouncle.com

In the search result, Google will show all the pages from howtouncle.com which has the "Android" in content. Please, don't include any spaces between the operator and your query.

(2) filetype:
filetype search operator is used to search out a specific type of file. Only you have to add the extension after the operator and you will get appropriate search result. 

For example: If you want to search for PDF file then use this operator as - filetype:pdf

You will get the search result related to only PDF files.

(3) cache:
cache search operator will help you to see the cache version of a web URL. You have to simply add the website URL after this operator to get the search result as - cache:howtouncle.com

(4) inurl:
The use of inurl operator will restrict the search within the URLs which contains the search term. Use this operator as - inurl:howtouncle

(5) intitle:
intitle operator is used to find results which contains the specific keyword is in title. Use this operator as - intitle:android

(6) allintitle:
Basically, allintitle search operator is the advanced version of intitle operator. It is used to search out the results with all given keywords in title. Use this operator as - allintitle:android apps

(7) intext:
intext search operator is used to find out all the pages with the specified keyword. Use this operator as - intext:smartphones

(8) allintext:
allintext search operator helps you to get search results with all the query terms specified in search.Use this operator as - allintext:android smartphones

Various Google Search Operators available to get better search results. Click here to see complete guide on Google search Operator.

In this tutorial, i have only only explained some basic things like: what is Google hacking and what are Google Search Operators? but in upcoming tutorial i am going to explain how to use Google search operators for hacking and several other informations related to Google hacking. Stay connected with us to grab that.

Feel free to share your view about Google hacking and Google Search Operators through comments. Your comments will be always appreciated here.

If you are looking for more fun-facts tutorials related to Google and Google applications, step by step Google search tricks, how to guide then check out our Google tips and tricks section.


5 Advanced Google Chrome Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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5 essential Google Chrome tips and tricks you must know | Do you know these advanced Google Chrome tips and tricks?

Google Chrome is the best and most comfortable web Browser. It never fails to fulfil the user’s satisfaction and users never get bored with it. Google Chrome Browser is one and only browser that is equally popular among smartphone users and desktop users.

If you will observe about all the web browsers those are being used widely in these days then you will reach at a certain result that Google Chrome Browser has created its respectable reputation with the internet users.

Google Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Google Chrome Browser, Tips and Tricks, Google Chrome Tricks, Google Chrome   Tips, Google Chrome Tips and Tricks, Google Chrome Tutorials, Google Chrome Browser Tips and Tricks

Most of the people download and install Google Chrome extensions, Google Chrome apps, and several useful things from Chrome Web Store but only few of them know which of the extensions, apps or settings are highly needed and they must use.

Today, in this Google Chrome tutorial i am going to explain 5 best Google Chrome tips and tricks you must know. Trust me! After knowing the below mentioned Google Chrome tricks, you will feel surprised. Let's grab the awesome Google Chrome Tips:

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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

(1) Track How Much Time You Spend on Internet
Nowadays, most of the people are addicted to Internet and so obviously they spend their most of the time in browsing various sites such as: News Sites, Blogs, Social Networking Websites, Online Gaming Websites, online shopping websites, and numerous sites to.

I know, you are also one of them who spend their spare time on Internet. I am not saying that spending time on web is bad. But "Yes" it can be bad if you are browsing web without doing any productive work. 

If you want to keep a well-managed calculation of your time which you spend on internet then a special Google Chrome Extension is available to help you for tracking spent timing. Let's see - Track how much time you spend on internet.

(2) How to Block Websites on Google Chrome
"How to Block Websites" is one of the most common questions of people and they block websites according to their need. Blocking Websites may help you to prevent your kids from the use of prohibited sites or to focus on doing productive work.

There are lots of apps available to block websites in smartphone but when it comes to Block Websites on Google Chrome then very few people know about it. Grab the complete procedure from here - How to block websites on Google Chrome browser.

(3) Hide or Restore All Tabs with Single Click in Google Chrome
If your boss or teacher witness you during closing or opening some restricted websites on the workplace or institution then you may face great difficulties. Office or institution authority can take a hard action against you because you access those websites or web pages that are highly restricted to open there.

But i found a brilliant way which will help you to hide or restore all the opened tabs just with single click. See - How to hide or restore all tabs with single click in Google chrome.

(4) How to Use Google Chrome as Default PDF Reader
We all know, PDF files need a PDF reader to read the files. But what you will do in case any type of PDF reader software is not available in your system and you don't wish to download and install PDF reader software?

I know, this is really a strange question but the truth is Google Chrome allows us to open and read the PDF files without installing any PDF reader on your PC. Let's see - Tips and tricks to use Google chrome as default PDF reader.

(5) Google Software Removal Tool: Fix Google Chrome Problems
As experienced Google chrome user you know very well that there are lots of adware and malicious extensions available with it which goes installed automatically on your browser silently. Usually, all these adware and malicious extensions released by the hackers who want to steel your important data or information.

But if you want to keep your system clean and free from these malicious extensions then Google Software Removal Tool will help you a lot. See - How to fix Google chrome problems within seconds.

I am quite sure that you found this tutorial useful for you. Feel free to ask if you facing any kind of problem while using above mentioned Google Chrome Browser tips and tricks.

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Install CWM Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

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How to Install CWM Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Step by step guide to Install CWM Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi 1S WCDMA!!

Within two weeks I have got several messages of all those people who are willing to know - how to install CWM recovery on Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone. So, I decided to create this tutorial.

If you are not familiar with CWM Recovery then I would like to shortly explain, ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery is a custom recovery which provides numerous features as compared to the default MI recovery of Xiaomi Redmi 1s smartphone. With this recovery you can freely do several tasks on your android phone such as installing custom rom, taking the system backup etc.

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Install CWM Recovery, Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Install CWM Recovery on Xiaomi, Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone, Redmi 1S phone

Recently, if you have purchased Xiaomi smartphone and want to try some useful custom ROMs on your android phone like CM11 or AOSP, then you will have to install the CWM recovery first. Let’s see the procedure to install CWM Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Important note: 
  • Your Xiaomi Redmi 1s phone must be sufficiently charged (more than 60%).
  • This tutorial is only for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S android phone users. So please do not try below mentioned process on any other devices (even any other device of Xiaomi).
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Install CWM Recovery on Redmi 1S

Step (1): At first, download CWM Recovery zip file for Xiaomi Redmi 1S on your desktop. Please, don’t extract the folder.

Step (2): After that rename the downloaded file from signed_cwm_update.zip to update.zip.

Step (3): Now, connect your Redmi 1S phone to the PC using USB cable and simply move the update.zip file to your SD card.

Step (4): Once the file moved then disconnect your smartphone from the PC. After that open the Updater app from the app drawer and click on menu key. From here select the Reboot to Recovery mode option.

After selecting this option, it will take you to the recovery mode instantly.

Step (5): On the recovery page just select the language as English. After that select the option of Apply Update from SD card and select the update.zip.

Step (6): Now the installation process will begin. When the installation is completed, simply reboot your device.

You are done! You have successfully installed the CWM Recovery on your Xiaomi Redmi 1S. From now, you will be able to enjoy all the features related to CWM Recovery.

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Looking for more interesting tutorials, step by step guides, how to tips and tricks, installation processes related to Xiaomi android smartphone then check out our Xiaomi tutorials section.