Best Free iPhone Apps for Daily Use

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If you own an iPhone then surely you will wish to have some best free everyday iPhone apps. There are so many free iPhone apps that are available that it becomes difficult to choose which ones are the best. 

To make it easy for you, we are listing some most useful and interesting free iPhone apps which you would like to use in your daily use. Here is a list of a few free daily use apps for iPhone that are really good: 

10 Best Free iPhone Apps for Daily Use

EasilyDo app works as an automation machine and personal assistant. You can connect this app to other services like email, calendar, Facebook account etc. EasilyDo also helps you with certain things like a notification might ask you if you will like to add the contact details of someone who has recently emailed you to the address book. 

Or it will notify you about the upcoming birthday of a friend and will help you set up a Happy Birthday post to their timeline in advance. 

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The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App helps you incorporate exercise into your daily schedule at an intensity level that’s ideal for you. You just need seven minutes (or about 11 if you add a warm-up and cool down) and a chair. Though its name says 7 but this app has a lot more workout options than just the seven-minute workout. 

It has other routines like Beginner 9 Minute Workout, Core Workout, and the 21 Minute Cardio Blast. You can even complete a Smart Workout which is built on the exercise that you’ve liked from the previous workouts. 

(3) Runtastic

This is an activity tracking app which you can use for not only running but other related activities such as cycling, hiking, walking and others. 

While for the fitness enthusiasts, it’s recommended to get a paid version of this app but even the free one isn’t bad. You will lose out on a few features such as auto pause but other than that, it provides the other basic functions. 

(4) GateGuru 

You can use GateGuru app to get suggestions and reviews regarding airports like the food, retail, services and the amount of time it will take to travel between gates and terminals. 

It also allows users to book last-minute airport rental cars at discounted rates exclusively through GateGuru. 

Get from here: Download GateGuru iPhone app

(5) Digg 

Digg app brings to you all the online content and news you want to read into one place. It has an RSS feed reader, which is the big USP of this app. Apart from the news and blogs in your custom feed; it recommends other content that you can explore. 

Get from here: Download Digg iPhone app

This app has a data of restaurant menus along with their prices. Though it is not a good option for every locale, but for major U.S cities, it is great. MenuPages Restaurant Search app enables you to take decisions about a restaurant’s dishes and prices. 

And this way, it will help you eliminate the places that are too expensive or don’t serve the type of food you prefer. It is also useful when you have to order for take away. 

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Stop fretting over your data usage with the help of this app. If you pay for an unlimited plan and worry that you don’t use enough data then My Data Manager app is the perfect solution for you. You just need to know how much data your current plan allows and on what date your billing cycle ends and on the basis of this, the app will do its work. 

It will alert you when you are nearing the limit and in the case of an unlimited plan, it will track your usage to assess if you are taking advantage of your data. 

(8) MyFitnessPal 

MyFitnessPal app is an exercise tracker and calorie counter. With the help of this app, you can reach a long-term fitness or weight goal. The main feature of this app is its extensive food and nutrition database and this is what makes it score over its competitors. 

(9) Pocket 

If you set up a free Pocket account and install this app, you can save the articles and videos that you find interesting to read or watch them later. Pocket also eliminates the ads and other related junk so that you can read easily and those annoying ads that pop up every now and then won’t be there to distract you. This app also keeps a track of what you want to read. 

(10) WebMD 

WebMD is a healthcare app which you can use to input the symptoms that you are feeling and then find some clues as to what is bothering you. It also provides a list of healthcare professionals and pharmacies in your area and also gives instructions on dealing with an emergency. 

You can also search their database for information on vitamins, drugs and supplements and access content like uses, warnings, and side effects. It also has a pill identification tool that helps you identify your prescription drugs and over the counter medicines by their shape and color. 

Get from here: Download WebMD iPhone app

I hope, you liked these best free iPhone apps for daily use. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. To read more helpful tutorial related to iPhone and iPad, click here.


Discovering What a Best-In-Class Email Forensics Tool Truly Is?

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Emails are and have always been the most employed medium for written electronic communication amongst individuals and businesses. However, heavy dependency on it has also made emails the most preferred medium for executing malicious activities. As a result, theft/illegal trading of intellectual property, cyber bullying, compromise of trade secrets, have become the most common incidents taking roots in corporate sectors & enterprises these days. 

Therefore, the role of email forensics is observed emerging significantly. Four out of every ten organization’s emails are found vulnerable to the impact of cyber-crime due to mere carelessness or compromise of credentials. The bulk of emails exchanged on a regular basis by employees, builds up as a humongous challenge for investigators while performing the forensic analysis of emails.

Every time that techniques or methodologies fail, software applications appear greatly supportive. Similarly, emergence of the industry in the field of digital forensics has also been tremendously beneficial.

MailXaminer unlike most digital examination tools is a dedicated forensic application for the meticulous analysis of emails. The application primarily concentrates on top four elements of conducting an accomplished email forensic investigation, i.e. preservation, recovery, examination, and reporting of emails. 

what makes mailxaminer a best in class email forensics tool

Although its operation is limited to a Windows machine but it does support an extensive range of email services, clients, and storage formats, individually as well as in bulk. MailXaminer reins any or all email forensic tools by its up-to-dateness. As soon as the new version of an email client or Windows OS is launched, the application immediately releases an update in support of the same.

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What Makes MailXaminer A Best in Class Email Forensics Tool?

Preservation & Recovery 

During an investigation, it is very common to come across the involvement of multiple email accounts posing as a genuine artifact in support of the investigation. Consequently, not only does the quantity of email accounts increase but a simultaneous increase in the number of emails is also observed.

Note: To make an account appear genuine and regularly in use, suspects tend to stuff it with unnecessary number of emails.

Regardless of the high end techniques, an investigation at the end requires the potential of a third party application. The Case generation option in MailXaminer is facilitative for the investigator to proceed with a case in an organized manner unlike investigation methodologies. Emails from all suspect and associated accounts can be downloaded / uploaded altogether into one case.


Multiple cases can be generated with the respective set of suspect emails loaded within them. Therefore, the application offers to name and describe each case during its creation which later comes handy for distinguishing one case from another. Collection of emails within one case helps in detecting connection, if any, to resolve the blurry confusions.

Email loading
Messages from just about all the prevalent web mail & desktop based email services are processed by this application. This facility ranks amongst the most striking options featured, promoting broader scope of email investigation. The application shows outstanding suitability for corporate investigations by rendering support to communication platforms majorly employed at respective environments. And Google Apps/Apps Admin, Live Exchange, Office 365, Exchange Server, Outlook, along with Offline Outlook tops the list.

email loading

Wider the support for different email services, broader the scope of investigation. Ranging from the open source email storage formats (MBOX/EML) to the massively used Gmail; MailXaminer covers all possible mediums and targets of email based crimes, widening investigation prospects.

mailxaminer email loading

Additionally, emails can be extracted in bulk from disk image files DD & EnCase E01 or even via folder/mass file selection. Disk image being the replica of a disk or drive handles storage of mass number of data, files, including emails.

Note: Intelligent enough development of the application loads any/all supported email storage file types from an assortment of other file types (excluding them). Also, in case of duplicate files detected, the latter is automatically skipped.

Advance Settings
While email download/upload is in process, Advance Settings of the application can be changed for customizing the investigation options accordingly. Investigator can add mail settings from this window to directly email case related evidence for review purpose, right from the software panel.

advance settings

Also, image analysis and graphical representation of emails can be enabled for detecting – objectionable images and categorized representation of emails with/without attachments respectively. Both the features have a simultaneous relation with the other. (For instance) Graphical representation showing emails with/without attachments indicates whether there is a chance of finding image based evidence that is being looked for, or not in the scanned emails.

graphical representation of emails

Recovery & Preview
Post scanning, emails are listed exactly the way they resided on the respective account. This encompasses the read/unread status of emails, Meta information, as well as emails that were deleted. Deleted emails when recovered from the storage file are highlighted in RED for easy identification amongst others.

Note: Details associated to with the deleted email(s) is retained as it is (before deletion). In no case does the application perform any sort of alterations to the email artifices.

recovery & preview

Hence, the application effectively abides by two of its email forensics performing principles, i.e. preservation and recovery of messages. Development of the application clearly justifies the fact that each and every minute detail connected to an email is of utmost importance from a forensic standpoint.

Examination & Reporting 

Profound Header Inspection
As far as examination of emails is concerned the most important portion is the Internet Header. Starting from the sender’s information, identity, location, server path usage, to the tampering of information (if any), can be found by the anatomy of email headers.

MailXaminer comes with a smartly built email preview section where an investigator can easily switch between tabs to examine the email as a normal message, view its hexadecimal value structure (for tampering detection), HTML structure, header view (spam detection, sender genuineness), MIME information, server hop path (network intrusion detection), and many more such crucial set of information.

profound header inspection

Email preview is the most important feature facilitated by the application as it exposes the real aspects of emails from what they appear to a normal user – to what they actually hide underneath.

Examining User Connections
Analytics is a clever addition in MailXaminer that shows links/connection of the suspect with other contacts that have been contacted via email. The conventional method of studying and then discovering relationships and links between users is overcome by this provision of the software. The application justifies discovery of a user/domain links as well as connections of a user with certain contact(s) perfectly, by providing multiple criteria addition & link analysis types: Users or Domains.

examining user connections

Finding Potential Evidence 
In all honesty, evidence has to be looked for and cannot be found lying around, whether methodologically or with a tool. However, the application does simplify the process to a great extent and provides ample of options to make the tracing more powerful with: multiple search types, keyword based search, provision of criteria & operators, and highlighting searched term in results. Advance, Proximity, Regular Express, Fuzzy, PreDefined searches do their best in tracking down a certain type of email by providing the option for detailing it.

finding potential evidence

Reporting the Investigation
A case without a report is incomplete and this application is built with a powerful facilitation to generate one. Reporting of the case can be done as per the requirement using complete details or specific aspects of the case to create a precise report of the investigation and findings. 

Reporting can also be done of the important case evidence bookmarking as well as of the search keywords exposing productive results. The provision of creating unlimited reports in multiple numbers for each aspect makes it easier for the investigator to maintain a detailed report about the entire case individually for better understanding of the case.

reporting the investigation

Observation & Conclusion
Email examination has become the part and parcel of enterprises presently due to the vulnerability of emails high end technology misuse. MailXaminer at the same time values every minute detail during investigation of emails from n number of platforms. And the justification to investigate & carve out evidence by all means from emails, qualifies the application as a ‘best in class email forensics tool’.

More info from here: MailXaminer - Advanced Email Forensics Tool


Get XOLO Win Q900s Mobiles at Unbelievable Price

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A mobile handset has emerged out to be the single most important device for every individual. It helps to stay connected with a number of people and the world on a constant basis. It is indeed a feeling of pride for all Indians that an Indian company is now providing Windows mobile at such a cheaper rate.  

Xolo, the Indian mobile brand known for its use of superior technology and glossy design has recently announced a drop in the price of its Win Q900s Phones. The smart Window phone was initially made available for a price of Rs 9,999 throughout India but now the same is available online at a much lower price.

XOLO Win Q900s

It would not be wrong to say that XOLO Win Q900s mobiles are now available at a rate at which you could not even dream to purchase a Window based mobile. Irrespective of its high launched price these smart handsets went through a massive price cut and thus making it easy for every individual to purchase a Windows enabled phone at a price of multimedia devices. You can purchase it around the range of Rs 5500 using Snapdeal coupons.

Why XOLO Win Q900s Mobile is Set to Enthral You?

1) This touch screen and dual SIM enabled handset works perfectly and offers an amazing display quality to the users. Being a scratch resistant device, it is a shock proof too.

2) The device comes with the windows 8.1 (Android OS) providing an easy user interface to consumers. A customer can easily operate the device without any hassle.

3) The Qualcomm Snapdragon Quadcore processor with 1.2 GHz speed provides a faster mode of communication and downloads.

4) Sparkling finish and sleek design makes this window phone all the more beautiful. It weighs just 100 gm and its size is only of 4.7 inch.

5) If the high speed internet access seems complicated in other mobiles at this price range then Xolo Q900s is definitely a safe bet. It provides a swift net facility with HSPA, Wi-Fi and 3G.

6) This device comes with an internal memory of 8GB and can be easily expanded up to 32 GB too using Micro SD chip.

7) This device from Xolo comes with an excellent 8 Mega Pixel camera quality along with LED flash offering you crystal clear pictures.

How can I avail the Win Q900s Mobiles at Best Offer Price?

It is always a tricky question in front of a customer on how to make the right deal. At exclusive showrooms and other shops a discount could hardly be obtained. Moreover you can’t afford to move from one shop to another throughout the day to purchase a device at its right price. This may lead to a huge wastage of time and efforts.

In the current age of online shopping a purchase is a tension free exercise. Simply visit some of the popular virtual shops like the Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others. Now compare the XOLO mobiles price list and select your favorite handset at its best buy price. An online shopping also enables you to get some unbelievable cash back offers too. It’s completely safe, secure and prompt.


iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery: Reliable Data Recovery Software

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Nowadays, using powerful data recovery software to recover data from iOS devices is one of the most appropriate solutions.

If you have lost some important data (text messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, notes, events etc) by using iOS device like iPhone, iPad, or iPod and want to get them back then you must try out a reliable data recovery tool that comes with multiple data recovery options.

Although, there are countless free data recovery software available on web that can be used to regain the lost files from iOS devices. But if you want to have an advanced data recovery app then iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery program is the best choice for you.

In today’s iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery review, I will explain about its exclusive features and why you must use iStonsoft iPad, iPod, iPhone data recovery tool on your iOS devices. Let’s know:

iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery

Basically, iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery software that helps you to easily get back your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch lost files in few simple clicks. This data recovery tool is specially designed to stay away from the trouble of losing photos, contacts or any other crucial files, data from your Apple iDevice.

istonsoft ipad/ipod/iphone data recovery

The software allows you to recover more than nine different types of data (call history, contacts, messages, sms attachments, notes, calendar reminders, voices memos, photos etc.) directly from your iPad, iPhone and iPod device. For example, if mistakenly you have lost contacts from your iphone then with this tool you can easily recover iphone contacts.

Even, it also offers you the facility to regain the lost files of Apple device directly from iTunes backup files. It means, you can easily extract sms from iphone backup if required.

The user interface of iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone data recovery software is quite enough to impress you in first sight. The software is nicely compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system.

How to use iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery

Firstly, download data recovery software from the official website of iStonsoft and install it on your computer. The software comes for both platforms Windows and Mac, so proceed with your need.

Once installation completes, open the software. Just after opening, it will start scanning your computer and the iTunes backup files will be displayed as shown in below screenshot.

data recovery software

Select the iOS device from the displayed list. Just after the click, you will be moved on backup file categories. From here, you have to choose which file you want to recover like call history, contacts, messages, photos, note, and etc.

Now, select the content you want to get back on your device and click on "Recover" button. For example: If you want to recover photos then click on photos option. From the list, select photos which you want to regain and then click on Recover button.

iphone data recovery

Just after the click on Recover button, a computer pop-up will appear asking you the recovered files location. Select the folder where you want to save your recovered files and click on Ok.

That's it! Now wait for few minutes and the lost files will be recovered on your system. Now store them on your Iphone, ipad, ot ipod device and start enjoying.


iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery software is very simple to use and comes with several useful recovering options. I assure, you will love the interesting features of this data recovery app. In simple words, i would like to say - iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Data Recovery tool is super solution to recover data on iOS devices.


Impact of Real Estate Website

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Do you want your own house or housing facilities at perfect place? Dream no more. With an enlargement in Real Estate sector, catching hold of a advantageous property (property of your choice) has become quite hassle free and lookup profitable at the same condition. Real estate market is flooded with multiple exclusive offers which extremely benefit the buyers with a worthy property, offering prime location and sufficient revenue. 

Lack of time is one of the most major concerns and this is the reason hinders out the reach to various real estate agents. According to a current survey, 75% of the buyers in real estate initiate their search for a perfect property at home (online). They always prefer most leading and reliable real estate websites to put an end to their search with a single click. 

You can easily sell a property or rent a property under the industry expert guidance in a quite short time. Real estate agents bring forth great property deals according to the market trends and make them receivables to the clients (buyers) and investors at the convenience of a couch. 

Real estate sites boost a business by serving as the first point (start step) of contact with a property buyer. A super user friendly, professional and extremely engaging real estate website smartly displays the comprehensive list of all available properties, pricing, location, and other vital information related to the property. Such portals easily conquer huge number of web traffic compare to all direct agent-client meet.

If you know the dealing process through online property search sites, you will have not need to run around in scorching heat and in busy schedule to serve your need. Real estate websites contains real photos and real locations captured to offer you an appropriate virtual visit straight to the property. 

Some leading Real estate sites which are taking the real estate industry by storm are:
  • Housing.com
  • MagicBricks.com
  • Commonfloor.com
  • 99acres.com
  • Makaan.com
  • PropertyWala.com
More than 1 lakh visitors from 100+ cities/villages visit these real estate websites each month to fulfil their residential real estate and commercial real estate requirements. With unlimited options and real estate opportunities (projects), one is certain to find a suitable property at a very low price that in turn would reap profits. Easy accessibility of 24x7 to real estate sites bridges the gap between the real estate broker and the property buyers. 

All these real estate websites are run by experts and are brilliantly customised well-enough to evident the clients (property buyers) in a highly interactive form. Each real estate site serves as a roof to over lakhs of real estate projects with an aim to fit the bill. Everything from buying, selling to renting property can be done without any involvement of tedious registration process. Real estate websites play a prominent role in building reputation of an agent and therefore, have query cell to answer the investors with full satisfaction.

The contribution of real estate and infrastructure sector is huge in Indian economy and therefore, calls for multiplied investments every year. Real estate agents who perceive the same go all the way to fill the web space (online property selling) with a powerful Real estate website. To satisfy, such portals and websites are the ideal and the most convenient way to own a land, property or a house according to your choice. So, from next time click your way to dart the desired property deal at an economical price (fair price).


How to Convert Your PDF Inside Google Drive

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Google Drive is an excellent cloud service used by many to store digital data and documents. Furthermore, it can be used as a file converter. For example, documents in PDF format can be converted to editable Google Docs for further reuse, but only if their file size is up to 2MB. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert it to spreadsheet or presentation format. But we have found one extension which can do all of this, and more. The extension name is Cometdocs PDF converter, and it works inside Google Drive. Users don’t need to leave the Google Drive service at any point, which makes this extension pretty useful.

After installation, you simply need to right-click the document and choose Open with Cometdocs PDF Converter.

how to convert your pdf inside google drive

Now choose the conversion format. As you see, lots of format options are offered. Not only Microsoft Office, but also Images, Text, HTML etc. are supported.

cometdocs pdf converter

Now the service will redirect you to confirm the creation on Cometdocs account, which is needed to use this server. The newly converted file will be right inside your Google Drive account. 

You can open it and use the conversion to one of Google native formats (like you always need to do with Microsoft Office formats) to start editing it.

convert pdf

This extension can also be used to create PDF, which might be even more useful compared to Google Drive’s PDF creation functionality. There is no need to export the file in PDF to your computer and then upload it again, when the newly created PDF file can wait for you right inside your Google Drive.

google drive

The extension is also very fast, and works without glitches. It is definitely recommended to everyone who uses Google Drive very often. I assure, you will love this chrome extension just after using it once

Try out the Cometdocs PDF Converter Google chrome extension and feel free to share your view with us through comments.


How to Install Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

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If you are using Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 then a good news for you is - Now you can upgrade your device manually to the latest Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

Yes, this is not a rumor. Actually, the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware has leaked and most of the Samsung Galaxy S4 users with model number GT-I9500 have already updated their devices with this latest firmware.

install android 5.0.1 lollipop on galaxy s4 gt-i9500

This new update has came with several exclusive features and attractive users experience of Android 5.0. Similar kind of features was only available for Nexus devices or high-range Android smartphones, but thanks to recently leaked Android 5.0.1 firmware now the users of Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 can enjoy these features too.

In today's tutorial, i will explain - how to install Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 with the help of leaked Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware:

Update Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

Step (1): First of all, Download the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Firmware update to your PC and extract the downloaded zip file.

Step (2): Next, Download Odin v3.10 and extract the zip file.

Step (3): Now, boot your Galaxy S4 device into Download Mode. To do so, turn OFF your device and turn it ON by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home keys + Power button simultaneously to enter your device in the Download Mode 

Step (4): After that, connect you Galaxy S4 phone to your PC with the USB cable and open the ODIN application (Odin v3.10) on your desktop.

Step (5): Next, go to the Odin window and add extracted firmware files (Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware) in respective buttons. For example a screenshot is shown below:

android 5.0.1 lollipop

Step (6): In Odin window, make sure that you have selected only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check boxes. The Re-Partition box is unchecked in Odin.

Important note: Re-Partition box must be checked only if you select a .PIT file.

Step (7): Now, click the Start button to run the flashing process on your Galaxy S4 device.

Step (8): Once the updating process is completed, you will view the RESET! or PASS! message on ODIN window.

Step (9): After that, your Galaxy S4 device will reboot automatically. that's it !

You have successfully updated your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 to I9500ZCUJOA3 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware. To verify this firmware update, go to Settings --> About device.

Few days back, this Lollipop firmware is leaked in China and Galaxy S4 users found it so useful to update their Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully and enjoy the new experience of Android Lollipop on your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500.


Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Untethered Using Pangu8

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Are you one of those many looking for Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Untethered? If yes, then to your surprise, Pangu team has brought the solution. The team has now successfully delivered an untethered iOS 8 – 8.1 jailbreak. 

The jailbreak works with iOS 8 to the latest iOS 8.1. Using the tool to jailbreak is pretty easy, and you don't need to be techie to learn its use. The use will be even simpler if you learn it from us by reading the post ahead.

jailbreak ios 8.1 untethered using pangu8

Since our reader base has got users of all types, so we are providing step-by-step info here. Just follow the steps wisely to jailbreak iOS 8.1 untethered.

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Before you proceed to the jailbreaking process, there are certain requirements that you must fulfill. I am listing down those requirements in the next section.
  • Before you dive into the process to jailbreak, make sure that you have turned off lock screen passcode or Touch ID. To do so, all you need to do is to head over to Settings -- > General -- > Touch ID & Passcode -- > turn off Simple Passcode. 
  • Make sure the Find My Phone is turned off. To make it happen, head over to Settings -- > iCloud -- > Find my iPhone.
  • To run, Pangu requires some space. So, make sure that you have storage space in your iPhone.
  • Make sure to turn on the Airplane mode. Of course, you can turn it off once you are done with the jailbreak process.
  • For the jailbreak to work, you need to have iTunes restored version of iOS 8 / 8.1. In case you updated from iOS 7.x to 8.x via OTA, then sorry, jailbreak won't work for you. In such case, you can go ahead and download iOS 8.1 and can restore using iTunes. Don't panic! Many online guides are available to help you out in it.
  • Since there is possibility of getting data wiped up, so make sure you take backup of all important data so that you can restore it anytime you want to. You can take backup through iTunes or using iCloud. For the latter to work, head over to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. 
  • Make sure to install  iTunes 12.0.1 or later on your PC. During the jailbreak process, make sure you are running the iTunes in background.
  • There is possibility that your device is not supported by this jailbreak tool. To clear the air of doubts, I am posting list of supported devices:
          -  iPhone 6
          -  iPhone 6 Plus
          -  iPhone 5S
          -  iPhone 5C
          -  iPhone 5
          -  iPhone 4S
          -  iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, mini 1, mini 2, mini 3)
          -   iPod Touch 5

Not all firmwars are supported as well. To clear the air here, posting list of supported firmwares:
          -  8.0
          -  8.0.1
          -  8.0.2
          -  8.1

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How To Jailbreak iOS 8 / 8.1 Untethered Using Pangu

It's time to dive into the process. Just follow the below mentioned steps very carefully:

Step (1): First of all, you need to download the Pangu jailbreak tool

Step (2): Once you are done with the downloading, just make right click on the Pangu tool and from the options that come up, select the Run as Administrator.

Step (3): While the Pangu running in background, connect your iOS device to computer.

Step (4): In the Center of display you will see Start Jailbreak option. Click on it. In the next screen, make sure to select Already did. This will start the jailbreak process.

jailbreak ios 8.1 using pangu8

Step (5): During the process, your iOS device will reboot couple of times. Don't panic about that! Since it may take couple of minutes, so be patient.

Step (6): After a few minutes, you will get message in Pangu that reads Jailbreak succeeded. Now you will Cydia app along with Pangu icon on screen. Start installing your intended tweaks after running Cydia app.

In case you jailbroken your device with Pangu 1.0.1 without Cydia bundled, then follow the below steps.
  • You just need to install Cydia app and nothing else. For that, click on Pangu app and then tap on Install Cydia. Again tap on install that lies at top right corner of the screen. This will start installing Cydia.
  • After your device gets rebooted, you will see Cydia in it.
  • That's it. 
You have successfully learned the process to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Untethered Using Pangu8. I hope you found the process quite easy. Although there are slight chances of yours encountering any problem, but still, if you come across any, do use the below comment section to reach us. We are always here to solve your problems. We hope iOS 9 will come with the all the features of jailbreak.