Recover Marvelous Data with Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

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If your android mobile phone’s data such as music, text messages, contacts, videos, photos etc. are deleted or lost and you want to recover them, then you can use Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. It is known as one of the best tools for android to recover data. 

recover marvelous data with coolmuster lab.fone for android

Here in this post I tried my best to provide all features and other information related to Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android.

Features of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

  • Recover media files like music, videos, and photos from external SD cards of Android Smartphones.
  • From both, android mobile phone’s internal memory cards & SIM cards, deleted contacts and text messages can be recovered.
marvelous data recovery tool
  • Friendly UI, support all Android phones and tablets.
  • Recover deleted photos from Android phone.
  • Regain lost send & received SMS text messages and export them to computer in TXT files for easy reading and printing.
  • You don’t need any third party application while you are running this software.
  • All of the contact information like names, numbers, emails, job titles, addresses, etc. can be recovered easily and can be saved on computer in CSV or XLS file formats.
  • Retrieve photos, videos, music and documents lost from SD cards inside Android devices to a computer in original quality and formats.
android data recovery
  • Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android provides 100% risk free data recovery process and no damage or modification is done to the original files at all.
  • Mobile phones and tablets from Samsung, LG, Huawei, and HTC etc. are all fully compatible with this Android data recovering software. It supports android phones which are running from Android OS 2.1 to 4.4.
System Requirements To Run Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android
Supported OS: The software is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP.

coolmuster lab.fone for android

Processor: You don’t need an i5 or i7 processor to use this tool, as it is made for those users too who are using somewhat older PCs. This program can also be run on a PC which runs on Intel Pentium 1000MHz Processor and above.

CPU: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)

RAM: My PC have 2GB of RAM and when it run this software on my PC it worked with any lag. So minimum 256 MB or more of RAM would easily handle this tool still 1GB of RAM is recommend.

Hard Disk Space: Although it have taken only around 150MB space on my HDD at the time of installation, but to be safe and to perform a clean install, it is recommend to have at-least 200 MB and above free space on your HDD.

My Personal Views On Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

There are two versions of this software available, one is paid and one is free. Both versions are available for Windows and Mac. Paid version for windows costs $45.95 and paid version of Mac costs $55.95. I don’t think this is a huge amount in front of those special photos and video captured. 

Many of my friends asked me about how to recover lost SMS on Samsung phone, my answer was only one all the time – “Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android”. You really don’t have to worry about anything before using this, because I have tried this software on my own PC and I am really happy with it.


How to Use YouTube Video as Alarm Clock

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People have perfectly habituated to set alarms for reminding every task or performing the tasks on the time. They use several kinds of alarm clocks in their daily routine such as traditional alarm clock, setting alarms in mobile phones, computer alarm clock (free alarm clock for Windows), light alarm clock, and many others.

But in these days, video alarm clock is one of the most popular and useful alarm clock options. If you work online or stay connected most of the time with internet connection then using Youtube video as alarm clock might be a very interesting and quite helpful choice for you.

how to use youtube video as alarm clock

By using youtube video as an alarm, you will be able to wake up with your favourite music tracks and tunes. All credit goes to YouTubeAlarm website that offers such a superb facility to set up Youtube video as alarm clock. Here's how to use Youtube video alarm clock:

Use Youtube Video as Alarm Clock

Step (1): First of all, open the YouTubeAlarm website on your browser.

Step (2): On the website, you will get the interface as shown in below screenshot. 

alarm clock app, best alarm clock, alarms, Free Alarm Clock, alarm clock download, computer alarm clock, alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Here, the time showing inside the "Now" box is current time and you will have to enter the alarm time inside the "Set Alarm Time" box. The search section allows you to search the video you want to use as an alarm ring/sound.

Step (3): So, enter the alarm time in the Set Alarm Time section. Please, remember that entered alarm time must be in 24-hour format.

light alarm clock, youtube alarm clock, set alarms, video alarm clock, how to set a youtube video as an alarm

Step (4): After that search for the YouTube video which you wish to use as an alarm song. You can freely scroll the search results via the slider.

use youtube video as alarm clock

Step (5): Now select the video of your choice and play it. Pause at the time you want it to play the videos as alarm tune, and adjust volume level according to your wish.

youtube as an alarm clock

Step (6): That's it! Now, on the alarm time (which you specified in Alarm Time section), the website will play your selected video automatically and at the volume level set by you.

Thus, you can easily enjoy your favourite Youtube video as alarm clock music. Youtubealarm website offers you the independency to use any Youtube video and from any time interval as alarm clock. In other words, it’s one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. Give it a try and share your valuable comments with us.

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How to Clear Firefox Browsing History in Single Click

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All web browsers provides different and quick option to clear browsing history, but the latest update to firefox browser has included an amazing feature that allows you to clear your web browsing history immediately just in single click.

Even, it also lets you select the time period. The recently launched clear browser history feature called "Forget button". 
how to clear firefox browsing history in single click
The intention of firefox behind adding this exclusive feature is to provide even more control over our privacy. The new version of Firefox comes with a Forget button. It wipes out your recent web browsing history without affecting the rest of your data and information.

To use and take benefits of Forget button, you will have to add it to the mozilla firefox browser. Here's how:

How to add Forget button to Firefox

Step (1): First of all, open mozilla firefox browser on your PC.

Step (2): Click on Menu button and select "Customize" option.

browsing history

Step (3): You will see various buttons in Additional Tools and Features panel. From here, Drag the Forget button to your toolbar and then click on Exit Customize.

clear browser history

Step (4): Now, you will see a red color Forget button in your Firefox toolbar.

forget button

Step (5): From now, whenever you visit any website or web pages and when you want to clear your recent browsing history, simply click on the Forget button icon and select the time frame then click on "Forget!" button.

Step (6): After the click, browser history will be deleted instantly and you will see a confirmation notification as "your recent history is cleared. Safe browsing! Thanks!".

mozilla firefox, firefox browser, Forget button, Add Forget button to Firefox, browser history, browsing history, clear browser history, delete browser history, how to delete browser history, firefox web browser, How to clear Browsing History, How to clear Browsing History on Firefox, How to clear Firefox Browsing History

The Forget button offers you the option to select the time frame while clearing recent browsing history. The available time frame options are: 5 minutes, 2 hours, and 24 hours.

Once you select the time frame option and click on the red Forget button, the following will happen:
  • Your browser's recent Cookies will be deleted
  • Your browser's recent History will get deleted
  • All Tabs and Windows will be closed
  • A new Firefox windows will be opened.
Overall, we can say that the addition of "Forget button" is quite useful and almost firefox browser users going use it for clearing recent browsing history on firefox quickly.

Feel free to share your view with through comments - What to you think about the recently added Forget button in firefox?

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How to Add Synonym Option to Right-Click Menu in Chrome

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Synonym option is always a helpful source or the best way to get ideas during writing anything like articles, story, poems or other things. Generally, most of us have addicted to use the Synonym features in MS Word.

But what you do while browsing web pages when you face any unusual word and want to see their Synonym?

May be you copy that word in MS Word, or Google translator to see their Synonym and meanings. But you should know that you can view the Synonym of particular word just by making right-click on that word in Google chrome with the help of "Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click".

Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click is a Google Chrome Extensions that offers the facility to add Synonym option to right click context menu in Chrome. Addition to this, you can also replace the word by clicking on Synonym word if you are writing online.

Let’s see the step by step instructions to add synonym option to right-click menu in Google chrome

Add Synonym option to right-click context menu in Chrome

Step (1): At first, go to Chrome Web Store and find the Chrome Extensions named "Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click" to install it on your Google Chrome browser. Or you can download the extension directly from here.

Step (2): Once you added the extension to your chrome browser, means you are ready to use the Synonym option to right-click menu.

After installing the extension, if you are expecting any shortcut icon or any button in your browser’s address bar then please stop expecting. The extension is non-obtrusive and it won’t take any space of your browser's omnibar.

Step (3): So now, open any website or web pages to see the Synonym option in right-click menu. 

Step (4): On the web page, simply highlight any word (which Synonym you want to see) by selecting and then make a right-click on that word.

Step (5): You will see that on right click context menu the option of Synonym is available like “Synonym for (the word that you’ve highlighted)” and when you hover your mouse on that option it shows you the list of Synonym words.

Google Chrome, Google Chrome Extensions, Google Chrome browser, right click context menu, Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click, How to Add Synonym option to right-click menu in Chrome

Step (6): You can also select the option to search for the word’s actual meaning by clicking on the option of "Search Urban Dictionary" which is located at the bottom of Synonym list.

thesaurus: synonym 4 right click

Searching any word in Urban Dictionary will provide you the exact definition and other complete details of that particular word.

Thus you can enjoy the awesome feature of adding Synonym option to right-click menu in Google Chrome.

Important note: Please keep in your mind that whenever you make right-click on any word to see the Synonym then make sure you have highlighted the word otherwise you will not see the Synonym option in right-click context menu.

If you are looking for more interesting and helpful Google Chrome guides, step by step tutorials, Google Chrome tips and tricks then check out our Google Chrome tutorials section.


How to Find and Switch Tabs in Chrome [Quick way]

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Google chrome browser not included any direct option to find and switch between tabs in chrome. In result, all those users who open multiple page tabs in chrome browser they feel very difficult in switching tabs on chrome by checking one by one.

If the Google chrome browser is your favourite browser and you also suffering from this difficulty then a quite beneficial solution is available for you called Snipe.

how to find and switch tabs in chrome

Snipe is a Google chrome extension that allows you to make a quick search and switch between opened tabs in chrome browser. With the help of this useful chrome extension, you can easily find and switch tabs in Chrome without checking one by one tab. Here’s - how to quickly search and switch tabs in Google Chrome:

Find and Switch Tabs in Chrome

First of all, go to chrome web store and add Snipe extension to the chrome browser. Once the extension is added successfully, you will see a black colour bird icon to the browser’s toolbar. As shown in below screenshot:

Google chrome, chrome web store, install chrome, Google Chrome Extensions, Google chrome browser, switch tabs in Chrome

When you will click on this bird icon, a small search box will appear which you have to use in order to find the specific tab opened in chrome. You can also open this search box by using Ctrl+Alt+Space keyboard shortcut to switch tabs in chrome.

how to switch tabs in chrome

So, if you have opened several page tabs in Google chrome browser and want to find a specific tab from them: firstly, open the Snipe search box by clicking on its bird icon or  by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Space hotkeys and then inside the search box type the tab name and select the tab from search result.

For example: if you want to find and switch on Howtouncle tab from the several opened tabs then type howtouncle in search box and select the tab from the search result as shown in above screenshot.

switch tabs in chrome

That's it!

Thus, you can instantly find and switch between tabs in Google chrome. With the help of Snipe extension, you can save your lots of time and increase your work productivity.

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How to Take a Screenshot and Save it Automatically in Windows

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Taking screenshots on PC using PrtScn button is one of the simple and well familiar way. But to paste the taken screenshot into another application using Ctrl + V keys seems very annoying.

This is the main reason people want to get a quick and simple way to take a screenshot on their PC. If you are a Windows user and want to take screenshot & save it automatically in single click then Screenshoter is the most appropriate option for you.

Screenshoter is screen recording software that allows you to take screenshots and save them to a specified folder just by pressing PrtScn key. It also offers you the option to take screenshots of selected areas according to your choice.

It means, after using this free screen capture software, you will haven't to paste the taken screenshot using Ctrl + V keys and save them manually. Here's how to take a screenshot and save it automatically in Windows using Screenshoter software:

How to Take a Screenshot and Save it Automatically

First of all, download Screenshoter portable software (Zip file) on your Windows PC. After that, extract the downloaded Zip file and you will see an icon of Screenshoter in system tray.

To open its window, right-click on the icon and select the option of Open window:

how to take a screenshot and save it automatically in windows

Inside the Region section, three options are available which you may select to take screenshot of selected areas. From Filename option, you can select which type of name you want to provide your screenshots such as: Numbering, Date and time, or Ask every time.

how to take a screenshot

To save all screenshots at a place automatically, provide a folder path by clicking on the Destination option (...... button). 

When all settings is done, go to the page which you want to capture screenshot and press PrtScn key in order to take screenshot and save it automatically.

If you want to take screenshot of selected areas, right click on Screenshoter icon and select the option of "Select area". After that, adjust the area of screenshot you want to take and simply press PrtScn key.

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That's it! Your screenshot will be saved automatically in the selected destination folder. 

Thus, you may imagine - how much easy is to take a screenshot and save it automatically in Windows using Screenshoter software.

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How to Use Firefox, Chrome, and Opera Browser as a Notepad

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Notepad is the most simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. Generally people use notepad for viewing or editing text (.txt) files, but some of the users find Notepad a simple tool for creating Web pages.

But what you will do - If a computer is without notepad and you need to use Notepad?

You will think - how is it possible to use notepad without notepad?

But it is absolutely possible, because you can use firefox, chrome, and opera browser as a Notepad. All credit goes to Software developer Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga who shared this simplest way to use notepad in any web browser. Here’s how:

How to Use Your Browser as a Notepad

First of all, open a new tab in your web browser and type the following text then press Enter:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Now move your cursor to the blank tab and start typing. You will be freely able to type as you do in Notepad.

With the notepad opened in browser, you can type, edit, copy, cut and paste text according to your wish and similar to usual notepad. Even you can freely save it as an HTML file to view later or use in future. You can save it as you do other web page.

To quickly open this Notepad on your browser then bookmark this tab and open in single click whenever you need it. One thing you need to remember, this will not work in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 operating system.

If you found this article useful for you then Feel free to share your view through comments. Your comments will help us to come up with more innovative tips and tricks.

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How to Send Anonymous Email Online Free

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To send text message online, most of us use the popular email services like: Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail etc. Basically, sending emails through these email services your identity goes disclose to your recipient. Even, your recipient can easily find out your IP Address via the Email.

But what you will do - If you want to send anonymous email to someone?

Sometimes, when you want to inform anything to someone by sending mail but don't want to disclose your identity then in this condition sending anonymous email online is the best solution.

how to send anonymous email online free

Various anonymous email sender, send email with fake address, anonymous text message, send a fake email, and free anonymous email services are available on web but "deadfake" is quite impressive and easy to use. Even, it doesn't need installation.

In this guide i will show you, how to send anonymous email within seconds using deadfake anonymous mail service. Here's how:

How to Send Anonymous Email Online

Step (1): First of all, visit to deadfake website and then move to “Send fake mail” tab.

Step (2): Now, scroll down the page until you see the email form to send anonymous and fake email messages.

send anonymous email

Step (3): Next to the “To” section, enter the recipient’s actual email address.

Step (4): And in “From” section, simply enter a fake email address or an existing email address that isn’t yours.

Step (5): After that, fill Subject and Message section according to your wish.

Step (6): When all is done, enter the given security code and then click on “Send Now”.

Step (7): That's it.

You have successfully sent an anonymous Email. Now, the recipient will get your email along with a notification that whether the email came from the actual user or not.

how to send anonymous email

Warning by deadfake: Don't send any spam or other illegal things from this site. Email is never really fully anonymous (check the FAQ for more info). It's also bad karma, and I will track you down and bite you.


How to Block or Unblock Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Various reasons might be to block text messages on smartphones. Sometimes, the unwanted text messages disturb you a lot and you want to get rid of it.

To block text messages on android smartphone, lots of message blocking apps are available on web. But, if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then you haven't to download or install any apps for blocking text messages.

Galaxy Note 4, blacklist, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy, text messages, How to Block Text Messages, spam filter blocking text messages, Block Text Messages, Block messages, no reception, block SMS, How to Block Text Messages on android phone, Blocking unwanted Text Messages

Galaxy Note 4 offers you the option to block text messages (MMS or SMS) just by adding phone numbers or contacts in block list through using a built-in spam feature. So, let's know - how to block or unblock text messages on Samsung galaxy note 4 smartphone.

How to Block Text Messages on Galaxy Note 4

Step (1): First of all, Open the “Messages” app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and click on “Menu“.

Step (2): Now from the options, select “Settings“.

Step (3): On the settings page, click on "Spam filter" to select the check box.

Step (4): After that, click on "Add to spam numbers" option.

Step (5): To block text messages, click “+“ sign, then select the phone number which you want to block. You can also choose a contact from your contact list to block.

Step (6): After adding the desired phone number, click on "Save". 

Step (7): That's it! Now you will not receive any unwanted text messages from the blocked numbers.

The most interesting thing with this feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that, the person you block will not get any notification that you have blocked them.

How to Unblock Text Messages on Galaxy Note 4

In case, you want to unblock text messages from a number which you have blocked then you can do that by following below mentioned steps:
Step (1): At first, Open the “Messages” app and click on “Menu“.

Step (2): Now from the given options, select “Settings“.

Step (3): And then click on "Spam filter" to select the check box.

Step (4): After that, click on "Add to spam numbers" option.

Step (5): On Add to spam numbers screen, tap and hold the phone number which you want unblock. After that select the option of “Delete” and then click on “OK” to remove the blocked phone number from the block list.

Step (6): That's it!

Thus, you can easily block and unblock text messages on Samsung galaxy note 4 smartphone without installing any third party app or android app.

Feel free to share your view with us through comments. To get more interesting tutorials, tips and tricks related to Samsung galaxy check out our Samsung galaxy tutorials section.


MobiKin Doctor For iOS: Recover Deleted Contacts From iPhone

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No one wants to lose the data available on their device, but it depends on – how you protect and recover your data using appropriate application or solution. Mobikin doctor for IOS is a helpful application that offers you the facility to recover your data from your apple device quite impressively.

mobikin doctor for ios

There are lots of conditions when you may lose all your data, but you can get them back accommodatingly if you use the software named as Mobikin Doctor For Android which will help you to recover your IOS devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Mobikin Doctor can help you to restore deleted, lost or formatted contact, messages, music and much more.

Two Different Types Of Backup
There are two different types of backup features with Mobikin Doctor For IOS which helps you to recover your data on your iDevice. 

# Recover Data From Your Apple Device Without Any iTunes Backup: 
With this restoring process, you have to do only few simple settings. Firstly connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your computer via USB cable, then follow the instructions directed by the Mobikin Doctor to get back the files.

# Restore Data With iTunes Backup Very Easily: 
To restore data on your iDevice you will have not to connect your device with computer rather than it will scan your computer for iTunes backup file. As soon as it will find your device, it will ask you to select your device. After the selection,  it will automatically start the restoring process.

Restore UPTO 10+ Types Of Files From Your Apple Device
The files supported by your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices are completely different, that’s why Mobikin Doctor For IOS specially designed to help you in recovering your all types of files available on your iDevice.

It allows you to recover more than 10+ types of files, including messages, contacts, safari, music, voice memos, calendar, reminder, SMS attachments, etc. (for example of an backup check out how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone. Messages, contacts and call history can be saved as .HTML file on your PC. Its Compatible with all the IOS devices including the new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 4S / 4 , iPad / iPad Air / iPad 2 and iPod Touch(All Generations).

get your idevice data back

Backup IOS Data On Local Computer 
As you all know that Mobikin Doctor helps you to recover your data on your iDevice. It not only helps to recover but it also helps to backup your IOS based apple device. It means this powerful backup device also helps you to take backups from your iDevice on your local computer. 

backup ios data

You can backup of your whole IOS device in just 3 simple steps: Scan --> Select --> Backup. You can view files before restoring lost data or taking backups which will help you to reduce the time in doing the operation plus it will also help you to select the required the files only. You can also take backups from your unreadable iTunes backup file, but please be careful and sure that you restore only the latest iTunes backup file.

Get Your iDevice Data Back On Any Situation
Mobikin Doctor For IOS can help you to get your iDevice’s data restore on various situations, few of them are listed below:
  • Accident Deletion: Whenever you accidentally delete your IOS files, it can be restored.
  • System Update: Whenever you update your IOS version then you may loss all your files available on your device, in those conditions you can recover them at any time with the help of Mobikin Doctor.
  • Factory Resetting: You can restore your device even when you factory restore it.
  • Jailbreak: Whenever your IOS device fails jailbreak then it cause your iPhone to freeze or sometime loss in your whole data. You can get back your whole data with the help of it.
  • Damage Or Loss: You can still recover your data from your IOS device, if it’s lost or damaged and not even opening or turning on.
Final Verdict 
Overall, we can say - MobiKin Doctor For iOS is a right selection for you if you don’t want to lose your phone data in any condition. It not only offers you the exclusive features but also provides you the simplest way to use and recover your device data.

Feel free to share your view about this Mobikin doctor for IOS application.