How to Spy on Mobile Phones using Free Spy App for Android

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Looking for a modern spy phone app to track your kids and workers? Here’s how to spy on mobile for free using free cell phone spy app for Android.

It is always tough to handle your privacy for yourself. And also when it comes to trust others, there is always a question if the person is all trustworthy and gives your belief the right treatment or not.

So it is always mandatory to give it a special check. Now in this age of modern technology and gadgets, there is nothing to be concerned about it.

There are several free spy phone apps for your devices and the most amazing thing about it is, you can get it free of cost. You have to just download the free spy app and install it on your Android device.

free spy app for Android

You might be worried about your child, that if he/she is doing the right thing on the internet and they are not approaching any harm. Or in other you might be suspicious about your boyfriend if he is cheating on you and bluffing you anyway, maybe your workers are wasting time on using social media during working hours.

Well, now it’s all possible with just a simple Android app installation, you can just install a spy phone app free on your device and track the device of any people you want. It gives you the person’s whereabouts, any action within the device; it can record calls, WhatsApp or Facebook conversations or whatever.

With the help of this free spy app for Android device, you can get every little detail about him/her. Here is the procedure to get free cell phone spy app for Android and install the app in right way.

How to Install Free Spy App on Android

First of all, you need to create an account by following this link and entering your valid email address and a suitable password. Make sure the verification is successful. Do not try any fake email ID.

Now by having a verified account, you can download spy app from the website. It is all free of cost.

By downloading the app, you get an installation option. Just click on OK and install the app.

Now you are all set. Just track down any person’s device you want to, and save their information on your website you follow them. You can watch them whenever you want. Thus you get every detailed activity of the person.

Free Spy App for Android Features:

This spy app has some beneficial features present at it that attracts the customers very much. Some of the greatest features of the app are present below that will surely help you.

Track Calls and Record the Audio: The spy app records all the calls and conversations in a detailed manner. It brings you the digits as well as the duration of the call. It has every detail about the connection that you want to know, and the most amazing thing about the app is that whom you’re tracking down, will not be able to know a bit of it.

The system of Snoopza’s app is so well structured that it does not even leave any hint to the victim, no matter how much the person is versed with the features of his phone. This app just stays hidden.

Multiple Device Support: This app service allows you to add up to 5 devices at once to your single account. You can look up to 5 devices whenever you want, and it brings you every short detail.

Social Media Monitoring: You can monitor on every social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, etc. You can store all the information on your device and check them anytime you want which also includes the media portion because media part is also an extraordinary source of information.

Detect SIM Card Replacement: Besides all these, you can also get a notification if the person removes his sim card that you are tracking down.

Geolocation Tracking: It also gets you the location of the tracked device with the help of wifi connection, and most amazingly this feature does not cut your battery any low. You can also get the contact details of the tracked device along with the names and digits. Download it soon.

Thus, you can see how simple is to track your kids and workers using this free cell phone spy app for Android. It’s super easy to download and install on almost any android devices. Use free spy app for android and be happy.

Feel free to let us know using the comment section below if you know any better way of how to spy on mobile for free using free android spy app.


Essential Hardware and Accessories for Your Gaming PC

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High end gaming computers offer superior graphics and performance. 

The fact is that gaming accessories and hardware push the boundaries of computer related technology for at home use. When you begin to compare desktop computers for the purpose of gaming, having a little knowledge regarding the hardware specifications can help you to find a great value. 

gaming pc accessories

In order to help you save some money in your gaming budget, some of the most essential mac replacement parts and hardware you should have are detailed here.

(1) Video Cards

Simulating the 3D environment can take a good amount of processing power from your computer.

By using a single graphics card, or dual video cards, your computer will be able to create the graphics that a gaming desktop needs to produce the very best resolutions for the newest video games that are available. You should look for graphics cards that have at minimum 512 MB of memory, in addition to a fast GPU. If you want to use dual video cards, be sure to look at desktops that provide support for the Crossfire or SLI.

(2) Widescreen Monitor

Your games will appear even more impressive when you find a large screen that has a high native resolution. If you are looking for an even more amazing display, you may consider using several screens, which will provide an extended view. Additionally, a fast pixel response time will produce better results for your gaming desktop.

(3) Computer Speakers

A big part of the immersive gaming experience is thundering sound. In order to take complete advantage of your game’s superior sound, you should use a 2.1 or a 5.1 speaker system with a desktop that offers multi-channel sound.

(4) Fast Memory

A gaming desktop will also benefit when you have the highest level of RAM possible. When you outfit your gaming desktop you need to find one that offers a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

(5) Cooling System

The high performance gaming computer is going to put of a large amount of heat. You can easily protect your investment by installing several different cooling fans, a quality CPU fan and potentially a type of liquid cooling system inside of your desktop case. A cool desktop is much less likely to experience any type of hardware failure and the components will also last much longer.

Having the right hardware and accessories for your gaming computer can enhance your gaming experience, making it more immersive and exciting than ever before.

With the right suppliers, you will be able to get the best possible parts for your computer.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Virtual Private Network

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If you are at all worried about your security when traveling or handling your chores around town, make sure that you are equipping your devices with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is a service that connects people’s devices with an offsite secure server using an encrypted connection. The server will reroute all traffic through it before sending data back to your device, which allows the user to remain anonymous online through IP anonymity.

virtual private network

While you might have heard about them originally in a business setting, if at all, they have become enormously popular in consumer markets due to their availability and versatility. You’ll have a plethora of options to choose from, and all of them will make you safer than you are now and give you more freedom online.

Here are five of the main reasons you will want to use a VPN:

Public Networks

The common security use for VPNs in today’s modern world is protection from hackers on unprotected public networks. They are the kind you find in cafes or airports, and they always seem incredibly convenient at the time and a great way to save on your data usage. What most people don’t know is that hackers can easily intercept your data on these networks using “sniffer” programs that are easy to get and nearly impossible to notice. Data interception of this nature can lead to identity theft and the breach of any account you access on the network.

A VPN protects against this particular problem by encrypting your device’s connection to the network, only letting the hacker see that you are using a VPN if anything at all. Most hackers will move on and forget about you, but even those who continue to try to get at your data will find themselves lacking the few years of time necessary to break the encryption. 

Regional Content Blocks

The other major purpose of VPNs is to get around many of the content blocks companies put up based on your location. It might be on a streaming website, a news website or any content delivery website that has to deal with rights or trade issues. A VPN is much like a passport for your personal device, keeping it unchained from the physical location of its IP address.

A common example of this is Netflix and the restrictions it places on travelers who are outside the country they subscribed from. A VPN allows them to appear as though they’re at home so they can access the content they paid for, effectively unblocking the site.

Government Censorship and Restrictions

Much like the regional restrictions companies put up to prevent people from accessing content, oppressive governments around the world put up blocks and restrictions intended to keep people from accessing information and services the government doesn’t like. 

A VPN is one of the main tools that people can use to fight back and keep themselves informed. If you are traveling to such a country, you will want to invest in a VPN to maintain access to your social media accounts and communications.

Privacy and Anonymity

Governments might not always restrict your access to the internet, but they could very well track your activities online and breach your privacy in ways no person would be comfortable with. You have a right to anonymity online, and a VPN masks your IP address so the popular method of IP tracking becomes useless to interested parties.

Individuals and organizations will find themselves impeded as well. Activity on your online accounts and anything you write online still appear as usual, but if you want to remain mostly anonymous online, the option is there for you. 

Information Protection

Just as a VPN will protect you on public networks, it will also protect your connection via encryption on any other network. If you have sensitive data that requires every security precaution you can think of, you can’t go wrong with using a VPN. You will be able to mask your activities online to make the data even safer, and no one will even know you’re handling sensitive data, much less what it is.

VPNs also tend to have security measures in place so that even if someone was trying to breach the connection, the connection reorganizes itself to avoid the hacker. If governments can’t crack them, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your important information. For the price, there really isn’t any other tool that can help you so much.

Do you feel as though there are any other uses of a VPN that people should know about? 

Technology professionals have become extremely creative with them and the features different services offer change over time. Do you have any experiences with VPNs that you want to share? Please leave a comment below in either case, as we would love to hear what you have to say.

A Rundown of Search Engine Optimization Tips

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The SEO (search engine optimization) arena is a vicious, cold and uncompromising one. There are supposedly over 250 search engine optimization factors you need to be aware of in order to be indexed in the mighty Google. However, that's a long term aim. To begin with, knowing some of the more common factors needed to rank will suffice.

search engine optimization

In this article we present some basic search engine optimization tips with the aim of getting you started on the road to SEO domination.


Images are more important than you might think. Recently, Google announced its "Google Dreams" engine - a piece of code written in Python that can "see" images and compare them pixel for pixel. 

The technology is far from perfect. In the meantime, it's recommended that in order to help search engines fully understand an image and its relevance to the page, you should use the tags "alt" and "title." The alt tag allows a search engine to relate the content of the image to the content of the text on the page. The content of the alt tag is also presented to text-only browsers. 

Another important aspect of your image is the overall size. No-one wants to wait around so it's recommended to use a lightweight format such as jpg or gif. You can also remove EXIF data in order to further reduce the size although that won't be a massive factor. You can check your page load times through Google's Webmaster Tools suite.

Meta Description - No Meta, No Rank

The meta description tag is there to help search engines understand what your page is about and in turn how it relates to what a user is searching for.  Your meta description is vital to being indexed and key phrases in your meta description should also be present in the page content itself - yes, word for word. 

For example the meta might be: "Magic SEO Unicorn is a site dedicated to top level SEO, marketing, keyword research and specialist site architecture." The individual phrases in this meta description should be present in the content two or three times. This helps search engines place a relevance score on your page and allow them to rank it based on relevance in relation to other pages.


Everybody wants to monetize their site. The problem is that the big search engines are more than aware of this fact and it's been found that they rank ad-heavy pages way, way down the rankings. Ads should also be displayed below the fold and away from similar looking content. 

Not many advertisers want to trick their viewers into clicking on an advert in the belief that they're clicking on standard, functional content. Separate your advertising and if possible, indicate that it is in fact an advert. Site users will appreciate it and will in fact be more inclined to click through and take a look at the offer, providing that they have found it relevant and interesting. 

Displaying advertising is fine, but search engines like it below the fold and out of the way of the user experience. You may also be interested in checking out: Pop Ads by Shorte.st – A New Website Monetization Tool


PET Scans Use Gamma Rays to Make Lifesaving Diagnosis

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PET scanning or position emission tomography, has proven very useful in providing diagnoses of serious conditions such as cancer. This gamma ray scan technology is useful in determining the tumor’s spread by mapping brain and heart function, as well as analyzing blood flow in the affected region. 

This technology is also useful in another way. It can be used to evaluate ischemia and myocardial infarction in patients who have had heart surgery, as well as diseases of the central nervous system, such as some seizure disorders.

pet scans gamma rays lifesaving diagnoses
Image source: www.pixabay.com

What separates a PET Scan from an MRI?

Whereas a PET scan can determine the extent to which a malignancy has spread, an MRI scan provides a 3D view of the internal organs. A PET scan shows not only an image of the organs, but also their functionality, which helps physicians to determine the staging of a malignancy. This helps tremendously when it comes to deciding on the course of treatment.

Once a treatment is completed, another PET scan is often performed. This is to gauge the level of success or failure of the treatment in managing the tumor. A PET scan detect whether there is any cancer left behind after the treatment and/or whether a previously eradicated tumor has returned. This is an advantage of a CT scan, on which scar tissue from the surgery can show up as an abnormality.

How Does it Work?

Basically, a radioactive substance is put into the body of the patient. This “tracer” emits gamma rays on the affected areas of the body and provides details about the metabolic and chemical activity in the body. This helps to determine the staging information of the cancer and tumor location. PET scans provide the medical team with a wealth of information about the malignancy, such as:

  • Precise location of the tumor
  • The size of the tumor
  • Whether the tumor is benign or malignant
  • Whether the tumor has spread to other parts of the body and, if so, to what extent it has spread
  • Helping to determine the best course of treatment for each patient/tumor
  • Monitor the success of treatments and decide on alternate subsequent treatments where necessary

PET scans are very useful in the medical field and they have been used for several years now in the diagnosis and treatment of many kinds of serious and potentially fatal diseases. 

The downside is that this type of diagnostic test is very expensive, putting it out of reach of patients – and even hospitals – in some countries. Because of that, there has been a rise in “medical tourism” wherein patients from undeveloped countries travel to developed countries offering such tests for much lower prices than they would have to pay in countries such as the United States.


Enjoy Online Discount Shopping with Mommy Saves Big

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Nowadays, online shopping is getting popular all around the world and you get some really great discounts than the local shopping stores. The most wondrous thing in online shopping is, there are plenty of options available to get huge discount and save money while shopping online.
In this new era of e-commerce, there are still some people out there who believe E-commerce industry is nothing more than the buying and selling of goods over the internet while the majority of people have become expert in searching free coupon codes, promotion codes, discount deals, new promo offers, printable coupons, cashback offers from popular brands and leading online stores to get maximum discount while shopping online.

If you are also one of those who love to do online shopping then you should think about saving some decent money and enjoy online discount shopping with the help of online coupon sites. Although, there are plenty of popular and cheap online coupon sites available on the web which are well known for offering latest grocery coupons, printable coupons, free coupon codes, local coupons, internet coupons, restaurant coupons etc. but most of them very rarely provide accurate and huge discounted coupons / offers. 

So, if you are looking for well-designed online coupon website which offers 100% working coupon codes and free deals then you must try Mommy Saves Big.

What is Mommy Saves Big?

Mommy Saves Big is a popular online couponing site which offers unlimited printable coupons, coupon codes, free stuff, gift vouchers, and discounted deals. MommySavesBig.com is a free, simple platform to save money online by using its discount codes, promotional codes and featured deals for your favorite and popular online shopping sites.

Mommy Saves Big

This online coupon site is specially designed for all online shopping lovers who want to shop online on different websites but want to grab maximum free coupon codes, discount promo codes, and free offers at one place. The sole purpose of MommySavesBig.com is to provide money saving assistance to the peoples who really want to take benefits of online shopping.

Within a very short period of time, this website made a great position in the online couponing industry by helping people through its exclusive coupon codes, free deals, and printable coupons for retail stores. According to the team, Mommy Saves Big has more than 3,000 coupons for almost 300+ stores.

Why Mommy Saves Big is Different from Other Online Coupon Sites?

Attractive and responsive design, easy navigation, accurate categories for offers, complete product information, exact prices (original price and offer price ), correct redirection, easy copy and paste or drag and drop option etc. are some of the most essential things an online coupon site should have. And all these elements and specialties are available with Mommy Saves Big online couponing website.

One of the most important things about this online coupon site which magnetized my attention is, the way of publishing printable coupons, free promo codes, bargains and deals, free Stuff etc. According to the team members, all coupons & offers published on Mommy Saves Big are selected and posted by an actual person rather than through an automated algorithm or online rating system.

free stuff deals

Generally, most of the popular coupon sites forcefully ask users to create an account, enter email ID or phone number for accessing the site and grabbing free stuff coupons and promo codes etc. But with Mommy Saves Big, there is no need of user account or software installation. Simply, you have to visit mommysavesbig.com and browse the Grocery couponsprintable coupons, free promo codes, bargains and deals, free stuff etc. according to your wish.

Most of the printable coupon sites do not provide multiple options to access the site and search for the relevant offers. But with Mommy Saves Big, you can search for whatever you want. Whether you want to find printable coupons by store, printable coupon by categories, most printed coupons, printable grocery coupons, handpicked bargains & deals, or freebies & product samples. You can proceed for all these categories just in a single click.

Mommy Saves Big Printable Coupons

Great user experience is the first priority of Mommy Saves Big. This the main reason, too many advertising placements has not been implemented yet by this online coupon site. The site use only one or two Google AdSense ad unit which will never bother you.

When we asked about the future plans of this site, Domenic Teoli from www.mommysavesbig.com said:

Our site includes all types of coupons (mobile coupons, printable coupons, and online promo code). We are coming out with a mobile coupon app in the near future.

Why You Must Visit MommySavesBig.com?

While reading this Mommy Saves Big review guide, many of you will think - why i should visit MommySavesBig.com? So, the simple answer of your question is:

  • Attractive and responsive website design
  • Super easy navigation system
  • No account creation or software installation required
  • Huge collections of printable coupon categories and Retail Stores
  • Handpicked coupons and offers publishing
  • 100% working coupon codes and free deals offers
  • There is no distraction by advertisements
  • Availability of Mommy Saves Big mobile app for android users


Saving some money on the purchases always puts a smile on people's faces, and Mommy Saves Big is perfectly doing that. So, if you are really excited to get some exclusive deals, printable coupons, discount codes, gift vouchers, free stuff & deals etc. then visit www.MommySavesBig.com and enjoy online discount shopping regularly.

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The Next iPad Of 2016 - iPad Air 3

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As sincerely as we wait for the next iPhone, we also remain curious about the launch of the next iPad too. The previous iPad, iPad Air 2 was launched back in 2014, and the year 2015 was all way blank. So this has increased the curiosity and excitement among the gadget lovers as when and what kind of iPad will be released next. So, considering the leaks and the rumors, given below are some details about the new iPad Air 3, which is queued up to be launched in 2016.

As the wait was too long, the demand and expectations are very high regarding the iPad Air 3. So, lets take a look at what is new.

iPad Air 3

Obviously, it will be slimmer than the previous iPad. The thickness has been decreased from 6.1 mm to 5 mm. As this has created another problem, regarding the size of the battery, Apple is trying to keep the same capacity of the battery unit. Flipkart Offers will help you buy such pricey products.

It is made of 7000 – series aluminium body, and the color variants available are silver, space grey and gold, with the beautiful finish to the body design. 

Talking about the display, size of the screen is 9.7 inches with a resolution of 3112 x 2334 pixels, almost 401 ppi, with sharp contrast and brightness.

Learn: How to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone

The rear – facing camera is the iSight camera, with 8 MP, and the front – facing camera is Face time camera, with 2.1 MP.

Talking about the processor, obviously, it is an upgraded version of the processor of iPhone 6. It is equipped with A8 X processor, an upgraded version of iPhone 6’s A8. It is believed to be 40 % faster than the A7, processor of the iPad Air 2 and gives 2.5 x graphic performance. 

It is available in many variants, but broadly categorized in 2 as:

(1) Only WiFi enabled 
(2) With 3G cellular facility

Also, the price varies accordingly with the storage capacity. Costs for only wifi enabled iPads:
  • Rs. 38,753 for 16 GB
  • Rs. 46,523 for 64 GB
  • Rs. 54,293 for 128 GB

Costs for 3G cellular data enabled iPads :
  • Rs. 48,466 for 16 GB
  • Rs. 56,236 for 64 GB
  • Rs. 64,000 for 128 GB

We all know that the iPad Air is a premium quality iPad and so your will find these products costlier than the same products from another manufacturer. Shopclues coupons will help you getting some discount. We have seen many reviews about iPad Air before but since apple gives something new always we can expect a good change and some unique features in the upcoming iPad Air. 

iPads are commonly used by people who love to watch movies and play games. Since is well equipped with a bigger screen, you will enjoy the movies and other things with this gadget. Many new apps are also made available for the coming generation. And one can easily download these apps from the iTunes store. Many apps are provided free of cost and some are buyable. The free apps will have the certain amount of limitations which you have to follow or either you can go for the paid ones. You may also be interested in checking out: Top 5 Best free iPad Apps for Elementary Students

Top 5 Best Smartphone Under 20000 That You Can Look For

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Everybody is looking forward to purchasing the best phone among the Smartphones. Unfortunately, the best phones never fit into the budget. But most of the features are almost same for the Mobile phones under 20000. They differ in the processor.

The people who never need the best processor regarding their usage, they can opt to choose best phones within 20K Budget. There are lots of companies designs phone in this Budget. Here's the list of top 5 best Smartphone under 20000 Rs:

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(1) ZTE Nubia Z9 mini

When a camera is a primary option a person looking for, the 16MP camera of this mobile is as good as Costly phones. For the price range between 10k -20k this phone has good looks. The display is 5 inches and UI has some extra works when swiped with three fingers switch to the applications. This feature does not seem much useful.

The swipe with 3 fingers also helps to take screen shots. The outer look gives the plastic feel. The processor used is Snapdragon 615 which is not worth for this budget. You can try Amazon Coupons to get the discounted price.

(2) Gionee Marathon M5 

Gionee Marathon M5 is well known for a smartphone with the best battery life. The battery said to be last for 2 days with thick appearance reaches the customers fastly. The phone weighs heavy because of the battery. The phone is designed with the display which does not affect the battery. 

The display is pleasant, though. The processor is neither good nor bad. It is not best as One plus x for the price. The processor is 1.3GHz quad-core SoC. The screen size is 5.5 inches. This mobile is not available in Online stores. Reach Retail stores to own this Big boy.

(3) Lenovo Vibe S1

The phone which performs well using the processor Octa-core MediaTek MT6752 which comes along 3 GB RAM. This feature allows multitasking possible. It is the best phone for taking a selfie. The camera takes a clear picture and has several options to make the picture colorful and brighter. The phone has a 5-inch screen. It has pixel quality of 1080 x 1980. This phone comes with Anti-Scratch screens. 

(4) OnePlus X

OnePlus X is also one of the best smartphone for this Budget. The phone is best in the display bigger in thickness of iPhone 6S. It is really good to hold this phone on hand. The 5-inch AMOLED display makes the display adorable. The performance is comparable to many other brands. It uses Snapdragon 801. If you are looking for a discount, just try EBay coupon code and save money.

(5) Lenovo Vibe X3 

It is the best phone for the price within 20K. It is the best phone of Lenovo. The outer look of this phone is comparable to Moto X phones. The Screen is 5.5-inch display. The phone display is good even under the bright sunlight. The looks of UI is not so attractive. Snapdragon 808 SoC runs this phone along with 3GB Ram.


The performance of these mobiles is often compared with Asus Zenfone2 and Moto X phones. These phones are not lesser than the above phones. The online stores show comparison tables for better understanding about the features. Take a look at the comparison table and choose the phone best suits your taste. You may also be interested in checking out: Top 12 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life