Fix Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

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Have you faced or still facing the Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone?

If yes, then it's not a huge problem. If you are not familiar then i would like to inform you that Android Boot Loop Issue is a common problem which is being faced by lots of Xiaomi Mi3 users. Even, few days back i have also faced this problem on my Mi3 phone.

Most of the people who haven't still purchased the Xiaomi Mi3 android phone are looking for the next releasing date while some of those people who have already brought Xiaomi Mi3 they are busy in enjoying all the amazing features of Mi3 and solving problems related to it.

If you owning Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone and facing the problem of android boot loop on your device then this android tutorial is just appropriate for you. Below mentioned tips and tricks are very simple to follow and you can do it within seconds.

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Most of the time, this problem appears when you start updating your android phone to the new version through the recovery mode or by flashing the rom on your device. Several users faced this issue when they were updated their Mi3 android phone with the MIUI 6 beta version. 

But there is no need to be worried, simply follow the below shown instruction and you will be able to fix the android boot loop issue on your Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone very easily. Here's the step by step guide:

How to fix Android Boot Loop Issue on Xiaomi Mi3
Step (1): we have detected two types of cases:

If your Xiaomi Mi3 phone is restarting continuously and you are being able to see the homescreen of your device. Then firstly, go to the Update and simply press the menu button then select the option of “Reboot to Recovery Mod”.


If your Xiaomi Mi3 android phone stuck on the MI logo. Then at first, turn it off by pressing the power button and just after a few seconds press "volume UP +power" button to inter into recovery.

Step (2): After entering in recovery mode, from the menu select “English” language.

Step (3): And then from the main menu select the option of “Wipe & Reset”.

Step (4): On the next screen, just select "Wipe all Data" option.

Step (5): Now select "Yes" option to confirm wipe all data on your phone.

When all above steps are completed successfully, go back to the main menu and reboot your android device. Now your Xiaomi Mi3 android phone will boot and you will be able to see home screen on your phone without continuous restart.

If you think that this tutorial helped you to fix android boot loop issue on Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone then write your view in comment section. Your valuable comments will help me to come up with more innovative tutorials. 

If you want to see lots of Xiaomi Mi3 related tips and tricks, step by step tutorials, guides at a place then check out our Xiaomi Mi3 section.


DealGuru By AskMeBazaar: Best Online Shopping Deals

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DealGuru By AskMeBazaar Review: Make profitable and the best online shopping deals with DealGuru

In this digital generation, everyone wants to make a profitable deal with comfort. And to make online shopping easier Dealguru offers some very miraculous offer which you shouldn't leave anymore.

Many of you have checked out the various features of AskMe android App but when it comes the matter of shopping online then Dealguru by AskMeBazaar is the best option and people are really happy with it. So let's know in detail about the offers, features, and profitable deal of Dealguru by AskMeBazaar.

What is DealGuru by AskMeBazaar?
Basically, DealGuru is an online shopping website introduced by AskMeBazaar. DealGuru by AskMeBazaar offers you the unexpected opportunity to purchase various products at the affordable price. DealGuru is one of the highly popular segments of AskMeBazaar where you can find variety of bargains/deals for yourself and your family. After making purchases from DealGuru, you will feel like you got so many things in very less price.

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I have experienced that many people feel confused when we talk about Dealguru and AskMeBazaar. To clear their confusions i would like to explain that - DealGuru and AskMeBazaar are completely different from each other.

AskMeBazaar is an online e-commerce website where you can find all the things such as restaurants, Bars, Spas, Doctors, Mobile Shops, Real estate agents, Beauty Parlour, Job Consultants etc near your area. Read more from here: AskMe App Review - The Ultimate Free Android App

While DealGuru is popular segment of AskMeBazaar where sellers will try to sell excess inventory out and you can lots of products along with great offer at One Place. If you will notice then you can get that DealGuru offers a huge discount on all products.

You must have watched the DealGuru marketing advertisement starring “Kangana Ranaut” on television and YouTube ads. If you haven't seen then check out advertisement video of Dealguru right now:

One question will sure rise in your mind that why we need to purchase products from DealGuru? Here’s the answer:
  • Huge number of sellers from every part of India which provides numerous latest products
  • Availability of products for all age
  • Large collection of every kind of products such as: Gizmos, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Costumes, Bags, and Footwear etc.
  • Attractive discount offer (almost 50% to 80% on each product)
  • Return requests are also processed if required
  • DealGuru doesn’t charge any delivery fee for delivering products
  • Most of the tasks are operated by Askmebazaar team for all the products, so no need to be worried for any deal
According to me Dealguru by AskMeBazaar is really all india deals in one place. DealGuru provides lot of option to buyers which they like. I am not forcing you to buy products from Dealguru but yeah i will sure recommend you to visit Dealguru by AskMeBazaar website and see the given offers. I assure, you will be amazed after seeing the products and their prices. 

>>> Visit to buy: Dealguru by AskMeBazaar


5 Best Free Android Apps‎ for Wi-Fi Calling

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Free android apps‎ for Wi-Fi calling sound good?

Isn’t it? 

Today you are going to know that how you can reduce or even cut off your mobile or sms bills by using some best quality apps that not only locally but also work internationally. 

Basically you can call all over the world through Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Therefore keep reading to find out about the latest points of the android apps. So are you ready to scroll? Let me guess “Oh yes”. Here we begin.

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Best Android Apps‎ for Wi-Fi Calling
All below mentioned free android apps are quite popular among android smartphone users and people love to use these wifi calling apps. Here are the overall features:
-> All listed apps need Wi-Fi Or data charges to communicate 
-> It looks like you only contact if they’re using the same app
-> It seems that the apps occurring some cons while using for various issue like update version, term violation etc.

(1) Kakao Talk
Kakao talk is having 150 million global users right now. It’s simple, quick all-around app for delivering notes, voice, videos and photos. So let’s take a slide on the app’s ability:
  • Simple and speedy method to communicate with friends and families
  • Acquire internet connection (Wi-Fi , 3G/4G or other)
  • Free chatting with multimedia options like snaps, voice, videos and notes.
  • 1:1 voice calling with high quality.
  • Express your emotions with thousands of emoticons and stickers from the store
  • Voice filtering and unlimited group chat plus latest deals from the favourite brands
Get from here: Download Kakao Talk Android App 

(2) Viber
Viber is just entered into android app marketplace in 14th may, 2014. But already got huge response with more than 200 million global users. Let’s find what it is made of. So check it out the followings:   
  • Free calls with Wi-Fi or 3g/4g all over the world
  • Send text to the friends
  • Call free with HD  Sound quality
  • Share snap, Video, voice messages and also locations
  • Have fun with Stickers gallery
  • Group chatting
  • Notification approach never let you miss any single message or call while offline.

(3) Skype
Skype is one of the best internet calling app and almost available in every platforms with 250 million global users. Absolutely free with Wi-Fi otherwise data plan apply according you service provider. Let’s take a quick look of the feature:
  • In Communicate with anybody you want no matter wherever they’re at once.
  • BE in touch Hassle free with the desired contacts.
  • Sharing photos , video conversation  and Chatting,

(4) Line
Line app is very famous to provide unlimited free call and messaging anytime and anywhere. Line has ranked no.1 downloaded app across 52 countries. Some very impressive features of Line app are: 
  • Free Voice and Video calls : It’s an absolutely free app for video and voice calls without any sort of roaming charges.
  • Message delivery: Rather than sending time delivery of messaging is fast through Line’s utility with vibrant icons, photos and even location.
  • Making Communication:  Timeline helps to notify your activities with others through movies, stickers. Photos and also share location too.

(5) Rebtel
Rebtel is another international internet calling app that already reached to the vast android users. Call wherever as long as he/she has rebel.witout any ado let’s take quick look at the features:
  • Try and get first call at no cost
  • Low call rate and sms in all the globe
  • Free text and call amongst 20 million Rebtel users.
  • Have weak response with Wi-Fi / 3G then try the innovative Keep Talking feature which gives you the ability to switch flawlessly with your service provider without any excess cost.
Hence let’s take quick sneak of the app’s features:
*Free Calls: Communicate with your relatives, friends or any as long as you want with Wi-Fi (without Wi-Fi 3G/4G data applicable) no matter wherever they’re on the globe.
*Messaging: As I said earlier you’re able send message to your saved mobile contacts by putting their number into the app.
*Group chat: Just like above point create a group by adding their name, numbers and pictures and that’s all you need to do. So converse now.
*Photos  and videos: shoot videos or take wonderful pictures and send instantly to tour contacts.
All of those Wi-Fi Calling free android apps are comes with little drawbacks. According to the users concern I want to inform you that must follow the developer terms otherwise you may charged. Another thing is you can make calls if both of you’re using the same app and lastly must have active internet connection. So, keep in mind while using those apps.

Looking for more interesting free Android apps, tutorials, tips and tricks, step by step guide related to android then check out our Android section.

I’m waiting for your feedbacks. In case if you've face any problem or have any suggestion regarding "5 Best free android apps‎ for Wi-Fi calling". Kindly drop a comment. That’s it guys for now. Have a nice weekend.

About Author: Hello I’m Pallab Kayal a tech-freak Indian blogger who is currently author of Ecloudtimes.com pursuing his B.com (Hons.). My hobby is writing about latest tech, Smartphone and gadgets.


How to Backup and Restore Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

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Usually, after purchasing and using new android smartphone users want to know - how to backup and restore personal data, apps and settings etc. Because they don't want to lose their important data and apps in any situation.

If you have recently bought a Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone and want to know what are the actual process of taking backup and restoring data on Xiaomi Mi3 then certainly this tutorial will help you very much.

Today, i am going to show you how you can backup and restore Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone. With this guide, you can readily backup all your important files such as Apps, gallery, settings, contacts, video etc and restore them very easily too on your Mi3 Android smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi3, How to Restore, How to Backup, Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone, Android phone, Android smartphone

The process is very simple and you haven't to install any third party android app in order to backup and restore data on Xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi provided the built-in Backup app on your smartphone which will help you to complete this task within seconds. So, let's grab the step by step instructions:

Backup Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone
Step (1): At first, launch the Backup app on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone.

Step (2): On the next page just select all the files or data which you wish to add in the backup file. (By default, all items are selected)

Step (3): Now simply tap on the Backup button, just after tapping the backup process will start. 

Step (4): When the backup is completed successfully then you will see the 'Done' message on your Android phone screen.

Now, all your selected data are safe. If you want to check the Backup file then simply browse MIUI/Backup/AllBackup/ folder.

Restore Backup in Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone
Step (1): First, launch the backup app on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone.

Step (2): After opening the app, you will see the backup files. You have to tap on the files which you wish to restore.

Step (3): Now select the items –> System, Apps, Accounts & Contacts –> you want to restore. Tap on Restore button.

Step (4): Once the restore completed, simply tap on Done.

Congratulation! You have successfully restored the backup data on your Xiaomi Mi3 Android phone. Now you can use the backup data according to your wish. 

Feel free to write your comments to share your view with us. Looking for latest android guides, interesting tutorials and step by step articles related to Xiaomi Mi3 then check out our Xiaomi Mi3 section.


AskMe App Review: The Ultimate Free Android App

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If you watch television then you must have seen an advertisement "AskMe app - the Baap of All Apps" starring Ranbir Kapoor. Many people feel excited to know about AskMe after seeing its advertisement, if you are also one of them who want to know more about it then this review article going to help you a lot.

The Slogan “the Baap of All Apps" is really appropriate for AskMe app because it contains unlimited business listing of your use. When i saw this app first time, i felt extremely impressed because of its amazing features and multiple options. Let’s know in details about AskMe app.

What is AskMe?
AskMe is a very useful android app which provides you the complete information related to your locality in several different ways. In short and simple words it can be said askme app is the source to know what services are available for you in your local area and from where you can get them.

askme, askme app, askme app review, askme android app, best android app, Google play store, how to uncle

The app is available for all Android Smartphones and people are using this ultimate app without facing any problem. AskMe android app is developed by the popular Indian company Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd which has already developed two other android apps named “FreeAds” and “Yellow Pages India”. 

AskMe app is available on Google play store and you can get it free of cost. A download link is given at the end of this article which will take you on the app home page.

How AskMe app is special and different from other apps
Generally, we use several apps on our smartphones according to requirement and each app is used for particular task. But with askme app, the case is completely different. Askme app is the app that can be used for multiple purposes and it really works very fine.

Either you want to search stuff online or want to purchase/sell anything, the askme app will help you in every situation because it is designed specially according to users requirement. Most importantly, you haven't to find here and there if you are looking for restaurants, Bars, Spas, Doctors, Mobile Shops, Real estate agents, Beauty Parlour, Job Consultants etc near your area. 

Only you have to open this interesting app to make a search and then you will get all the information just within seconds.

Check out the introductory video of Askme app:

Important features of AskMe android app:
Several useful and interesting features are available on AskMe app but here i am listing only those features that are really impressive and people are appreciating them.
  • Availability of amazing online deals
  • Daily latest classifieds ads on various stuff
  • Options of posting ads, deals, and reviews
  • Complete information about local businesses near your locality
  • User can create own listings of their favourite stuff and other things
  • User can get addresses, phone numbers for companies and call them from askme app
  • Read the reviews to know what companies or restaurants, shops and other places are best in your city
  • And many other attracting features.
Thus you can imagine about the usefulness of askme app. If you have not checked out this impressive app yet then i would recommend you to try out it right now. I assure you will love its user interface, quick work, and features so much.

Get it from here: Download AskMe android app

If you found this AskMe App Review useful for you then feel free to share your view through the comments and ask me if you found any problem in order to use AskMe app.


5 Advanced Xiaomi Mi3 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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Undoubtedly, Xiaomi Mi3 is an amazing Android smartphone which has impressed all the android users within a very short time. 'Xiaomi Mi3 sold out within seconds from Flipkart' shows us how much people are excited to grab it.

If you are a regular reader of How To Uncle then you would familiar very well with the tutorials of XiaoMi Mi3 Android smartphone. By any reason if you haven't read yet then no need to be worried - Click here to read right now!

Many Android smartphone users have just brought the latest phone but not using all the Xiaomi Mi3 features or don't know how to use particular its features. So in today's tutorial, i am going to list 5 advanced Xiaomi Mi3 tips and tricks you must know.

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All these Xiaomi Mi3 tricks are very useful and will help you to do several of tasks very quickly. Most importantly, you haven't to set-up mod or install any third party application to apply these tricks. All these are the inbuilt features of XiaoMi Mi3 Android smartphone and you have to do only few simple changes to use these awesome features.

So why to wait? Let’s start to grab the important tips and tricks related to Mi3 phone. Here's how:

Xiaomi Mi3 Tips and Tricks You Need to Learn:

(1) How to Move Apps from one Screen to Another?
Generally, all the android users know very well that apps can be moved from one screen to another just by drag and drop the app icons. But this is applicable for moving only one app at once.

While in Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone, you can move one or multiple apps at the one. The process is: at first pinch on your device home screen and select all the apps which you wish to move and then go to the next screen where you wish to place the app and simply move all the selected apps.

(2) How to Hide Albums in Gallery?
Generally, we install a third party app to hide particular things in Gallery. But with Xiaomi Mi3, you haven't to do that. Only make some small changes in settings to use this feature.
At first, open the Gallery app and tap on Local images. After that long tap on the album you wish to hide inside Gallery, and then finally hit the option of Hidden album. The selected album will be hidden.

Now whenever you wish to 'unhide' a hidden album, at first launch the Gallery app ---> Tap on Local images ---> Menu button ---> Tap on Show hidden albums ---> Tap on the hidden album which you wish to “unhide”, then hit on the option of Unhide album.

(3) How to use Private Message Feature?
Private message is really an amazing feature of Xiaomi Mi3 and people are enjoying it. To use private messaging feature, simply drag down the message window and then a new private message window will appear on your screen. Now go to the setting of this page and add contacts, number. Once contact is added successfully then you can start the private messaging.

(4) How to Start Music in Lock Screen?
This is really a profitable feature for music lovers. If you are also a music lover then now no need to open the lock screen of your XiaoMi Mi3 Android smartphone to start the music. You can start music directly from the lock screen. 

To use this feature, you have to double tap on the Lock Button and then a new Music player will appear on the lock screen along with the buttons of play, next and previous. So, now you can start enjoying music without opening lock screen.

(5) How to Clear Recent Apps?
In Xiaomi Mi3, you can easily close all the running apps in single click with the help of task manager. To do so, at first long press on your home button and on list of app running simply click on the brush button. Now all the running apps will be closed immediately.

I hope these tricks will help you to enjoy the Xiaomi Mi3 features perfectly. Feel free to share your view through the comments if you found this article useful for you.

Some more interesting tutorials, how-to guide, Xiaomi Mi3 Tips and Tricks are waiting for you. You can check out from here - Xiaomi Mi3 section. I assure you will like all the tutorials. 


Download FREE Microsoft eBooks [Ultimate Collection]

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We all are well familiar with the Microsoft and Microsoft Products. It is the most popular software company which has amazed us by providing numerous useful products and some of the products have become our daily life need. If you want view the complete list of Microsoft Products then click here.

Most importantly, Microsoft not only provide users the useful products but also all the needed guides and solution such as: how to add/delete, how to install/uninstall, how to troubleshoot, how to integrate, how to save/delete and unlimited other guides that help users to use their products smoothly and without facing any problem.
Windows users got surprised when Microsoft released the largest collection of its free ebooks. Yes, really it's a large collection of Free ebooks from Microsoft (300 free ebooks). If you are already familiar with this recent Microsoft news then it's great, if not then today you are also going to be surprised by seeing the ultimate collection of free Microsoft eBooks.

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Free eBooks released by Microsoft cover several software products from the Microsoft. All these eBooks has been written in the view of the users who love to use the Microsoft products which means you will get all the solution that you wish to get for a particular software or app.

These free ebooks from Microsoft are available in multiple file formats including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DOCX and DOC. According to the survey of Microsoft, it's also confirmed that it was over 1 million download just after releasing the free Microsoft eBooks. So why to wait, if you want to get these free ebooks from Microsoft. 

Get it from here - Download FREE Microsoft eBooks

If you want to stay updated from the Microsoft latest updates, free resources and other Microsoft products related news then download the Microsoft Info Partner Mobile App.

Don't forget to check out the tips and tricks, how to guides, and step by step tutorials related to Windows. I hope you will found very useful the the section of Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 9.