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Are you looking for a best eBook converter for free conversion of your eBook from one format to another?

And are you sick of finding the paid converters that you don’t want to use? 

Stop worrying because this article has the solution for your problem. Basically, there is a very good eBook converter that you can use for converting your books for free.

This is the that proposes a number of benefits over other converters. However, before looking at its benefits, first look at how you can convert you eBook using OnlineConvertFree.

Convert eBook using

There are the simple steps that you can follow to convert your eBook into four types of different formats. For example, this converter supports the FB2, EPUB, MOBI, and AZW3 formats for converting books. Let’s look at these following steps for free eBook conversion.

Step (1): Type the URL in your web browser and open the website.

Step (2): A home page of the site will load on your screen. Here, you will see the label "Choose file to convert". Under this heading, there will be a blue-coloured button to choose the file from your computer. 

online ebook converter

Simply click on the button and choose the file that you want to convert to a different eBook format.

Step (3): In front of the name of your uploaded file, you will see the option to select different formats from a list. Select a format from the given list and click on the Convert button. 

Your file will be converted from one format to another format of eBook. Now you can download and save it in your computer to use later.

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Advantages of using

Here are the following amazing benefits/advantages of using this website for converting files.

Fastest Converter

The best thing about using this site for converting your eBook to another format is that it is the fastest converter. You don’t have to wait for long time or for a couple of minutes to have your book converted to another format. When you upload your file and click the start button, it converts very fast to your required format. 

Free Converter

Another great advantage of using this converter is that it is absolutely free-of-cost. You will find most of the paid converters for eBook conversion but this is a free converter. You can convert your eBooks as many times as you want without paying anything.

Online Converter

Another great thing about this converter is that it is the online converter that you can easily access or use form any computer. You don’t have to download it or go through long downloading times or downloading issues. All you have to do it, simply go to the website and convert your file.

Support Different eBook Formats

There are many converters that supports only 1 or 2 formats for eBook conversion but this allows you to use 4 different formats. You will find the FB2, EPUB, MOBI, and AZW3 converters here to convert you eBook to any of these formats. 

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