SysTools Excel to vCard Converter Review

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter review: A powerful software solution to convert Excel contacts to vCard file.

It is not easy to convert one file format to another one due to the nature and properties of distinct email clients. When the need to shift contacts from Excel to vCard comes around, then not any manual method is there to help out. 

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter is a powerful creation to transfer Excel contacts into vCard file format. The mapping facility for distinct fields and attributes of the contacts in software renders added benefits. Extracting official and commercial contacts from spreadsheets to business cards in vCard formats provides facility to  spread business all around the world.

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter Review

The review is flourished here to let the Excel users know about the peculiarities packed within the application. Even, contact information for contact having a blank email address field is also possible using this product.

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter tool

Altogether, this software application has a great power to let the users make commercial connection more stronger. What I have seen in product while converting Excel to vCard is given underneath in the form of features, benefits, and specifications. Let's know in details about SysTools Excel to vCard Converter tool and its extraordinary features:

(1) The software not only supports XLS file, but also allows the conversion of XLSX to vCard format.
(2) A preferred version of vCard file can be chosen before proceeding to the conversion of contacts.
(3) Conversion of multiple contacts in both; a combined vCard as well as a vCard file for each contact is supported.

(1) Only one Excel file can be processed at a time for conversion, which might prove to be a bit time consuming.
(2) The software only offers manual mapping, and lacks in offering an automatic field mapping option.
(3) There is no provision for a detailed report of the entire processing done by the software, at the end of conversion.

Product Specifications:
  • Software Name:  SysTools Excel to vCard Converter
  • Latest Version: 3.4
  • Application Size:  1.2 MB
  • Available : Free and Featured both editions
Essentials User Will Have To Set For Excel To vCard Converter
  • The demo version and license key for the product is availble
  • Added techniques to offer support for all versions of Windows operating system 
  • The desired bootable space for proper installation and usage of software at the computer system will be 5 MB
  • 2.4 GHz system processor is recommended specification of processor for fluent execution.
  • The needed Random Access Memory for software execution in the proper manner is 1 GB 
Freeware Excel to vCard Converter Makes You Confident About Its Features 
Like we all try the things before buy, in the same manner one should go for trial of this software application. Keeping this fact in mind, organization availed the free mode of tool that renders conversion of 5 contacts from Excel files to vCard. For sure free download version of the contacts Excel Converter has limited benefits, but the big advantage one can achieve with the application is understanding entire process. 

The need of being familiar with each step involved in software should accomplish before purchase. This will assist the user to prevent to get a hindrance during Excel to vCard conversion. I had taken this move and found the utility amazing, so why not you are going to try it up. 

The Feature Tray For Better Understanding 

My personal experience of mine for Excel to vCard conversion program is explored underneath in the form of features. Bulletd interpretation for features is shown beneath:
  • (1) Shifting bulk contacts from selected Excel files to vCard format is not quite typical with this application. Quick execution of conversion without destruction in contacts’ fields is the main target of product to keep the attributes unaltered. 
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter features
  • (2) Offering a preview of scanned and loaded XLS files for all the contacts added in each spreadsheet is another aspect that made me confident about the dedicated performance of the application. Preview prevents from wastage of time and losing confidential contacts.
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter software
  • (3) Excel files when get loaded into software, the next action performed by solution is mapping the fields of Excel spreadsheet in a particular order to the vCard attributes. No matter how many contacts are there, the tool keeps the dignity of the performance.
SysTools Excel to vCard Converter
  • (4) Tool allows exporting excel contacts into 3 difrent vCard versions (vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0). The other advantageous is exporting contact that does not contain email address into vCard format. 
excel to vcard converter

Fortunately, all the expectations of Excel users for converting contacts into vCard file format will be fulfilled using this technically designed Excel contacts conversion application. So, what is the big deal when Excel to vCard contact transfer becomes the need of individual. At the other end, there is not any need to get the Outlook installation done while using this XLS contacts converter.

Final Verdict:
As my final words for the product and its attributes, I would like to appreciate the developers for adding up worthy technical aspects in SysTools Excel to vCard Converter. Not any loss of attributes and basic fields after the XLS contacts transfer is the benefit one may not get with other software. 

To avail all amenities with the software, desired license key will be getting selected by the individual from all the available versions. Altogether, there is not any complication with it. By calculating all the benefits, I am giving it 8.5/10

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