8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

Do you wish to drive massive traffic to your blog? 

Yes of course, massive and jaw dropping traffic is the dream of all bloggers, I hope you'll care to know how you can boost and increase your blog traffic in no time? This are tested way's to drive traffic to your blog, and trust me they complied positively.

If you've been searching for ways to boost your blog traffic then I sure bet you you've just arrived at the right place. I'll be showing you nine ways you can drive reasonable traffic to your blog in no time.

8 Definite Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Effectively

(1) Content: 
Your blog content really matters and affects your traffic, even Google says so. As we all know content is king. Basically, content is the prime identity of your blog and it keeps impression on visitor’s mind.

Tip: When writing an article for your blog, try writing a unique, quality proven and well detailed article. This will go a long way to help you.

(2) Blog commenting: 
Blog commenting is another sure way to drive huge traffic to your new blog. Commentluv has just made it easier by allowing commenters link back to their latest post, hopefully if you comment on a commentluv enabled blogs you get link back to your blog I bet you blog commenting is quite a handy way to pull traffic to your blog.

Tip: Try being the first to comment on their latest articles and also leave valuable contribution as comments, it will definitely work for you.

(3) Social media: 
After writing any of your blog post it's advisable you share them on the social networks, social media is for sure a powerful platform to advertise and promote products and services online. I get tons of traffic from the social media in general.

Tip: Whenever you write an article on your blog try promoting your article link on various social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn etc. social media plays a major role in the growth of any blog. 

(4) Regularly update your blog: 
Keeping your blog up to date will make your readers see your blog as a serious blog. They are thereby left with no choice other than frequenting your blog. Keep posting regularly and be a resource to others. It engages your readers and keeps them coming back. It is most necessary for a new blog.

Tip: Try writing 2-4 posts on daily bases, or at least 1 post depending on your niche.

(5) Guest blogging: 
This is one of the most powerful sources to drive traffic to your blog. In this method you write posts for other top blogs in your niche, blogs with higher page rank and good Alexa rank. In return you get a do-follow backlink which will help build your search engine ranking, Oooo... you also get referral traffic from this blogs after writing for them.

Tip: Look for a top blog in your niche considering the page rank and Alexa rank then write for them.

(6) Search engine optimization: 
SEO is one of the best ways if not the best way to drive traffic to your blog. There are lots of things to do in order to optimize your blog for search engines. Search engine seems to be the cheapest source of traffic so it's essential you optimize your blog for search engine.

Tip: Optimize your articles for search engines and also build quality backlinks through guest posting or whatever means you know. 

(7) Blogging contest:
Hosting contests and offer giveaways to the winners. Giveaways have been proven to work efficiently in generating traffic. It will not only provide you tons of traffic but also some trusted readers.

Tip: Host a contest on your blog and offer a price to the winner.

(8) Forum marketing: 
Don't underestimate the power of forums this are places you can drive cleans traffic from without spamming, I get quite a reasonable traffic from forums, forums are places for you to gain popularity.

Tip: Register on forums which are related to your Niche in order to get a targeted audience. Try to give answers to questions without spamming. Create topics that would be of benefit to the forum members. By so doing I'll gain trust and popularity. 

After you've won their trust you can answer questions with links back to your blog articles, the admins, moderators and Forum members would really appreciate your help in growing the forum, also add your link and keywords to your forum signature. This will also boost your traffic.

Putting this to practice will surely boost your traffic, what are you waiting for? Start increasing your blog traffic today! I am waiting for your response to know which ways helping you to drive massive traffic to your blog. Feel free to discuss with us via comments.

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increase blog trafficLarry Frank is a Nigerian blogger, who loves sharing his findings and experience, you can hook up with him at FlowingTechBlog, where I share lots of idea's.
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