How To Track Product Warranties and Deadlines from your Android Phone

You will agree with me, remembering all the products warranties and deadlines accurately in mind are one of the most difficult tasks. I am saying this because people purchase several things every week or month such as Electronic devices, Footwear, Clothing, Jewellery, Home Appliances and many more things.

To take the advantage of warranties you will have to keep the information of product’s warranty period and deadlines otherwise you will be unable to take the advantage of warranties when it will break or stop working appropriately.

Specially when you purchase electronic devices, you must keep a track of product warranties and deadlines because it will help you a lot when any problem appears during the use. I have faced this type of situation already. So, in this Article I am going to share a very useful solution to track Product Warranties and Deadlines through an Android app.

How To Track Product Warranties and Deadlines from your Android Phone

Warranty tracker is an android app (completely free) that has ability to store all the needed information about your recent purchases. It includes the information reminder such as:
è Warranty period
è Rebate deadline
è Return deadline
è Receipt image

There is no any complexity to use this app. Only you will have to sign up with the app and you can scan the bar code of your all purchased product very easily. More than 130,000 items are available in the database of Warranty tracker app. so, the app will automatically download all the important information regarding your purchased product. If the app is not capable to find out any information then you can also enter the wanted details manually.

The app also offers you the facility to take image of purchase receipts, bills and stores them in the cloud. It means, if in case you lose all your receipts then you have a backup copy available in the cloud and which can be retrieve anytime. Lets know;

How to track your product warranty using Warranty tracker app
Step (1) Firstly, Install the Warranty Tracker app on your Android phone.

Step (2) Now, open the warranty tracker app and sign up.

Step (3) After signed up, tap on the add new icon to add your purchase details of a new item. To check if your product is already listed in the app list, tap on “search for product” option.

How To Track Product Warranties and Deadlines from your Android Phone

Steps (4) simply tap on the bar code icon which is situated beside serial number to open the bar code scanner and then scan your purchased product’s bar code.

Step (5) To enable the expiration notifications of your products Tap on the notification icons which is situated beside warranty period.

How To Track Product Warranties and Deadlines from your Android Phone

Accordingly, to enable the other notifications such as rebate deadline and return deadline of your products Tap on their notification icons.

Step (6) Now, tap on the Save icon to save the product’s warranty details.

That’s it!

After saving the product’s warranty details will be uploaded to the apps cloud storage and you can retrieve this information anytime from your android phone very easily.

Interesting thing is, if you have lost your Android phone by which you were using Warranty tracker app then no need to be worry about your product’s information because your product’s information are saved on cloud. So, you can easily access your products warranty details by log in with warranty tracker app from a new android phone.

Thus we can say that Warranty tracker app is a very useful app that should be used by everyone who wishes to keep the exact information of their purchases. The app will not only keep your purchases warranties and deadlines details but also it will provide you relax from these tensions.

Extra information:
App Size: 1.3M
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Get from here:  Download Warranty Tracker app

Install and use Warranty tracker app on your android phone and share your experience with us through comments. Looking for more tips and tricks, latest updates related to Android then check out our Tips for android section.

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