6 Mind-Blowing Tips and Tricks for YouTube Users

We all know very well that YouTube is the world’s biggest library of videos that can be watched on any device. whenever people want to see any video they prefer to see on YouTube  because a huge collections of videos are available on YouTube in every category such as user-generated video content,  TV episodes, Including movie clips, countless music videos, Blogging video, short real videos, academic videos and much more.

Tips and Tricks for YouTube Users

According to the estimation of YouTube More than one billion unique users comes on YouTube each month and over Six billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube, but most of them are still unknown from the Tips and Tricks of Better use of  You-tube. So in this article I am going to share few interesting tips and tricks about YouTube and I hope you will be really surprised to see these tricks.


(1) How to Start Video from a Specific Time:
You can notice one thing that if you wish to see or share only a certain portion of any video with your friends or users, then there is no any official option has been provided to do so. In this situation generally you share a note to inform your friend or users to see the certain part of video such as: Hey guys, please start to see the funniest part of previous night party after 10 minutes and 7 seconds.
But I hope you still completely unknown that there is a very simple and useful solution available to send a direct link to a user (friend) or embed a certain portion of any YouTube video in your Blog or website. Let’s see how it works,

For the example, a YouTube video URL is:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5afjqAFPTOc
If you want to share this video link with your friend and want to show from 2 minute 10 second then just add a simple code after the URL like #t=02m10s. Final URL will look like as shown below.

Start Video from a Specific Time

And if you want to embed this video on Blog or website then also add the code #t=02m10s after the original URL on embed code as shown below.

embed YouTube video on Blog or website

Now whenever your friends or Blog readers will play the video then it will automatically start from the point you have added in the embed code. Just try and share your view with us.

(2) How to auto replay youtube video:
This is common thing and almost all the people faced several time, whenever you wish to see a video (your favorite video song, funny video, interesting moment video etc) again and again then you click again and again to replay that video.

But by the help of a simple trick you can activate the looping feature (automatically will be replayed, no need to click you on reply option again and again). Let’s see how it works,

For the example, the video URL of your selected video is:
To set the looping feature just replace YouTube with the simple text infinitelooper in the URL and click on enter. A screenshot is shown below.
                                                    auto replay youtube video

You may ask here – What is InfiniteLooper?  InfiniteLooper is a complete free service which provides you the option to play any YouTube video in loop, just by replacing infinitelooper text in YouTube video URL.

After replacing the URL, it will redirect you to a different YouTube third-party platform and from where you can also select the portions of the video for looping.

(3) How to Download YouTube Video:
I hope you have used many time or may be still using any YouTube Downloader to download youtube videos. But you should know that you can download any youtube video online just with a simple URL trick. It means there is no need to install any youtube downloader app. Let’s see how it works,

For the example, a Youtube video URL which you wish to download is :
To download this video you have to only add a text pwn just before youtube at the video URL and then you will be able to download that video very easily in all available formats. After adding the pwn text your video URL will become like:

Download YouTube Video

Now when you will hit on enter with this new URL, page will be appear with various formats as shown in below screenshot. So, now download and enjoy.

Download YouTube Video

(4) How to fix the Bypass Restriction:
Several times you have experienced that you wants to watch a video but you are unable, just because that video has been licensed or restricted to suitable age group.

But a very useful solution is also available for you to fix this situation and enjoy that licensed or restricted video. You have to use a simple Bypass trick to do so and you can do this just by removing few things from that youtube video URL

For the example, your selected youtube video’s URl is:
To bypass just remove watch? from the URL. After removing URL should be look like as given below. So, now try this trick whenever you face the restricted situation.

Bypass Restriction

(5) How to Disable Related Videos:
Usually we find that many related video has been given at the end of video, yehh no doubt it’s a very nice option as we get some more interesting and related options but some time it may be irritating too.

 So, if you wish to Disable Related Videos option then you have to add ?rel=0 at the end of YouTube video URL. This trick is very useful for those guys who embed YouTube video on their Blogs or websites.

For the example, your have selected a YouTube video and that video’s URl is:
After Disabling Related Videos option, video URL should be look like as shown below.

Disable Related Videos

(6) Accurate keyword searching:
Sometimes when you look for any specific video and after searching you get countless of result. So, if you want to perform a accurate search and save your time then you should use allintitle: before your keyword. It will help you find exact result.

For the example, if you wish to search all the videos which have titled Bigg Boss 7 then you should search like - allintitle: Bigg Boss 7.

keyword searching

I hope you enjoyed these above mentioned YouTube URL tips and tricks. By the help of these interesting URL tricks you can use YouTube like a Boss. Try these useful ways and please don’t forget to share your view with us through comment. We will appreciate your comments. To find some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates, Google tips click here.

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