Do you know about the Safety of Your Email Attachments?

If you will try to observe then you will find that Email has been one of the most usable method of communication for all business purposes. Online businesses are completely dependent on Email for their all works such as sending files, contracts, complete details of project and many other sensitive document in attach files.

But have you ever try to know - How Safe Are Your Email Attachments?

Your answer may be “NO”.

Do you know about the Safety of Your Email Attachments?

Because you think that your Attachments material are completely different from the usual Plain text. But you should know that if you are sending an attachment via email, then it means your attachment is being copied an average of six times. After sending when the file will need to be updated, then the creation of more copies needed also.

Now you can imagine, what will be if your personal and sensitive document goes into the hands of your competitors or used by the employees to take advantage for a new job.
By the help of this infograph, I want to share with all the readers of HowToUncle - How much insecure emailing is? All credit goes to for this helpful Infographic. Let's see;

Do you know about the Safety of Your Email Attachments?
I hope you knew some very helpful points about the Safety of Your Email Attachments by the help of this Infographic. Please feel free to share your view with us through the comment. We will appreciate your comments.

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