How to Remove Your Content From Google Search Result

Doing this seems a little bit silly, as most people want their content to be on the Google search engine results pages. There are ways of getting information off of the results pages, which means your choice of method depends on things such as urgency and such. Here is more than one useful way of getting your information off of the Google search engine results pages. let's know

Understand How Google works
Some people think that Google reads and copies all of your website into its memory, but it actually only takes an impression of your website. People think that because the search engine shows a snippet of the web page in the results that it actually has all of their pages in its index, but it does not.

How to Remove Your Content From Google Search Result

Google has its bots read your page and then it adds details about your page into its index. It then uses what it reads to rank your page but still does not take down lots of details. It may go to the extent of storing snippets, but that is it. When your page appears on the results and you can see the bit of text from your page underneath the link--that is auto generated when the results are listed.

This means that you are not actually removing your content from the Google search engine at all. All you are doing is removing your link to your website from the Google search engine results pages. You can make it so that the Google search engine results do not work for your website if you wish, as there is no need to worry about them holding all content of your website on their servers.
Delete the page that you have listed on the search engine
The easiest way to stop Google from listing your website is to write in code that asks the Google bots not to index the page. You may delete your content or change your content on the page and Google will not update its index to match.

Furthermore, if you want to cut off the Google contact all together then just delete the page (the URL) and Google will eventually remove the link to the website page from its index. Even if people click on the link in the search engine results it will just lead to nowhere.

Redirect from the page you have listed on the search engine
Instead of deleting the page on your website, you can set up a redirect. This will make it so that anybody who clicks on your Google search engine result link will be redirected to wherever you send them. It is a way of avoiding Google seeing what is on your page and stops people landing on that page from the search engine results.
Change the page content and Meta data and wait
If there is something about the page that you do not like and do not want being shown on Google, then just change the page. Change the content of the page and all of the Meta data (including page title, etc) and then wait. At first your page and its Meta data will still appear on the Google search engine results. 

If people click the link on the results then it will still take them to the new page, but on the results it may show old Meta data. After a while (anywhere up to two months if you are already indexed) your page will be read again by Google and the data on their index will be updated. The search engine results will start to show your new Meta data and will start to show snippets from your most recent version of the website.

Use the Google Webmaster Tools removal tool
You can find full details on the use of this tool from here, but as a rule you should only use the removal tool in emergencies. It is not a tool that Google wants you playing with or using too often. Even on the tool pages themselves they say that if you remove the page or the contents then the result will be dropped. Plus, if you think of how hard it was to get your web page ranked up in the first place then you should appreciate how quickly your page will drop from the result if it is changed in a certain way.

As a side note, it is almost impossible to remove the site of another website from the results unless you are the administrator of the website. Trying to get content removed from other websites is a problem that a lot of people go to Google about and they will simply not remove the content unless you control the website.

I hope you enjoyed this helpful guest post by Kate Funk. looking for more tips and tricks, latest updates related to Google then check out our Google Tips Section.

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