How to Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

The invention of countless and interesting Android apps has taken almost 50% users of Computer/laptop. Now people love to use their android devices till hours for several works. But for all the important and official works people prefer to use computer. Thus we can say that computer and Android devices are equally useful for the peoples.

One thing I noticed many time that most of the people don’t like to use USB Cable for transferring any file or data from Android Device to PC or from PC to android device. Its several reasons are such as: lack of time, lack of USB cable, laziness of people to carry always USB cable etc.

Have you ever ignored the work of transferring any data from Android Device to PC or from PC to android device due to lack of USB cable???

If your answer is yes,

Then now no need to use USB Cable to Connect Your Android Device to PC, because a very useful application is available for this work called Pushbullet.

What is Pushbullet?
Pushbullet is a free android application which allows you to transfer any data from Android Device to your computer or from your computer to android device very easily. With this app you can send various data such as  Note, link, address, list, picture, file and many more things right into your android device’s notification tray or outright from your browser to you phone. It Works fine on any android device and supported with Firefox and Google chrome browser.

How to Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

To use this amazing app on your phone and computer you should have wifi or internet connection along with Pushbullet app installed on both devices.

How to send anything on Android or PC using Pushbullet app 
At first, install the ad-don on your computer according to your wish (which browser you prefer to use) from here:

After installing the add-on, you will have to Sign up the app using your Google account. Please keep in your mind one thing, you have to use the same Google account to sign up the app which you are using on your android phone.

How to Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

Now install Pushbullet app on your android device. After installation, run the app and select the Google Account form the main screen which you used to Sign up the Pushbullet account on your PC. After completing this process, your PC and android device are connected wirelessly with each other. Now you can send and receive files quickly and easily.

To share the files from android device to PC, simply click on the Push button from top right corner of the app screen and then select the file (Links, Notes, Address, List, Pictures or attach files) which you wish to send your PC as shown in below screenshot. After selecting the file, finally click on Push it! Button.

How to Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

And to send the Files from your PC to android device, Firstly open the browser in which you installed the Pushbullet addon and just click on the Pushbullet icon from the Top right corner of the browser toolbar as shown below. Here you have to select the android device in which you want to send the files.  Now select the file which you wich you wish to send and finally click on Push it! button.

How to Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

Extra Information:
Size: 1.5M
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Get from here: Download Pushbullet app

Thus you can imagine about the usefulness of Pushbullet app.  This is one of the best ways to send or receive files on android device and computer without using any USB cable or wires connection.

I hope you liked this post. Please feel free to share your view with us about this app through comments. In upcoming post I will show you how to use the amazing features of Pushbullet perfectly. Stay connected with us to grab that. To get more useful tips and tricks, latest updates to android  check out our Tips for Android section

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