A simple way to Schedule Your Mac to Start Up or Shut Down

I am really enjoying an amazing feature on Mac, which is the scheduling feature. I became surprised when I knew about the scheduling feature few days ago. After using this feature on Mac, I am feeling like - I found a best friend who does work whatever allowed by me.

I am saying this because you can schedule your Mac to start up or Shut Down at a specific time. Even you can also very easily schedule your Mac to sleep, restart at a specific day or time, or every day at the identical time.

This is one of the most useful features for those people who work on fix schedule each day or week.  According to me this feature is exceptionally very useful for the Blogger, webmasters, freelancers or others who work from home.

Simply we can say the scheduling feature on Mac works like an online timer. To enable this useful feature you haven’t to do complex settings or install anything on your Mac. Follow the below mentioned simple steps and enjoy scheduling feature according to your wish. Here’s how

(1). Firstly, Click on the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.

(2). Under the System Preferences click on “Energy Saver.”

A simple way to Schedule Your Mac to Start Up or Shut Down

(3). Now, click on the “Schedule” button at the right-side bottom of the window.

Schedule Your Mac to Start Up or Shut Down

(4). A small window will slide down from the top, from where you can schedule your Mac according to your wish. Two separate options are available there: Start up or wake and Sleep/Restart/Shut Down. You are free to enable one or both option.

When you want to schedule for specific day or time then you can choose:
For the day setting - weekdays, weekends, every day or a particular day of the week.
For the time setting - you can enter any time whatever you would like to set.

Schedule Your Mac to Start Up or Shut Down

(5). After completing the schedule setting, click on “OK”.

That’s it!

Thus you can imagine about its usefulness. It will also save your battery by shutting down at a specific time every day. Enable it on your Mac and share your experience with us through comments.

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