How to Install CyanogenMod ROM on Android [Without Rooting]

We all know very well that installing Custom ROMs are one of the difficult task and lengthy process too. To install Custom ROM firstly you have to root your device, after that install the recovery and then flash the ROM on your android device. In case, if your devices are with locked bootloader such as HTC One or Nexus then you have to firstly unlock the bootloader to follow the installing process.

But if you wish to install CyanogenMod ROM then no need to root your android smartphone. Even you haven’t to do lengthy process your device. All credit goes to the CyanogenMod folks for introducing the new Installer App. The app is very quick and simplest way to install a custom ROM without rooting or without unlocking bootloader on android devices.
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 Install CyanogenMod ROM on Android

This App is only available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also the app is available for various supported devices. You can check out the list of supported devices from here:

How the installer works on Windows and Android devices                                                                             
Download the CyanogenMod Installer Android App and CyanogenMod Installer PC App on your Windows and Android smartphone. After downloading you have to enable the USB debugging on your Android devices to get started.

CyanogenMod Installer

Firstly, run the downloaded android app on your device and just follow all the onscreen instructions carefully. After that connect your smartphone to the PC via USB cable and simply run the installer PC app on your desktop.

connect smartphone to the PC

Now your phone will be detected by the installer and you will get the complete details of your device. And then the installer will start to download its goodies such as CyanogenMod ROM and some other recovery files for your android device.

It will take few minutes to finish. When all the process will be completed for your device, then you will view the new messages on installer app like “Everything is ready”.

Everything is ready

Finally, make a click on the Install button from the app screen and the flashing process will be start on your device. During the installation, your android device will turn OFF and ON. So, please do not disconnect or remove your device from the PC this time otherwise you will brick your smartphone.

When the flashing process will be finished on your device, you will receive the “Installation Complete” Message on windows Installer app.

Installation Complete

Congratulation!  You have done. Now freely enjoy new ROM on your android smartphone or table.

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