November 14, 2013

How to Reset Chrome, Firefox and IE to Factory Default Settings

Sometimes when you feel that too many problems are occurring in your browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE), then in this situation resetting them to Their Factory Default settings is a nice and last option. But it should be done that time when any other troubleshooting options are not working. You may ask here –


Then its simple answer is; Resetting browser to factory default settings will commonly clear all the modifications and changes that were built up since the first install. It means you will have to made these modifications and changes again after the resetting.

 Reset Chrome, Firefox and IE to Factory Default Settings

All the popular Web browsers provide an option to reset the settings for the users help. So, in this article we will explain How to Reset Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to Factory Default Settings. I hope you will not find any difficulty to perform these settings because screenshot is included in every step. Here’s how:

How to Reset Google Chrome Settings

Step 1: Firstly, Open the Menu and click on Settings option.

Google Chrome Settings option

Step 2: From settings page click on the link named Show advanced settings.
 Show advanced settings

Step 3: Now click on the Reset browser settings button.
Reset browser settings

Step 4: Finally, make a click on Reset button to reset Google Chrome Settings.
You have done!

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings

Step 1: Firstly, click on Firefox to go help file menu and choose the option of Troubleshooting Information. As shown in below screenshot.

Mozilla Firefox Settings option

Step 2: Now click on the Reset Firefox button that is placed at top right side of page.
Reset Firefox

Step 3: And click on Reset Firefox button to confirm the resetting process.

confirm Reset Firefox

That’s it!

How to Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Step 1: Firstly, open the Internet Explorer Tool menu and select Internet Options.

Internet Explorer Settings option

Step 2: Now go to the Advanced tab and make a click on the Reset button.

Advanced tab

Step 3: Finally, click on Reset button to confirm the resetting process.


Congratulation! You have done.

If you have tried other resolving ways and didn’t get helpful result then follow these simple steps mentioned above to reset browser to factory default settings. Please keep in mind that as new versions of these browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) are released the appropriate steps or screenshots may slightly change but not much.

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