How to Easily Create RSS Feed for Twitter

How to Create RSS Feed for Twitter

No doubt Twitter is one of the best platforms of social connection. Countless users are using twitter and everyday several new people are joining it. I also like to spend my most of time on twitter, because from here I get very quick updates from various industries like: International news, Hollywood & Bollywood news, Political news, Sports, Crime, and several Technologies news.

Twitter has omitted the support for RSS Feeds but it’s not meaning that it has gone, there is available a solution. You may use to bring into existence feeds for your several Twitter streams which include Twitter search results, Twitter user timelines and Twitter lists also.

And I hope you know that in the absence of RSS feeds, it is very difficult task to use your Twitter data to some other places. For the example, you will be not able to generate recipes in IFTTT for a long time that find triggered when you will post a new tweet. You will be not able to imply your Twitter timeline directly into your blogs and also you will be not able to track the Twitter search results for specific keywords in your RSS reader.

So, alike many user if you don’t want to miss RSS Feeds in Twitter, then here’s the new Tips and Tricks that is simplest way to implement (Get a Twitter RSS feed within a minute) and more dependable as well. 

Tips and tricks to Create RSS Feeds in Twitter 
This is a very simple trick and you will realize after using it. Twitter provides widgets to help you for embedding user timelines into your Blog.  The new trick simply converts these Twitter widgets into the regular RSS Feeds by the help of a suitable Google Script. The directions are mentioned below:

(1) Firstly, Go for your Twitter homepage. And go to Settings --> Widgets (link) and create a new widget. You can freely create widgets for user timelines, favorites, Twitter list and search results.

(2) After creating a new widget when it published, then make a short annotation of the widget ID which can be found in the URL of the widget.

(3) From here create a copy of the Google Script and select Run --> Twitter_RSS to initialize and officially approve the script. You will have to perform this task only once.

(4) Now go to Publish --> Deploy as Web App and fix the version as 1.0. Use anyone, including Anonymous under who has right to use the app and hit on Deploy.

After performing above steps, now Google Script will create a unique URL for your web app and that URL will look like: 

So, just attach the Twitter Widget ID (which you have created in Step 2) to this URL. Congratulation! your RSS feed for Twitter is ready to use now.

Here you may ask - How to attach the Twitter Widget ID to unique URL? So, for that an example is shown below:
For example, if the Twitter widget ID is 654321. So, when you will attach this Twitter Widget ID to unique URL then your RSS Feed URL would be like: 654321 

I hope you liked this article, please don't forget to share your valuable comments with us. your comments will be always appreciated here. To know more useful tips and tricks, latest updates related to Twitter check out our Twitter Section.

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