November 16, 2013

Simple Ways to Create Encrypted Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows PC

I have seen many times that people search on web to know the simple ways to create encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot on their windows system, so we have collected few suitable tools that work precisely and offer you to fasten your internet connection with different devices.
Simple Ways to Create Encrypted Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows PC

What is Wi-Fi hotspot?
Wi-Fi hotspot is an easy way to broadcast your internet connection via your computer to other devices (computer, laptop, Android etc.) just like a modem.

No need to be worry about which windows version will support these tools. You can freely create Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 system using below mentioned simple software.

Below mentioned software are available for free along with a PRO paid version. We all know that paid version provides some more advanced features. So, if you wish to use advanced stuff then you can obtain by purchasing the PRO version and freely broadcast numerous things.

(1) How to create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Virtual Router
Virtual router is a free and simple application which is developed by the codeplex team that offers you to freely create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows OS system.

Most of the people like to use virtual router because it provides a very simple user interface that can be easily operated by the users without any technical knowledge. Some useful options like adding Network name (SSID), password and then select shared connection are shown in below screenshot.

create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Virtual Router

Steps to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Virtual Router
  • Firstly, Download the Virtual Router Tool from here.
  • After downloading the Virtual Router tool, install it on your windows system.
  • When installation process will be completed you have to fire up the tool and you will see the virtual router settings as shown in above screenshot.
  • Now you have to select a SSID name.
  • And add an encrypted password to protect your connection from inappropriate or unauthorized usage.
  • Now select the connection which you want to share with your friends.
  • Finally, press on Start Virtual Router button.

You have done! Now your virtual router will be fired up and connection will be broadcasted successfully.

virtual router connection

Thus, you can see that your own connection being broadcasted with other selected connection. I hope you liked this simple way to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using Virtual Router tool.

(2) How to create Wi-Fi Hotspot using mHotspot Tool
mHotspot is a another free Wi-Fi Hotspot creating tool that permits you to easily create Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Windows system. mHotspot also provides a very useful feature named Max Clients. By the help of this feature you can limit your Wi-Fi connection to few selected persons according to your wish.

create Wi-Fi Hotspot using mHotspot Tool

Steps to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot using mHotspot Tool
  • Firstly, download mHotspot Tool from here.
  • And install the downloaded tool on your required Windows system.
  • After that when you will open the tool then you will be able to see as shown in above screenshot.
  • Now enter a suitable Hotspot Name, Password and select your connection.
  • You can also choose the Max Clients option. Only you will have to enter the number of connection which you wish to allow for using your internet connection.
  • Finally, press on Start Hotspot button and your internet connection will be broadcasted successfully.To know more see;

I hope you liked these two simple ways to create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows PC. Feel free to share your view with us through comments about which way is working for you. To know more useful tips and tricks, latest updates, windows tips check out our Computer tricks section.

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