Rome2rio a Best Travel Search Guide for Airlines and Railways

If you want to make your trip easier then a best Travel Search Guide is available for you. Rome2rio is a multimodal travel search guide which is very useful to make your travelling very easy. rome2mio has a map based user interface with nice search options. You will have to only enter the origin and destination places and it will show you the complete travel details and options of cars, buses, trains, ferries or planes along with the travelling Distance, time duration, approximate fare, accurate direction on map.

Rome2rio a Best Travel Search Guide for Airlines and Railways

The app also guides you that how much money you should spend to reach your destination. It not only mentions the total amount of money that you should spend to reach your destination but it also mentions that how much money you should spend for each mode of transportation during travelling. 

The airfares details are taken from Katak. Similarly, all the details of Indian train are stored from Indian Railways. It pulls the appropriate airfares from Katak when you enter the origin and destination places along with travel dates. It features huge number of airlines and that is 670 airlines all over the world. It also features various trains in India, China and Europe. It also offers you to book your tickets straightly when you select your dates and you preferred travelling by airlines.

It shows you that how many hotels are available on your destination places and from here you can also Book any Hotel according to your wish.

It provides you the several choices of transportation/origin/destination and you can select the one that you prefer most. For instance, if I search for a travel guide from Kolkata, India to Bangkok, Thailand, then it provided me options to land either at Bangkok airport (BKK) or Bangkok Don Muang or travel by drive.

If you are thinking about the price tags then let me clear - the price tags are shown in USD by default and you are free to change that to your main currency any time according to your wish.

How rome2rio Maps are different from the Google Maps?
In fact we can say that rome2rio is mainly Google Maps with various additional and interesting features. But the best benefit of rome2rio over the Google Maps is, it provides you the multimodal travelling options while Google Maps provides only one mode of travelling. And we all know that people always run towards the multiple options. Rome2rio Maps shows fares and also allows bookings but with the Google maps these both features are unavailable.

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