How to keep your Private Photos/Videos Hidden on Android

In these days Smartphone is the best and very close friend of people. I am saying this because most of the time people like to use their Smartphone for various purposes like: making call, sms chatting, using internet, Alarm, Timer setting, listening music, watching video, playing games, using several apps and many more things.

 You know very well that your Smartphone keeps countless personal files and data, which comprise private photos, videos and text messages that you wouldn't wish to be seen by anybody at any cost. But keeping these personal files and data safe from friends or family member may be very difficult task and particularly when they are just checking out your Smartphone to view or trying to use your downloaded apps. You can’t strictly make them prohibited to touch your phone because they are your relative and you pay respect them.

To fix this type of situation a very nice solution described in this article. You have seen or used the file/folder hidden facility in computer, but now this facility can be used in your smartphone also. For keeping your files or data very safe and hidden in your smartphone, you need a conserved folder with a highly strong password, so no one will be able to access them in absence of the correct password. And for this purpose KeepSafe (an external app that provide full protection) is the best option for you. 

How to use KeepSafe app

1. Install and Set Pin KeepSafe
=> Firstly, install the KeepSafe app from Google play on your smartphone.
=>After finish the installation, you will be asked to insert your protection pin.
=> Now, Insert 4-digit pin according to your wish.

=> Then just click on ‘OK’, here again you will have to insert the pin for confirmation. 
=> And after the confirmation, you will be redirected to a page automatically. From where you can active a pin reminder in case you forget your pin.

=> So, for activating the email remainder, you will have to insert your email address. And if you don’t wish to do it then just tap on “No, Thanks”.

2. Hide your Photos and Videos with KeepSafe
=> KeepSafe app is completely ready for use in your phone. Now you have to set your personal photos and videos (which you want to hide) to be kept safe with KeepSafe.
=> Go to your smartphone’s gallery and select all the photos or videos which you want to hide, and then just click on the “Share” button.

=> And from the selection menu, you have to choose ‘KeepSafe’.

Congratulation! You have hidden your personal photos or videos successfully. Now, whenever you will add photos or videos to your KeepSafe, no one will be able to see them without inserting suitable pin which you have set after installation. And whenever you want to see these protected files, then simply open up the KeepSafe app and insert your pin and enjoy.

3. Unhide Photos and Videos from KeepSafe

=> If you wish to unhide any Photos and Videos from KeepSafe, then at first open up your KeepSafe Gallery.
=> And select all the photos or videos which you want to unhide from KeepSafe.
=> After selection make a long-press on the item until a pop-up appears with few options.
=> From the options, just click on ‘unhide’ option.

It may be after make it on ‘unhide’ mode; your all photo may not appear on public gallery very immediately. And if this exists, then here need to reboot your Android phone so it can re-index gallery.

There are lots of solutions available in market to keep your files and data safe and hidden on your Android smartphones, but KeepSafe Vault is a very simple and useful option. I assure, you will definitely impress after using KeepSafe app.

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