How to easily create a GIF From any Video

We all are very well familiar with the attractive look of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). The animated GIF is nothing but a simple form of animation or in other words GIF is a compressed file format of image. 

Animated GIF images are a very simple and best way to draw the attention of people towards your website/Blog, Article or various impressive banner ads.Because by the help of this format (GIF) you can very easily express the actual meaning and deepness of any images. Even Several people used to create very funny and interesting GIF images just for fun. 

It may be, many times you have seen that Some Webmasters and Bloggers used to create a little part of many popular videos into GIF images and post them on their Sites.  And due to attractive and impressive looks of these GIF images people like to visit their site again and again. So, if you want to know that how they creates GIF images, then follow the below mentioned Steps here.

However, there are lots of tools/services available on internet for creating GIF images but most of them are premium. So, I have decided to share about a free GIF maker online tool for you named BlogGIF.

How to Create a GIF Animation from a Video Using BlogGIF

Step 1: Firstly, go to BlogGIF and click on the option of Choose File. Now browse for the suitable video that you wish to use for Create GIF image (Important note:- The video size limit is 30 MB).

If you have selected the appropriate video file then just click on Create my GIF Video button to go forward.

Step 2: Now Change the options for the GIF. Here you can customize according to your wish like: how many number of frames that should be skipped, maximum number of frames of the final GIF, Pause time frames, Maximum width of GIF and also the maximum number of IPF.

After complete the customization simply click on Submit changes button. And see the final result at top of the screen.

Step 3: Now you have to Save the GIF to your system by the help of Download my GIF button situated at the top of the screen.

The created GIF image only stays for an hour on the BlogGIF’s server, so you can save this link to access it later by clicking HTML and just copy the URL (as shown in below screenshot):

This link will provide you a certain place to easily access it another time. Just be sure to save this link somewhere for later revive. You will able to get the final result via this link.

This is really a very interesting option for all users. Instead of creating a GIF using images, use BlogGIF for creating GIF from videos. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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