10 Best and Popular Free Online Photo Editors

We all know that photo can be made more attractive and impressive by the help of Photo Editors. Sometimes when we capture various photos by Digital camera or Smartphone, then we get very nice photo. But we feel that few photos of them are not so good due to some reason like: absence of light, color effect, availability of many unwanted objects, capturing from wrong angle and many more things.

Then in this situation, people think about the editing of these photos before uploading on various social sites, Blogs/Websites or somewhere else. Because they don't want to publish their ugly and unattractive photos anywhere. And so they find some best photo editors tool (Like Photoshop) for editing their photos. 

If you are also looking for same then the list of 10 Best and popular free online photo editors are available here. So let take a look on these popular free online photo editors.

(1) Pixlr
Pixlr is a very useful and popular online photo editor. This is completely free to use. By the help of this editor you can easily edit, adjust and filter your photos. In fact you will get the all function of Photoshop, and most special thing is that there is no need of registration to use this online photo editor. 

Photoshop Express is a digital photo-editing site from Adobe. This is a free web app rooted on the most popular Adobe Photoshop. For accessing its whole free features, you need to Sign in with your Adobe ID (you can get by creating an account at Photoshop). 

Photoshop Express Editor allows you to execute all the common tasks, like: adjust unveiling, crop and adjust the photos color, along with several interesting features. From here, you can also link to share on all the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

(3) PicMonkey 
PicMonkey is also a very interesting free online photo editor. This is very popular for its auto adjusting feature as well as all the options such as: cropping, rotating, coloring, sharpening, re-sizing and many more. Also you will be able to add text, themes, frames, textures and overlays with this amazing online photo editor. No registration requires for use this editor.

FotoFlexer presents itself "The world's most powerful and advanced online photo editor". It is 100% free to use and has ability to remove smear, change the skin/hair color, morph photos and also many more. You will be surprise to use its amazing features.

(5) Lunapic 
Lunapic is a very simple but useful Free Online Photo Editor. On the home screen only few important option are available like: Edit a photo, upload from computer, Open from Web with URL and select size. With this photo editor you can easily paste images, create slide shows, use ideational imagery and retro color your photos. It has an interesting feature which enables you to vote on pictures. Additional to these things, it has numerous effects that you may use on your photos. 

Splashup is another full-featured online photo editor. From here you can create new images, impressively edit existing images and manipulate layers with filters. When you will click on “jump right in” option, then a pop up will be appear as an editor tool along with all the editing functionality.

Online Image Editor is very popular because of its multiple interesting options. Its UI is very simple and this is the reason that people like to use it. By the help of this editor you can create animated photo, resize, crop, and add text on your photo too.  Many other editing tasks can be done like: Making a GIF, Adding Borders, merging or overlaying your images, Putting your photo in a Frame or adding a Mask, Creating round corners on images and even more.

(8) Phixr 
Phixr is also a complete free online photo editor which is popular for editing photos in your browser and connecting with various social sites like: Facebook, flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, SmugMug. You will feel very easy to use the several filters and effects with this photo editor. 

Look wise its look is very professional and advance but it is very easy to use. You can very easily crop a photo, execute the color correction, re-size a photo and renovate a face. You will get a huge collection of artistic effects in this free online editor.

(10) Pizap 
piZap is a funny free online photo editor. In fact this editor is used to add several funny and animated graphics, simple effects, quickly edit Facebook & Instagram photos and some webcam effects too. 

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