How to Self Destruct Your Twitter Tweets using Twitter Spirit

Probably, you have seen many times that some tweets posted on Twitter are valid only for a short and fixed period of time. So, now question is - How to Set an Expiration Date for your twitter Tweets? I am going to explain about it in this article.

 For the example, if you are running any contest on your twitter account that is set to expire in 12 hours or for a week and tweeting numerous tweets. And it is possible that you don’t wish to keep those tweets into your twitter profile forever, and then you will start to delete all these tweets from your account one by one. Because there is no another way to delete all those tweets with a single click and this one by one tweet removing process will take so much time.

In this situation, to set an expiry date or time is the best and very simple way to delete all contest or coupon tweets. And by using this way your all tweets will be self-destructed after passing that time. You can perform this action very easily by the help of Twitterspirit.

Twitterspirit is a web application which has ability to set an expiry time or date for your tweets, similar to iPhone’s Wickr App which is able to self destructs the messages and photos. Simply it can be said that Twitterspirit is one of the simplest and very useful way to post self destructing tweets on twitter that will be deleted automatically from your twitter account after a fix time interval.

This app is completely free to use and even there is no any requirement to create an account to use this facility, only you will have to connect your twitter account with it. After connecting that add hashtags just like as #10m (For 10 minutes) or #5h (For 5 hours) or #7d (for 7 days) to your tweets and these tweets will be deleted from your twitter timeline.

To get started with this app:
=> Firstly, go to Twitterspirit and just hit on the “Enable Spirit” button.
=> After that connect twitter account using your twitter username and password.

=> Congratulation! Now, you can set an expiry time or date for your tweets.

Only you have to use a simple hashtag at the end of the tweets and that hashtag should be used like #5m (for 5 minutes), #2h (for 2 hours) or #7d (for 7 days). For example a screenshot is shown below.

How to remove this app?? If you wish to remove this Twitterspirit app from your twitter account, then just go to the settings page of your twitter account and revoke access to the app.

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