How to Add Multiple Contributors to Your Facebook Photo Albums

Recently, Facebook has introduced a very interesting and new feature named Shared Album. This feature offers facebook users to allow other facebook friends to add photos in their photo albums.

When you will open a photo album on your personal Facebook account then you will get a new notification that permit the facility of “Shared Album”.

Shared Album option on Facebook
Just by clicking on edit options, you will be easily able to add your friends to the list of Shared Album. This interesting option will allow your added friend to also add another new friend as contributors to the album.

It allows each contributor to upload only 200 photos to a single album. In simple word, if you are a contributor of any album then you can upload only 200 photos to a single photo album.

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At the present time, this “Shared Album” option is working only with the user’s personal profiles and not working with the albums uploaded by different Facebook pages. But we hope that it will be available soon for Facebook pages too.

Shared Album feature is a nice addition of facebook and likely it will end up being used a lot by users celebrating any parties, birthdays or enjoying on vacations with their all friends. 

Possibly, it might make life problematic for the services which were already into the niche of permitting to add multiple contributors for sharing their photos in a single stream like LiveShare.

Few more Tips for Shared Album
Adding multiple contributors to a photo album could be a great and interesting way to crowd (audience) source photos of any event or vacation with all friends at a single place. But you must remember to keep an attention on the Privacy settings of albums. Because if your album is Public, it means those photos that your friends are adding will be also available publicly.

In this situation you can control the contributors. And if you want to control the contributors, then you can easily deselect the option of allowing contributors for adding their friends as contributors for your albums.

I hope you enjoyed this article. You can get some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and Facebook tips by clicking here. Feel free to share your own view with us.

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