Enjoy WiFi on TV with Amkette Evo Smart TV

Evo TV is a very advance and smart device which is introduced by Amkette, which have ability to transform a General (ordinary) TV into a smarter one by just conferring a single Click access to the user’s favorite social networking sites, apps, browser and games and also many more. And its amazing feature is to support WiFi and which comes in 3 variants. In India its price starts from Rs 8,499.

 Evo TV Smart Box is available with twin processor which is powered by Android and able to provide the HD quality audio & video playback. Evo TV remote works similar to a touch Sensitive Air Mouse. And it is available with a Gaming Controller, a Voice Input device (for the use of Skype & another VOIP calls) and for several devices it works as a universal remote.

Contents of Evo TV Smart Box:
# Evo TV
# Evo TV Remote
# HDMI Cable
# Audio/Video Cable
# Power Adapter
# 3.5mm-RCA Converter
# Remote Lanyard
# Battery for Remote 
# Charging Cable for Remote
# Quick Start Guide

The Evo View the single click UI which offers users to browse via exclusive views like Skype, YouTube and many others. Interesting thing is, with the Deep Views and Kwik Views it permit users a single click access for six dissimilar applications at a time very smoothly. And the views are editable.

It has a content discovery software named My YT Viewer by which users can customize the YouTube channels and also very easily create their personal channels. For Skype calls and other voice commands a mic has been included with the remote, a sensor for the motion-sensitive gaming and a scroll wheel with touch enabled for zooming purpose are also available on it.

Using accessories with Evo TV Smart Box:
# Flash Drive and SD Card
# Webcam
# 7 and 4 Port Hub + Card Reader (universal)
# Wi-Key Touch + Cruizer Wireless Combo

With Evo TV, user will be also able to transform the TV to a PC very easily with any type of Wireless Keyboard. WiFi modem and HDMI Cable are associated for the instant connectivity. It also supports 3G Dongles.

Evo TV provides the access to online (internet) music channels via Tune-in and Saavn, also the access to different preloaded music channels of Lata Mangeshkar, Lady Gaga and many others. Addition to this it also nicely fetches the full access to all the TV shows by means of the preloaded views and the internet.

Extra Advantages for users
With Evo TV users can watch/download movies online very easily, book online tickets and they can also plug in their external memory instruments by the help of Android movie apps. Also they will be able to access by a single click to sites such as National Geographic, News, Discovery and many others. By the help of Evo TV the user can shop online.
One feature which I personally like very much is the conversation with others through Evo TV which is allowed by the voice input remote. Evo TV is available with Full HD and with the sound features of 7.1 Channel Surround.

Unlike other remotes, the Evo TV remote can be used from all the directions (No any direction limitation). It can be very easily connected to Laptops and SmartPhones by the help of DLNA, for accessing Movies, Music & Photos. The software will be upgraded online within the fixed times.

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