5 Best and Popular Safety Apps for Women

In the morning time when you start to read newspaper then you always see the various news of criminal cases and most of them are related to women. And in these cases India is on top at present time. Situation is going from bad to worse and the security of the women is supreme concern now in these days.

Many NGOs and legal authorities are disseminating few helpful steps to control these criminal cases to make the safer India for the women. In the mission to control rapist attacks some steps are going in vain but endeavor is still continuing. If you will calculate the ratio of criminal cases then you will get that the number of rapist attacks has decreased but very less. All are trying to control this situation from their level and so Smartphone companies have also decided to do take some useful and helpful steps.
We all know very well that the Mobile has became important part of every individuals life in these days and all the people always keep together their phone in packet or bag. So it would be very fruitful if we build up certain applications for the self-preservation of the woman in order to detract the various cases of gang rapes.

 By the help of such apps, women can informed her friends or family members very quickly that she is in trouble and these apps will send a quick alert to her well wishers that she is in problem. These apps will also disclose the place or location where she is present this time and suffering from the problem. And thus relatives can reach related place very easily and help her to get out from such problem. Thus we can hope that these amazing apps formed by the smartphone companies will be very helpful and useful to deal with such cases. Have a look on these awesome apps:
Top 5 safety apps for women

(1) Damini
I think, you are familiar very well from this name "Damini". Damini app was brought in the smartphones just after the Delhi gang rape. This app sends the complete location data and which allows you to send alert to your friend or family members. Instead of these things, It also offers you an nice option of sending video just after starting it. You can send your present location to the group of your contacts list which you have chosen.

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(2) Cab4Me
According to the view of users Cab4Me app is not of extremely importance but also anyone can't ignore it and because it is used in daily basis. It includes the complete database of all the cabs just nearby your current location, so you have to only select the suitable cab and just book it straightly from your smartphone. Cab4Me app is really useful because its database have the track of all those cabs which are already registered so there are no any chances of fake. One most important thing is this app is very easy to use.

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(3) Fight Back
Fight Back app is also a very useful app, by the help of this app user can very easily send an alert to all their friend and family persons just by sending them the SMS and the current location using GPS and maps. The app sends all the information via a message, so your friends or family persons will get your current location within seconds.

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(4) Circle of 6
Circle of 6 app is very popular among the users because it allows you to have a group of 6 members (friends or family members). Or simply it can be said that you have to add 6 most trusted friends in the list of this app. so when you will send an alert then the information concerning your problem/emergency will be sended to six-selected members and with this app also a nice option is available to select the emergency numbers. Thus you can think - how much helpful is this app.

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(5) Safebridge
Safebridge app is mainly a handy app with interesting and unique features. it allows you to share your current location with your close friend or family members even when the internet connection of your smartphone is down. The app works using SMS so it is very easy to use.

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These above mentioned apps are very helpful for the women, professionals working late in night, foreign visitors or also new visitors in a city. I personally want to suggest all woman that please…..please……please don’t ignore these apps because no one knows that when and where the problem comes so its preferable to take a strong step before it happens. See more useful tips and tricks from here.
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