A simple way to know Backlinks to your website

Most of the people are familiar with the basic thing of Blog and Website. Every new blogger want to connect their Blog with other good Blogs or websites which have Good search rankings and Google page rank. And we know - these are some parameters by which we can identify about the popularity of any Blog or website.
A simple way to know Backlinks to your website

If you have a Blog/Website then its search rankings and Google page rank must all the time be a cause of your happiness and unhappiness. And so you always try to improve your search traffic and website ranking by applying several methods. But one thing you need to keep in your mind that Backlinks coming to your site can produce an effect on your website ranking positively.

If somebody refers your website/Blog in their Blog and puts a link then this is a very valuable thing for your Website. And it means a good rank for your website as it determine about the popularity of your website. And in this case, it is possible that you will want to know about the Backlinks to your website. So, In order to find out those sites that are linking back to your Blog/Website, you can find by using Google Analytics.

How to know about Backlinks to your website through Analytics

(1) Firstly, Sign in your Google Analytics account and then simply open the Traffic Sources section which is situated under the Standard Reports. These options can be found in left side bar.
A simple way to know Backlinks to your website

(2) When you will open Traffic Sources section, you will get an option named the Social group. You will have to expand that option and now you will see Trackbacks option which have to expand also. 
A simple way to know Backlinks to your website
What is Trackbacks?
Simply we can say Trackbacks are nothing but notifications. It has ability to notify us when an individual site links to your any content.

(3) After expanding Trackbacks, You will be able to see a detailed report which lists a number of other websites/Blogs that have already linked to your web pages. Not only linked website, even It also lists the number of visits that have occurred due to these Backlinks.

A simple way to know Backlinks to your website

You have also a nice option of selecting the custom dates to find the trackbacks. And it can be anything from yesterday to any other date according to your wish. I think - this is one of the simplest ways to know Backlinks to your website. 

Many people are using this ways of knowing Backlinks to their website, now it’s your turn. Feel free to share your valuable comment with us. your comments will be always appreciated here. If you wish to see more useful Blogging tips, Tips and tricks, latest updates then check out our  Blogging Tips sectionConnect with us on  Google+ | Facebook Twitter.

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