3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites

It may be, you have faced or still facing the problem of accessing your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites in your collage or workplaces Because many sites are blocked by the office or collage administration.

3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites

Then what to do for accessing these Blocked sites???

In this condition, usually you will look for the option of using various proxy servers such as hidemyass.com or cooltunel.com. But what you will do? If your office/college administration has blocked these sites also. 

No need to be worry! In this Article, I am going to share 3 very Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites which will properly work in college or office.  In these places various social networking sites and proxy server sites are blocked by the firewall. 

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(1) Google Translate
Google Translate is a nice option for accessing the Blocked Site in your college/workplace network because it has ability to support more than 70 different languages including Hindi, Arabic and Spanish etc

You will have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Go to translate.google.com/
  • And simply enter your Blocked site Address (which you want to access).
  • Now select your regional Language (like: Hindi, Arabic).
  • Finally, Click to translate.
3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites

Congratulation! You have done. Google will easily open that site in the encrypted Mode and so no firewall will be able to detect it. Interestingly, every firewall will allow accessing it because no firewall has been configured to block Google.

(2) Online screenshot generating tools
This is also a nice option for accessing blocked site. These tools have ability to bring into existence full-page screenshots of the web pages. Some useful sites are recommended here to perform this action. And these sites are URL2PNG, Snapito and Web Screenshots

3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites

(3) Web page to PDF generators 
Alike to screenshot generating tool services, there are also several PDF generating services available which have ability to generate PDF for any type of web pages. Some very useful tools are suggested here like: HTML to PDF, PDFmyURL and PDFCrowd. From the generated PDF files you can copy text or extract images very easily.

3 Simple Ways to Access Blocked Sites

I hope you liked this Article. You can get some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates by clicking here. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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