September 20, 2013

Send and Receive Text Messages on Your PC using MySms

People are using many instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Wechat, Line, Viber and many other apps for sending and receiving text messages from their smartphone. No doubt these apps are really very nice but it is possible that you will feel difficulty when you are doing your work on desktop and want to send a text message to any your friend, at that time you will have to stop your work on desktop and start to use your smartphone for sending a text message.

But if you don’t want to stop your work and perform this task from your desktop then this Article is really helpful for you. A new application is appropriate for this task called MySms. It allows you to send, receive and store the text messages on your computer’s chrome browser. The app is more useful for you because it works on both smartphones Android and iOS. In short and simple words, we can say that MySms app helps you to send and receive messages on your PC just similarly you can use on your smartphone.

Lots of addons are available for this task but all are not as good as MySms. For instance Mightytext chrome addon, which is able to work with the Android phones only. Another benefit of My Sms app is that it also offers a free texting service worldwide to other MySMS app users, exact same like the Whatsapp. 

To get started you will have to only install the Google Chrome addon on your Google chrome browser and install the MySMS app on your Android or iOS smartphone. So let's know - how MySMS app works on the desktop.

Firstly, go to the Google Chrome web store and make a search for the MySMS app and install the addon on your chrome browser or you can get the direct download link of the addon by following the given link at the end of this article.

When the addon is successfully installed on your browser, then go to the web app page on chrome browser or just type this 
on your browser. Here you will be able to see the blue icon of MySMS – text anywhere, you have to click on it for creating a free account with the app.

For creating a new account you will have to use Google account, and after creating the account just register your phone with the app. Now you will be asked for installing the application on your smartphone. If you are using the Android then just click on the play store link or If you are using the iOS user then simply click on the iTunes stores link and install the app on your Android/iOS device.

After installing the application on your Android/iOS device, you have to use the email ID and the phone number that you have registered with the app. When mobile number is activated on the smartphone it means now you are ready to use this servcie on your PC.

Now, just open this link on your Google chrome browser and here you will see the complete list of all the messages along with their phone number and contact name. So, now from here you will be able to send and receive all the text messages on your desktop. Congratulation! Now no need to stop work to send text messages.

If you want to download the app on your desktop then go to the MySMS website and install the app for Windows, Chrome or Mac. Or follow the below mention link to direct download the app.     

Get from here: DownloadMySMS app

To know more Check the video demo:-


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