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If you are using android device and want to share any Android apps with your friends then a very useful app is available for you and that interesting app is MyAppSharer. This is an android app that lets you share your android apps with your friends very easily. You have two ways to share the apps: you can share as a market link (Google play links) or you can share the app package (APK file).

MyAppSharer is a free app having ability to support all Android device that running Android 1.6 and above. This app is very easy to use and provides the freedom of sharing Android apps. You have listened that many apps and services works if both users have same app or service, but with this app the situation is different. I mean, there is no need to have MyAppSharer installed on your friend’s Android device.

Its UI (user interface) is awesome. This app is a user friendly app and anyone can very easily start to use it within few seconds after finish the installation process.

When you will launch MyAppSharer app, all the Android apps that you have installed on your device will be populated automatically. And after that you will be able to choose the list of apps that you wish to share with your friends. You will be also able to select or deselect all the apps as shown in above screenshot.

You can share Android apps with your friends by these two ways:
1. As a market link: Shortly and simply it can be said that you can share the app’s market link and your friend (which you want to send apps) will have to download the app package self. You can use the various methods to share the market such as: text messaging, bluetooth, bluetooth (zip), add to Dropbox, QR codes, Facebook and also many more.

2. Share the APK file: The second option is very easy too and that is sharing the complete app package. Similar to the first way, you can easily share the APK files by the help of bluetooth, internet via mail, bluetooth (zip), Dropbox, Skype and also many others.

Important things that need to know
(1) To share the QR code for an individual app, you must have the Barcode Scanner app installed on your Android devices.
(2) For adding APK file or market link to the Dropbox, you must have the Dropbox app installed on your Android devices.
(3) Few users have reported that they are not getting the APK file/market link of apps by bluetooth on their Nexus device. So, for this condition the developer of MyAppSharer recommends all the users to share by the bluetooth (zip) if they are sharing the file to Nexus users.

Countless Android users are feeling very easy and helpful to use this app. What do you think about MyAppSharer app? Let me know your view through comments. If you want to see some more interesting Android tips, latest updates, tips and tricks then click here.

Additional information about Clueful:
Updated on: August 25, 2013
Size: 341k
Requires Android: 1.6 and up

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