How to Unsubscribe Facebook Notifications on Your iPhone

When facebook users login their facebook account then at first some of them used to view massage, some users used to see friend request, some prefer to view notification and some likes to do other thing such as adding photo, video, and updates etc. In fact we can say, their activity depend on their interest.

I personally feel that Facebook Notifications is a very needed and interesting feature in facebook.  But with the Facebook Mobile it may be a little annoying if you get various notifications for app alerts, page alerts, notification from friends and your own updates post also.

Facebook for iPhone allows you to customize Facebook notifications. This option is not similar to the web version but it’s really good particularly if you have in the mind what you wish to turn off. You have option to unsubscribe the Facebook notifications from inside the Facebook app only OR you can configure its settings via web. But here a very simple way is available for removing the annoying facebook notifications on your iPhone.

How to Unsubscribe from Facebook Notifications on iPhone
Step 1: Firstly, open the Facebook app on your iPhone.
Step 2: And tap on the menu button located at top-left (or you can swipe right for opening the menu).

Step 3: Now Scroll down to find the option of Account Settings.

Step 4: And just tap on the option of Notifications.

Step 5: Here you will see the list of recent notifications you obtained. And on the right side of each notification you will see an Edit button. So just tap on Edit button.

Step 6: When you will tap on Edit button, options such as Turn Off or Unfollow will be appear. So, tap to Turn off notifications from that person, app, page, group or event. 

That’s it. From now, you will notice that the page/person is sharing updates on your news-feed but you will not get any notifications.

Second method:
 you can also configure the system-wide notifications. To configure follow the below mentioned steps:
=> Follow steps 1-4 as mentioned in above method.
=> And now just Scroll down and tap on the option of Mobile Push.

=> Here you will see the list of all events which sends a notification to your iPhone. So, from here you can very easily and selectively turn Off/On them according to your wish. 

For the example, if you don’t want to receive the notifications of messages sent through Facebook – then just turn that off.

Bonus information for you: if you are controlling the push notifications then it also has an impact on your iPhone’s battery life, because the quantity of pings will be very less in order to retrieve any type of information from Facebook. I hope you liked this article. If you want to know some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and facebook tips then click here. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us.

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