Tips to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos on Facebook At Once

Do you know why People are crazy to use Facebook? Its answer is very simple because they are getting everything whatever they want to a social networking site. Facebook knows the need of all users and always try to provide them the best facilities and features. I think, you all are well familiar with these features but have a look on Features of Facebook:

Facebook's Basic structure
  •  News Feed (what’s happening new) 
  • Friend (See or Add friend/Remove friend)
  • Wall (See updates)
  • Timeline (See your profile) 
  • Like (whatever you like)
  • Messages, inbox or chat (Connect with friends) 
  • Notifications (Activity information)
  • Networks, Groups, and Pages (Join or like)
  • Events (See or Add any events)
  • Notes (Write your notes)
  • Places (Search any places) 
  • Photos (View, share, like, comment, Add and Tag photos)
  • Videos (See, share, Like, comments or add your favorite videos)
General features
  • Graph Search (Search anything, search any type) 
  • Facebook Live (facebook’s live report)
  • Subscribe (Subscribe any friends)
  • Poke (attract the attention of any friends)
  • Phone (phone features)
  • Verified Accounts (verify your account)
Only few popular features are listed above while many more interesting features are available on facebook for the user’s better experience. But I personally feel that most of the facebook users usually used to Chat, share updates and latest photos with friends. And they also like to tag their photos with friends to know their view and comments.

Tips to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos on Facebook At Once

Photo tagging is really very interesting and usable feature. But it has been seen that now in these days this feature is being misused by some of facebook users for purpose of promoting. They tags irrelevant photo to promote their photo, pages and their blog post too.

And due to this promotional process, peoples feel very annoying because they don’t want to be tagged because the tagged photos were not relevant. In this situation they try to remove tags from photos one by one but this is a very difficult task. It may be, you are also facing this situation on facebook. But no need to be worry now because today I am going to share with you the step by step tips to remove tags from multiple photos on facebook at Once. Follow the below mentioned steps:
How to Remove Tags On Facebook Photos At Once
Step 1: Firstly, login to your Facebook Account using Email ID and Password. And then simply click on your "Profile Name” as shown in below screenshot.

Step 2: Now, make a click on "Activity Log" button which is located next to Update Info.

Step 3: And then click on the option of "Photos" ---> "Photos Of You" as shown below.

Step 4: Here you will see your all tagged photos arranged with date by date. Now select the photos which you want to remove and just click on "Report/Remove Tags". for the example shown sown below:

That’s it. Now Facebook will immediately start the processing of your request and remove tags from all selected photos. Time of this process depends upon the number of tagged photos you requested. And thus you can very easily remove tags from multiple photos on facebook at Once. 

you can get some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates and facebook tips by clicking here. feel free to share your view with us.

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