How to Post and Comment on Google+ Directly From Gmail

We all know that people like to use shortcut ways to do any tasks. Because they wish to perform their tasks very quickly and also want to save their time. Some day ago I have shared many article related to shortcut ways, checkout if you have missed:

Most of the people use Google plus account but only few of them are familiar with the shortcut ways to use Google+ account. I am saying about the easy way to update Google+ account directly from Gmail Inbox. By the help of this way you will be able to comment on the posts, +1 the post and share the post from your Gmail. And interesting thing is there are no needs to install any third party app or any addon on your browser to use this Google+ account feature.

Only you will have to make few changes on the profile settings page of your Google+ account. And after making changes on profile notification setting, you will be able to get: all the Google+ update and the notification on your Gmail account. From where you will be able to reply others email Also. To use this feature, Follow the below mentioned steps:
=> Firstly, go to your Google+ account and click on Google+ Home button.
=> Now from the options, click on the option of setting to make changes. 
(or you can use this link:
=> And from the setting page, go to the section of Receive notifications and subscribe to email notifications by check. As shown in below screenshot:

When notification is enabled successfully on your Google+ page; it means, now all the new updated will be sent in your email box. And From there you can easily +1 that post or Add a comment. see below screenshot.

Other simple way to +1 post and post comment is the notification icons which is located on top right corner of your Gmail account.
=> You will have to click on the Notification icon to see Google+ posts.
=> From here you can easily add a comment and +1 post directly from your gmail inbox. For example, see below screenshot:

Creating new post or sharing any useful/helpful information on Google+ profile via gmail inbox page is also a very easy task.
=> You have to click on the Share Button which is located top right corner of your Gmail account (just right side of notification icon).
=> A window will be appear, from where you can freely post the links, Photos, videos, events and even send a direct message to any your Google+ friends.

Thus you can feel how much easy these shortcuts are. These above mention ways are also helpful to save your time to post anything on your Google+ page or add a comment on your timeline without opening the Google+ account via Gmail inbox page. 

If you have any more simple ways then please share with us through comments. We will appreciate your comments. you can get some more interesting tips and tricks and latest updates by clicking here.

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