How to Secretly Change or Hide Your Relationship Status on Facebook

We all use Facebook regularly and always try to keep accurate updates on facebook profile. But no one wish to share their personal information (like: relationship status) with other Facebook users. Because, whenever you change your relationship status on Facebook profile then this status becomes viewable on your Facebook Timeline. It means anyone can easily see this status which is able to see your facebook timeline. See few previous facebook tips:
But sometime you feel very uncomfortable to change your relationship status such as from “In a Relationship” to “Single” on your facebook newsfeed. Even some people don’t used to change their relationship status due to this uncomfortable situation till some days, because they want to keep it private on Facebook. 

And if you also wish to keep your relationship status private on Facebook, then don’t worry it is a very simple task. Only you will have to do some changes on the page of your Facebook profile and after this process you will be able to secretly Change it on your Facebook newsfeed very easily. In fact you can perform this action within two minute. 

Follow the below mention steps to Secretly Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook successfully:
=> Firstly, go to your Facebook account. And then go on your facebook profile page (you can go there by using this link

=> And from your facebook profile page just click on the option of update info which is placed at the right side of your cover photo. As shown in below screenshot:

=> Now, About page will be appear along with several options such as Basic information, Education, Family and more. To change the relationship status you will have to click on Edit icon of Basic Information.

=> Here a new window will appear. So, in this window you have to find the section of “Relationship Status”. And just next side of Relationship Status menu, a drop down arrow situated. So, click on that icon and choose “only me” (this will permit you to change your relationship status secretly, means nobody will be able to view your status on facebook timeline). 

=> Now you have to change the Relationship Status. So, click on relationship Status drop down section and freely change your status. And finally click on Save button which is placed at bottom of right corner.

Congratulation! You have changed your Relationship Status successfully. This is one of the best and simplest way to change your relationship status without knowing other facebook peoples. You can get more interesting facebook tips and latest updates of facebook worlds by clicking here. Feel free to share your view with us.

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