How to Disable Gmail’s Social and Promotions Tabs

It has been seen that some people are unhappy by seeing Social and Promotions Tabs in their Gmail inbox. Because they were using Gmail from a long time and were familiar with its all features and functions very well. But after seeing these strange tabs they are feeling uncomfortable.

Alike all web services, Gmail also wants to provide some special features for the users and that’s why, Gmail updated gmail inbox (addition of new tabs) on May 29th. Some users like that but some don’t also. I personally feel that Gmail tired to provide a nice feature for us. And reasons to like this new Gmail inbox is that it automatically arranges and nicely categorizes emails according to different subject and content of emails. 

New Tabs introduced by Gmail are Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums, and also Primary tab. If you like to use your Gmail account with one and only Primary tab then you can easily disable these other Tabs (Social/Promotions).

How to Disable Social and Promotions Tabs
=> Firstly, go to your Gmail account.
=> In your inbox , you will see a button like “+”. You have to click on that button. As shown in below screenshot:

=> A window will appear and from where have to uncheck these tab options (Social/Promotions tab).

=> After that simply make a click on “Save” button.
Congratulation! You have done and now you are back to your old inbox.

How to enable Gmail Inbox Tabs?
By any reasons, if you have disabled your Gmail inbox tabs and now want to enable that tabs then you can do it very easily.
=> Firstly, go to your Gmail account.
=> And click on “Settings” icon which is situated in top-right corner.

=> From the list, just select the option of “Configure inbox”.
=> Now check the tabs that you wish to keep in your inbox.
=> Finally, click on Save button.
That’s it. Now you will be able to see the selected tabs in your inbox.I hope you enjoyed this Article. Feel free to share your valuable comments with us. You can get some more interesting tips and tricks, latest updates by clicking here.....

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