How to Easily Create a Free Apple ID

If you are a new iPhone or iOS user then it may be a difficult task for you to create a Apple ID without providing any billing information or credit card information. I am also an iPhone user and have faced this situation. This difficulty occurs in the case if you have selected a different country except the USA. Now question is – How to create a Free Apple ID?

If you are also facing this problem then stop worrying, because an interesting and simple solution is available here for you. By the help of free Apple ID, you will be able to freely download free apps, songs, videos or games from the iTunes and App Store, without providing your any billing information. For fixing this situation, just follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Firstly, go to home screen and click on app store button. Now scroll to any free app and just select that free app. When the app will open then just click on FREE option and after that on the option of INSTALL APP. then a pop-up will appear from where you have to choose the option of “Create new Apple ID”.

Step 2: And from the setup form you have to select a country or region, click on “Next” after agreeing to the terms. (For instance: choose India, if you wish to use this Apple ID in India)

Step 3: Now you have to insert all required information such as your password, date of birth and security information. And go ahead by the help of  Next button. 

Important Note :– Password should be of 8 characters, including a number, an upper case letter and a lower case letter. And please don’t use spaces or identical character three times in a row.
Step 4: In this page you will be asked for the billing information with the option of Visa, MasterCard and None. Here you have to click on None (Remember one thing: Never choose the option of VISA or MasterCard during creating free Apple ID). Then insert your billing address and just click on Next. 

After this process a verification mail will be delivered to your email address. Finally, click on done and just open your email box for activating your Apple Account by clicking on the embedded verification link.

Just after activating this new Apple account, an Apple ID will be created. And by this Apple ID, you will be able to login to Apple App Store and install various apps on your iPhone or iOS devices very easily. In fact you will be able to download enormous free apps, songs, videos and games from the iTunes or App Store without any difficulty and without inserting any billing information.

Thus you can realize the benefit of creating a free Apple ID. But one thing must remember: you will be not able to download any paid apps, games, songs etc. because this free Apple ID works with only free apps. And if you wish to download any paid apps, games and songs then you will have to include your billing information and all the method of billing. So, now enjoy new free apps, videos, games and songs with your Free Apple ID.

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