How to Set Voice Password in Android Phone

We always used to protect our personal accounts or system from other peoples by applying various techniques. Normally, People use the protection like: Highly strong password, Fingerprint lock, Face picture lock and many other. And if you wish to get more powerful but easy protection then you should set Voice Password in your system.

Alike the all interesting features & apps, the Voice LockScreen app is available for your Android phone. This unreliable app has been released recently. Voice Lock Screen is a very wonderful app which offers the options to lock & unlock the lock screen by using voice in all android devices. With this app there is no need to use finger for locking or unlocking the screen of your android device.

This is a very simple and interesting app. And I assure, you will enjoy this feature of locking and unlocking on your android device after using Voice Lock Screen app. Only you will have to set a voice password, which will be use to lock and unlock your device’s screen.

Addition to this, it has also another option for locking and unlocking the lock screen i.e. “Sound wave Touch”. By the help of this button you will be able to lock or unlock your device’s screen with a single click. Except these options, this app also offers you the amazing facility of customizing appearance of time, date and power indicator. And you are free to customize these indicators with flaming color, size and different style. Simply you can say that it will increase the look of your Android device screen impressively.

How to use the Voice Lock Screen
The steps of how to use the Voice Lock Screen app are mentioned below.

When you will download and install the Voice Lock Screen app on your android device, an icon will emerge on your device’s screen. You will have to open this icon and then you will be able to see the setting box in it. Firstly, you have to tab on the option of “set voice password” and simply set a voice password according to your wish. 

And just below the “set voice password” option, you will get an option named “unlock on sound wave touch”. Here you will see the options like: enable and disable. If you wish to use the “Sound wave Touch” feature then enable it. When you will enable it, then your android device will unlock or lock by just touching the sound wave icon. Sound wave icon will appear at the center of device’s screen.

Few more options you will see in this setting menu, that options are: customizing date, time and power indicators. You can easily complete these setting. Now, whenever you will wish to unlock the android device’s screen then it will ask for voice password. And as you will say your password then your device will be unlock without any delay.

Interesting features of Voice Lock Screen:
1).Unexpected Voice unlocking system to lock and unlock Android device.
2).It is available with a finger touch unlocking system.
3).You can customize time and time indicator on your screen.
4).It offers the option of customize power indicator on your indicator.
5).Various necessary information about the Voice Lock Screen
6).The size of the Voice Lock Screen app is only 1.88 MB.
7).This app is completely free.

Important Note: Voice Lock Screen app is compatible with android 2.3.3 and above. One most important thing, the internet connection is required to facilitate in android version 2.3.3 and above but if you have devices like jelly bean and above then there is no need of internet connection to use this app.

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