How to Get Facebook Notifications Without Go to Facebook

Facebook has been a part of our daily routine. We all like to use facebook most of the time, because this is the most popular social networking site in these days. Countless users used to stay on Facebook when they are free from their work or study. Various interesting features and very simple UI are the reason of its popularity.

Some day ago I have shared so many facebook tips and tricks and this sharing activity will be continued always. Check the below mentioned tips and tricks if you have missed:
Alike these above shown interesting tips, I am going to explain about - How to Get Facebook Notifications without Go to Facebook? There are very nice options for the users who wish to get facebook notification without visiting on their facebook account. 

According to latest updates, we have two extensions and that will help you with the process of getting instant updates on your news feed and showing chat messages. Using the first one, you will be able to view and like statuses and comments along with getting desktop notifications. And by the help of second extensions, you can see new chat messages irrespective of the Blog or website you're currently using. But both of these extensions are available for Chrome

Facebook App for Google Chrome

This extension will allows you to Like or update statuses, comment and view desktop notifications very easily. To get started you will have to Install this extension.

Make a Right-click on the Facebook icon in the toolbar and choose Options. And make sure that you have selected the Enable Notifications option for work desktop notifications accurately. As shown in below screenshot.

Important note: A special feature is available with this extension, it lets you stay logged in via the extension neglectful of though you're logged in to Facebook in the browser. See how to enable it.

You will have to make a Click again on the Facebook icon to log in to the extension. And just click on the box next to "Keep me logged in to FBChrome" to make sure this case.

Accept the any initial question that you'd like the extension to be able to execute. Here it is asked if FBChrome can post on our behalf.

And after logging in to the extension, just click on the icon once again to see an updated list of Facebook notifications. The options situated in left side of the page will show a tabbed menu to easily select from the News Feed, Inbox, or Notifications. You will feel just like actual facebook menu items.

Facebook Chat Notification
This extension is also very helpful and impressive. Facebook Chat Notification has ability to displays a message on the bottom of your computer's screen when any new chat message comes in. Here you may ask that - this activity also happens with actual facebook account.  So, I want to clear this confusion and its simple answer is: with this extension, there is no need to go on facebook account page to view this notification because the notification window will be displayed on any webpage. To get started you will have to install the extension.

There is a very nice advantage with this extension and that is: No options are needed to configure this set up. Just wait for a new notification which will be appear on the bottom of right side of the website you're using. And the notification will be appear like below picture.

This is a true fact that you can't reply to these messages but this is a very nice option to know what is happening on your account by the help of notification. And thus you will be able to know that which massages have to reply.

Note: Although, no need to go for facebook account page, but you will have to be logged in to Facebook for this extension to work.

Both new Facebook-related extensions available with Chrome are very useful and valuable. The awesome features of viewing Facebook updates and seeing notifications from any website on Chrome within a very less time are very helpful for the facebook users. Simply, we can say that this is one of the easiest ways to get the latest updates of facebook all the time. 

Try these above mentioned extensions and feel free to share your comments with us.

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