How to set Full Screen Compose Box in Gmail as Default

We all know that Gmail started various new functions. When Gmail transformed in its new look people appreciated its looks and working functions very much. Some interesting features like: setting option as display density, Google+ notification, automatic labels for Gmail (primary, social, promotions), compose mail pop-up and many other features has provided a awesome look. People like these features because now they are getting all facility within few simple click. 

I personally noticed a huge change in Gmail and that is the location of compose mail pop-up box. This box is situated in the bottom of right side of the page. Alike me, some people are habituated to compose their mail on a full screen rather than rolling their eyes towards the left corner of computer screen all the time during typing mail.

To remove this situation Google has provided a full screen toggle button on the right and top side of the compose box. By the help of this toggle button people can compose their email on full screen. But some people are still feeling a little bit annoying to click every time on this toggle button for compose e-mail on full-screen.

If you are also feeling little difficulty to make the full screen compose mail box by clicking on toggle button, then here a very simple solution mentioned for you. It’s very easy steps to set Full Screen Compose Box in Gmail as Default.

How it works:
When you will compose a new mail and then as usual compose box would pop-up. As shown in below screenshot.

Now click on the little arrow, which you can get from the lower and left corner of the compose box. And simply select the option of “Default to full-screen”. As shown in above screenshot. 

Congratulation! Now no needs to click on toggle button every time for compose email on full screen. You will get full-screen compose box default always. And if you wish to use the previous compose box which was situated on the bottom of right side of the page, then simply repeat the performed steps again.

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